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2020 Is Going To Get Much Crazier, Prioritize Your Mental Health

Caitlin Johnstone, Guest Waking Times The outrage over the Iowa caucus scandal has continued to burn white hot as more and more establishment manipulations against the Bernie Sanders campaign come into view. At the beginning of a CNN town hall with Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg last night, immediately following the network’s town hall with Sanders, the event’s host Chris Cuomo […]

Electronic health records prioritize insurance billing over patients and doctors hate them

   The House of God, my first novel, was about the abuses of medical internships. After it was published in 1978, it started a conversation that led to significant real-world reform in the way that first year doctors are treated. Our schedules had been 36 hours on call, every third night — sometimes, every other […]

When Experienced Women Engineers Look for New Jobs, They Prioritize Trust and Growth

How can we increase gender representation in software engineering? Our Developer Hiring Experience team analyzed this topic in a recent user-research study. The issue resonated with women engineers and a strong response enabled the team to gain deeper insight than is currently available from online research projects. Seventy-one engineers who identified as women or non-binary […]

Trump plan to prioritize ‘economic peace’ is neither new, nor likely to succeed

@Citizen, et al Superb article by Professor Rashid Khalidi: “The Neocolonial Arrogance of the Kushner Plan” by Rashid Khalidi,” New York Review of Books, June 12/19 “”You cannot do without us,’ Lord Curzon condescendingly told the Indians over whom he ruled as British imperial viceroy more than a century ago. As the Trump family […]

Indian “British” High Court Judge: London Must Prioritize Jewish, Muslim, Burials above White Brits

An Indian judge in Britain’s High Court has ordered a London coroner to give priority to Jews and Muslims instead of white British people when determining the order in which bodies can be buried, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) has triumphantly reported. According to a JTA report, the court case arose when London Senior coroner […]

Jeff Sessions To Prioritize White House Leaks Investigations Over Russiagate

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced multiple investigations into government leaks that he says will take precedence over the Trump-Russia investigation. Speaking to an intelligence committee hearing on Tuesday, Sessions said that the White House leaks have been “extraordinarily damaging” to U.S. national security. reports: When asked by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) during an intelligence […]

Southern California Braces for Summer Blackouts Due to Porter Ranch Gas Leak

Southern California Braces for Summer Blackouts Due to Porter Ranch Gas Leak April 6th, 2016 Via: Los Angeles Times: State officials warn that Southern California could face as many as 14 days of scheduled blackouts this summer because of depleted reserves of natural gas […]

Afkham calls for fostering Iran-Malaysia ties

Kuala Lumpur, Dec 31, IRNA – Iranian Ambassador to Malaysia Marzieh Afkham said here on Thursday that fostering cooperation between Iran and Malaysia will positively impact process of establishing peace, security and development among Islamic countries and other nations. Afkham made the remarks in a message addressed to the Iranians residing in Malaysia. ‘Iran and […]

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