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HBO hires ‘king of fake news’ Brian Stelter from CNN to produce documentary on… the dangers of fake news

The HBO network is rightly being mocked for putting Stelter – the host of a CNN show ironically named ‘Reliable Sources’ – on the team for an upcoming documentary on fake news.  According to Stelter himself, the documentary will investigate “disinformation and the cost of fake news.” The film, for which Stelter was executive producer, […]

Scientists genetically engineer E. coli to produce the psychedelic psilocybin

The modified microbes generated up to 1.16 grams of psilocybin per liter of culture medium—the highest yield to date from any engineered organism and a 10-fold increase over the next best attempt. Scaled up, the new method could produce psilocybin for potential therapeutic use. “The number-one advantage is it’s simply cheaper” than—or at […]

Census Bureau Asks States For Driver’s License Records To Produce Citizenship Data

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Trader Joe’s Got Rid of Plastic Packaging And Produce Prices Fell By Up To 25%

John Vibes, Truth Theory Waking Times Trader Joe’s was one of the first chain grocery stores to begin selling organic food, but their products have not necessarily been eco-friendly. A vast amount of the produce that can be found at Trader Joe’s is needlessly covered in plastic, but that is about to change soon. The […]

Monica Lewinsky to co-produce Clinton impeachment drama

BEVERLY HILLS, California (AP) — The next chapter of FX’s “American Crime Story” will dramatize Bill Clinton’s impeachment with a focus on Monica Lewinsky, Linda Tripp and other women central to the scandal. The miniseries will air within weeks of the 2020 presidential election. Lewinsky, who was a White House intern when she had an […]

Bacteria Produce Nanowires Which Could Power Medical Devices

Credit: Edward H. Egelman Electricity-Conducting Bacteria May Inspire Next-Gen Medical Devices by National Institutes of Health Director’s Blog Dr. Francis Collins Technological advances with potential for improving human health sometimes come from the most unexpected places. An intriguing example is an electricity-conducting biological nanowire that holds promise for powering miniaturized pacemakers and other implantable electronic […]

Occupy, Resist, Produce: Inside The Self-Managed Factory Of Vio.Me.

Occupy, Resist, Produce: Inside The Self-Managed Factory Of Vio.Me. Above Photo: From Thessaloniki, Greece – Workers have successfully self-managed the production of environmentally-friendly cleaning products for the last six years in the occupied factory Vio.Me. There are no bosses in this factory on the east side of Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city. Workers have […]

Pesticide chemicals found in 70% of fresh produce sold in U.S. grocery stores… are you eating poison?

(Natural News) A shocking new report from the Environmental Working Group confirms that an overwhelming majority of conventionally grown produce is covered in pesticides. About 70 percent of U.S. produce contains pesticides — even after it has been washed. This is highly disturbing news for the millions of Americans who buy fresh […]

Fragile peace? N. Korea threatens to produce nukes again if US sanctions remain

“If the US keeps behaving arrogant without showing any change in its stand,” North Korea may restart building up nuclear forces while also pushing for economic development, Pyongyang has said on Friday evening in a statement released by its state-run news agency. ‘North Korea process stalled because there’s almost a consensus in the US wanting […]

People Are “Fighting For Food” As Authorities Warn Florence “Could Produce A Disaster Comparable” To Hurricane Katrina

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Iran potentially prepared to produce 190,000 SWU of nuclear fuel: MP

IRNA – Chairman of Iran Majlis (Parliament) National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Heshmatollah Falahat-Pisheh said on Thursday that it is likely both technically and based on time frame for Iran to produce 190,000 SWU of nuclear fuel. Falahat-Pisheh made the remarks following a visit of the commission’s members to Natanz and Fordow nuclear facilities […]

Undeniable truth: Pesticide residues on non-organic produce much higher than previously thought

(Natural News) If you’re still not making a conscious effort to seek out organic produce, you’ll probably reconsider after you hear the results of some recent fruit sample testing. The presence of pesticides on conventionally grown produce is expected, but the extent of the contamination the tests revealed is shocking. According to […]

How To Produce More Brain Cells – The Neurogenesis Diet & Lifestyle

Renegade Editor’s Note: I am a huge fan of carbohydrates (which get a bad reputation due to fast/processed food), but most of this presentation seems to make sense to me. How to produce more brain cells by increasing your rate of neurogenesis. Based on the book titled “The Neurogenesis Diet & Lifestyle” by Brant Cortright. […]

Russia sets standards for organic produce production

     President Vladimir Putin has signed a new law regulating production, storing and transportation of organic produce in Russia. The decree bans agrochemicals, pesticides, antibiotics growth stimulators and hormones. The new law, previously approved by both chambers of the Russian Parliament, will enter force on January 1, 2020. The regulation introduces references to “organic produce,””manufacturer […]

‘Trade war to produce only losers,’ French minister warns US

“We refuse to negotiate with a gun to our head,” Le Maire told reporters on the sidelines of the G20 meeting in Brazil on Saturday, according to French media. The official was responding to US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who said that Washington is ready for a free trade agreement, but only if it includes […]

Teslas May Produce Same CO2 as Gas Powered Cars, Research Reveals

If you thought you were helping the environment buying into a Tesla, you might think again. The latest research reveals electric Teslas may actually produce the same, or more, CO2 compared to some traditional gasoline and diesel powered automobiles. IMAGE: Tesla’s Model S (mark.warren/Flickr) RT Touted by some as the planet’s greenest vehicles, electric Teslas may […]

Police crime labs ROUTINELY produce fake science, fake "positives" to convict innocent people

(Natural News) It may be hard to believe, but 32,000 people were put behind bars in Massachusetts because of the testimony of two corrupt officials. Lab technician Sonja Farak was responsible for testing the drugs that were confiscated from suspects who were arrested. While carrying out this important work, she was also […]

See Which Produce Has the Most Pesticides in EWG’s 2018 Dirty Dozen List

Anna Hunt, Staff Writer Waking Times Almost everything we eat in the conventional diet is subject to manifold doses of chemicals. Agricultural producers often spray vegetables and fruits with 10-15 sprays, such as pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides, during the growing season. And that’s considered the norm! In total about seven billion pounds of pesticides […]

ISIS and al-Qaeda may reunite and produce chemical weapons, warns FSB chief

     The two terrorists organizations may merge into a new network, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) warns. If so, the terrorist groups may gain access to chemical weapon technology. Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) and Al-Qaeda can reunite into one terrorist network, the FSB’s director and head of the National Anti-Terrorist Committee, Aleksandr Bortnikov, […]

ISIS & Al-Qaeda may merge and produce chemical weapons – FSB chief

Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) and Al-Qaeda can reunite into one terrorist network, the FSB’s director and head of the National Anti-Terrorist Committee, Aleksandr Bortnikov, said on Wednesday. This new group would have cells across the globe and would be able to produce chemical weapons. Jihadist terrorism threat could worsen in next two years, security […]

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