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UK government grants €26 million to promote ‘accurate health information’ on COVID in England

Over £23 million (€25.9 million) worth of funding has been allocated across England to expand work to support those most at risk from COVID-19 and boost vaccine take-up, Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick announced Wednesday. The money has been made available via the Community Champions Scheme, a non-profit organization focused on building the skills and knowledge […]

Riyadh hosts GCC summit, hoping to promote tourism, Qatar reconciliation

Saudi Arabia’s northwestern AlUla Governorate is hosting the 41st summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council on Tuesday, including top leaders from the GCC’s six member-nations: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. For more stories from The Media Line go to The governorate is home to several outstanding archaeological sites, […]

House passes bill to promote antisemitism envoy to ambassador

A bill that would elevate the US State Department’s Special Envoy to Combat Antisemitism position to an ambassadorship will head to US President Donald Trump’s desk where he will have the ability to sign the legislation into law, after the US House of Representatives passed the bill on Friday.The bill was introduced by Rep. Christopher […]

“Jab & Go!” Airline Pushes Vaccine Gimmick to Promote Summer Flights

Budget airline Ryanair is promoting the sale of summer flights with a “Jab & Go!” advertising gimmick despite having previously stated that it wouldn’t require passengers to take a COVID vaccine before they fly. Ryanair’s website features a banner with the words ‘BOOK SUMMER – VACCINES ARE COMING’ alongside a generic image of a needle […]

Israeli Government Launches Fund to Promote Normalization With Arab Countries

Israeli National Security Adviser Meir Ben-Shabbat and US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin arrive in Muharraq, Bahrain, October 18, 2020. Photo: REUTERS/Hamad I Mohammed. – A new fund recently started by Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs and public benefit company “Concert Together for Israel” encourages existing organization to submit proposals for new public diplomacy initiatives […]

Dubai holding company signs on to promote Israel’s Levant

Zurich Capital, a large holding and financing company in Dubai, and Israeli holding company Levant Group 107 signed an agreement to promote Levant’s innovative trading system, after a marathon of meetings was held between the two bodies in Dubai last week. The agreement was signed by Zurich Capital CEO Dr. Fahd El Merhavi, and Group […]

Facebook will only allow vaccine posts that promote vaccine worship | Any reports of vaccine injury will be removed, even though the FDA has compiled a working list of injuries, including encephalitis, seizures, convulsion, transverse myelitis, acute myocardial infarction, stroke, arthritis, allergic reactions, death and negative pregnancy outcomes.

Facebook to force intellectual submission to coronavirus vaccines, promoting vaccine worship, not critical thinking or individual choice December 08, 2020 Lance D Johnson (Natural News) In the spirit of Joseph Goebbels and the Nazi propaganda ministry of 1933, Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook) and Adam Schiff (D-CA) have come up with a new plan to […]

United Nations Promote World Wide Communism & Slavery (Hint: Pedophiles Are at Top of UN)

If the elites continue to get their way, get ready for a lot less freedom and prosperity, and a lot more government. After peddling coronavirus lockdowns that crushed the economy and riots that terrorized the public under the guise of fighting “systemic racism,” Deep State globalists are now stepping in to offer their proposed solution […]

Brands jump on Twitter’s ‘describe 2020 in one word’ thread to self-promote – only to have their cringe-mongering SKEWERED

Social media users are savaging large corporations that have taken advantage of Twitter’s year-end “describe the year in a word” prompt to promote themselves, mercilessly tearing into their self-aggrandizing “jokes.” Twitter spawned a sprawling cringefest with a Thursday tweet asking users to describe “2020 in one word.” Many were eager to take out their frustrations […]

Would Doctors Still Promote Vaccines if They Knew This? – Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, D.O. (Vaccine expert)

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QAnon in Europe: How the COVID pandemic helped promote a dangerous conspiracy theory

A Satan-worshipping paedophile ring led by prominent Democrats who are allegedly kidnapping, abusing and eating children – as well as and drinking their blood in an attempt to live forever. President Donald Trump is battling this evil group, leading to a day of reckoning involving the mass arrest of politicians and public figures among them […]

China Uses Presidential Debate To Attack America, Promote Global Authoritarianism

A disturbing testimony from a psychiatrist outlines that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is in such a bad state in prison that he should be considered at ‘high risk’ of suicide. The Daily Mail reports that Professor Michael Kopelman testified during an extradition hearing in London that Assange has “begun making preparations to end his own […]

Jews Help Promote Martin Luther’s ‘Antisemitic’ Book ‘On The Jews And Their Lies’ By Complaining About it

posted on September 30, 2020 Dymocks, an Australian bookstore chain with 60 shops across the country, has been selling an unflattering book about Jews by Martin Luther — a book that Jews claim was allegedly used by “some Nazis” to justify the so-called “Holocaust”, according to a press release by the Anti-Defamation Commission. The controversial […]

Bill Gates Lavished Media With $250M In Grants to Promote Him As Expert On Pandemic And Vaccines

Now we know why the mainstream media has been heavily promoting computer geek and college dropout Bill Gates as an “authority” on virology, vaccines and pandemics — his “charitable” foundation has bought that positive press coverage via grants to these powerful media giants to the tune of $250 million: Numerous prominent media outlets and journalistic […]

Israeli, UAE defense ministers agree to promote ‘shared security interests’ in first phone call

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Peoples Climate Movement Mass Action Planned to Promote Clean Energy Economy

The Peoples Climate Movement (PCM) has announced its next mass mobilization: Advocates across the globe plan to take to the streets on September 8 to challenge the Trump administration’s deregulatory agenda and encourage citizens and politicians alike to “rise for climate, jobs, and justice.” The announcement comes as President Donald Trump and his appointees continue […]

Unions, Democrats Promote Deal To Suppress Struggle By Colorado Teachers

Unions, Democrats Promote Deal To Suppress Struggle By Colorado Teachers Above Photo: Teachers rally outside the Capitol on April 27, 2018, in Phoenix, on their second day of walkouts. (Matt York / AP) The Colorado Education Association (CEA) is collaborating with the Democratic-controlled state government to suppress the resistance of teachers in the state and prevent […]

Serbia keen to promote Iranian artworks: Minister

IFP- The Serbian minister of culture and information says he would like the people of his country to get more familiar with Iranian works of art. Vladan Vukosavljevic said in a meeting with his Iranian counterpart Abbas Salehi that he was pleased to see his country is chosen as a special guest at the 31st […]

Withdrawal of foreign troops could promote Afghan peace efforts: Iran

Press TV – A senior Iranian official says military solutions have proved futile in resolving the Afghanistan conflict, and that only a withdrawal of foreign forces could promote efforts to restore calm to the war-torn Asian state.   The prolongation of war in Afghanistan is the outcome of foreign military presence in that country, Deputy […]

Trump signed Taiwan Travel Act to promote meetings between US and Taiwanese officials

nsnbc : U.S. President Donald Trump has signed legislation that encourages U.S. officials to promote meetings between U.S. and Taiwanese officials in either the […]

Cheddar Man: Using Archaeology to Promote the Immigration Cult

Thomas Jones and Christoph Hauck, Council of European Canadians, 18 February 2018 In 1903, the oldest complete human skeleton was found in Gough’s Cave in Cheddar, England. The remains were that of a male who had died 10,000 years ago and he was given the epithet of “Cheddar man,” based on the location of his […]

De Mistura’s attempt to promote the document of five محاولة دي ميستورا لتعويم وثيقة الخمسة

  فبراير 15, 2018 Written by Nasser Kandil, The difference between the UN resolution 2254 about the political solution in Syria and the document of five drawn up by Washington and signed by France, Britain, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan and in which Israel seems a secret partner, and Turkey a half partner is that the […]

APDIM center in Iran to promote national interests

MNA – Establishment of the Asian and Pacific Centre for the Development of Disaster Information Management (APDIM) office in Tehran is expected to significantly promote national interests, said Iran’s head of the Plan and Budget Organization. Nobakht made the remark in the inauguration ceremony of Asian and Pacific Centre for the Development of Disaster Information […]

Oxford University Give Women More Time On Exams To Promote ‘Equality’

Oxford University allowed female students extra time on their summer 2017 exams in an effort to promote ‘equality’ among the sexes.  Women taking exams at the prestigious university are given an extra 15 minutes to complete their tests so that they score higher in math and science  – two fields women fall abysmally short of […]

Chemicals in food promote obesity, disrupt hormones

(Natural News) As obesity numbers continue to break records in the U.S. and many places throughout the world, health-conscious individuals are increasingly looking to their diet to try to maintain a healthy weight. Most of these people look out for ingredients like high-fructose corn syrup and trans fats – and rightfully so, as regular consumption […]

“How Trump and the Nazis Stole Christmas to Promote White Nationalism”

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Israeli Knesset head to promote bill considering Arabs second-class citizens

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has tasked Head of the Israeli Knesset David Amsalem to promote the nationality bill, which considers Arabs as second-class citizens. On Wednesday, Amsalem replaced MK David Bitan, who stepped down from the position amid a corruption investigation against him. “The first mission of the coalition chairman, MK Amsalem, will be to pass the nationality […]

Jens Stoltenberg and Angelina Jolie join forces in NATO intervention to promote "gender equality"

     NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg and actress Angelina Jolie have joined forces to project the US-led war alliance as a progressive role model for gender politics and a “leading protector” of women’s rights. Their op-ed in the Guardian last weekend, “Why NATO must defend women’s rights”, is presented as a joint mission to secure […]

Zionists Form Group to Promote Kurdish Statehood

Posted on December 5, 2017  by Richard Edmondson By Richard Edmondson Perhaps at some point we’ll see a sly Zionist pop up somewhere claiming the Kurds are an “ancient biblical people.” (And doubtless, if so, he’d have plenty of money to buy off plenty of historians to “verify” his claim). And maybe in the not-so-distant future we […]

Macy’s Parade Security Used to Promote Surveillance and Police State

Source: The Daily Bell I don’t watch the news often. But the news was playing at the family Thanksgiving gathering. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade was on, and the newscasters were discussing the extreme security measures taken by New York City. The massive police presence was welcome according to the news. People were […]

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