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Vast majority of Dem voters support McCollum bill promoting Palestinian rights, but less than 13% of House Dems back it

A recent survey shows that a sizable majority of Democratic voters support Rep. Betty McCollum’s (MN-D) recent bill promoting Palestinian human rights. However, the legislation currently has just 26 cosponsors in the House. In April, McCollum introduced  H.R.2590, the Defending the Human Rights of Palestinian Children and Families Living Under Israeli Military Occupation Act. The […]

It’s time for YouTube to stop promoting animal abuse

A snake about to attack kittens in a staged animal “rescue.” Credit: Lady Freethinker/YouTube Screenshot The scene is shocking: a tiny puppy wriggling desperately against the coiled grip of a python’s deadly squeeze, as fellow puppies look on in terror. In a cinematic ending, a man arrives just in time to “save” the squealing puppy […]

Mexico’s President AMLO Accuses US State Department of “Promoting Coup-Plotters”

Mexico’s president recently accused the United States of interfering with the country’s internal affairs. Is there truth to these claims? On May 7, Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador accused the United States of interfering with the nation’s internal politics. López Obrador, alternatively known as AMLO, made the statements prior to a virtual meeting with […]

WeAreChange News With Cabal Member Prince Harry Promoting Vaccine & Criticizing Free Speech

WHOA! It’s Definitely NOT What It SeemsPosted: 16 May 2021 11:44 AM PDTIn today’s video, we break down the critical thinking or lack thereof coming from the thought leaders in our society.Join us: LukeUncensored.comFollow on Telegram: up for our newsletter: group chat: store: TheBestPoliticalShirts.comCensored shirts: WeAreTheShirts.comFind us on Minds: on LBRY: your water: your gut health: food for emergencies: […]

ZION MEDIA=Hate Media! Promoting Racism & Hatred

RADIO SHOW Home Radio Show Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – Hate Crimes Against Asians & Whites Fueled by anti-White Zio Media Lies! APRIL 2, 2021 61,802 VIEWSSHARE: Download Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery discussed the on-going witch trial of Derek Chauvin, the police officer whose intense hatred for the color of the skin forced George […]

The World Economic Forum Is Promoting The ‘Smart Mask’ Of The Future

The World Economic Forum Is promoting the ‘mask of the future,’ a ‘smart mask that can track your breathing and let you know if you are wearing it wrong or even if you forget to wear it at all. And no, this is not satire unfortunately. You can unsubscribe any time. By subscribing you agree […]

Black Lives Matter sponsors

Jews Promoting Racism Again more crisis actors being used to promote racism again… they don’t want us to unite against the Jew World Order. +20

‘Industry Ministry promoting production and development’

TEHRAN – Iranian Industry, Mining, and Trade Minister Alireza Razm-Hosseini has said his ministry’s incentive programs and packages have contributed a lot in promoting domestic production and development of the country. Speaking in a meeting of the Resilient Economy Headquarters, which was also attended by First Vice President Es’haq Jahangiri, Razm-Hosseini mentioned the Industry Ministry’s […]

Brooklyn Hasidic rabbi is under investigation for promoting child marriage

News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online English edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, gives you breaking news, analyses and opinions about Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World. © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved Source 00

Brooklyn Hasidic rabbi under investigation for promoting child marriage

A Brooklyn rabbi is under investigation for allegedly arranging marriages between children as young as 15 years old. The Forward reported Thursday that the New York Police Department and Administration of Child Services are looking into the accusations against Yoel Roth, who runs Yeshiva Tiferes Hatorah in the Williamsburg neighborhood as well as a community […]

Promoting Toxins That Harm and Don’t Protect

Promoting Toxins That Harm and Don’t Protect Stephen Lendman / Stephen Lendman Promoting Toxins That Harm and Don’t Protect by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) The NYT is part of a diabolical state-sponsored/Pharma mass deception campaign to convince ordinary Americans to self-inflict harm unwittingly by permitting hazardous toxins to be jabbed into […]

Israeli doctor’s license revoked for promoting fake info on covid-19 vaccines

Browse > Home / News / Israeli doctor’s license revoked for promoting fake info on covid-19 vaccines February 24, 2021 by Aryeh Savir – TPS Read on for article Dr Aryeh Avni lost his license to practice medicine in Israel after he was found to be promoting fake information about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines and […]

Canada charges political party leader with promoting antisemitism

The leader of a far-right political party in Canada has been arrested and charged with willfully promoting hatred against Jews – reportedly a first for a Canadian political party. Travis Patron, the founder and head of the Canadian Nationalist Party, or CNP, was taken into custody in the Saskatchewan town of Carlyle. Wednesday’s arrest of […]

The US Holocaust Memorial Museum – A Costly Mistake Promoting a Hoax

The US Holocaust Memorial Museum Hard by the Washington Monument, within clear view of the Jefferson Memorial, an easy stroll down the Mall to the “majestic” Lincoln Memorial, has arisen, on some of the most “hallowed territory” of the [Jewnited] States of America, a costly and dangerous jewish mistake. On ground where no monument yet […]

QAnon-Promoting 2020 Congressional Candidate Angela Stanton King Scheduled to Speak at CPAC 2021

Content warning: this post reports on dehumanizing language directed at trans people. Angela Stanton King, a promoter of QAnon conspiracy theories and anti-LGBTQ bigotry, is scheduled to speak at the 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference on a Sunday afternoon panel shortly before former President Donald Trump speaks. Stanton King spoke at a “Stop the Steal” […]

Role of NGOs in Promoting Neo-Colonialism

        There are literally thousands of NGOs, the better known being Oxfam, Greenpeace, and Amnesty International . NGOs are primarily a modern phenomenon, though The World Alliance of YMCAs was founded in 1855, and the International Committee for the Red Cross came into being in 1863.  1According to one estimate, some 40,000 now qualify as international NGOs […]

Canada probes UNRWA funds over textbooks for promoting hate

Canada will investigate its contributions to UNRWA following a report that the refugee agency for Palestinians uses textbooks that incite hatred and violence, Canada’s International Development Minister Karina Gould announced. Gould said she was “deeply concerned” to learn that educational materials UNRWA gave Palestinian children during coronavirus-related lockdowns “contained references that violated UN values of […]

Palestinians Fear Israelis Promoting COVID Vaccine As Covert Means To Sterilize Them

Despite the heavy promotion of the COVID vaccination in the Israeli media, the Palestinians in East Jerusalem have all but ignored it — convinced that the vaccines will be used as part of the decades-long, ongoing effort to ethnically cleanse Jerusalem — and all of eretz Israel — of its Palestinian population: The least crowded […]

Palestinians Fear Israelis Promoting COVID Vaccine As Covert Means To Sterilize And Kill Them

Inkster, Let’s look at Left & Right. Old left – nationalist, fought for the workers/lower rights to fair pay and hours. Fought against the unscrupulous landlords and factory owners. Essentially, the left, in the past were the working class. Old right – nationalist, the aristocracy, upper classes (and later the newly born middle classes), landlords, […]

Promoting What’s Hazardous to Human Health

By Stephen Lendman Source Along with other establishment media, the NYT is part of promoting the state-sponsored covid vaccine scam. When used as directed, potential serious harm to human health may follow — why it’s essential to SAY NO! Government officials, Pharma, and establishment media are part of a mass deception campaign that may cause […]

Treacherous Mainstream Media Now Promoting Secession!

Ryan McMakenMISES Institute No matter who wins, it is likely the losing side will regard the winning side as having obtained its win using dirty tricks, foreign meddling, or through relentless propaganda offered up by a heavily biased and one-sided news media. And if about half the country regards the winning president as illegitimate, where […]

Trump slammed for praising ‘good genes’ at rally, accused of promoting ‘eugenics’

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Infanticide Advocate Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies After Decades Of Promoting Abortions And Medical Violence Against Children

Supreme Court Justice and infanticide advocate Ruth Bader Ginsburg died today at age 87, passing away “peacefully” even though over 60 million human babies have been violently murdered in America due to abortion policies that Ginsburg helped advocate across this nation. Ginsburg refused to grant millions of children their own right to die peacefully, without […]

Jews Honor Dwight Eisenhower With Memorial For His Help Promoting Their ‘Holocaust’ Narrative

“Shabbos Goy” Dwight Eisenhower was instrumental in helping the Jews push their anti-German atrocity propaganda both during and after the war, and for that effort he is finally being “honored” with a memorial designed by Jewish post-modern architect Frank Gehry: There’s a story about Dwight D. Eisenhower that has become the stuff of legend. After […]

‘Angel mom’ Mary Ann Mendoza dropped from RNC lineup after promoting anti-Semitic conspiracy theory

‘Angel mom’ Mary Ann Mendoza dropped from RNC lineup after promoting anti-Semitic conspiracy theory – Jewish Telegraphic Agency Skip to content Advertisement Advertisement 00

Why is the U.S. avidly promoting British vaccine manufacturer AstraZeneca for COVID-19? With Trump expected to make a “major therapeutic announcement” at 530pm “sharp”, and tweeting that the “important White House news conference” will be “very good news”… … speculation is rampant what Trump will announce. One clue comes from the Financial Times which moments ago reported that the Trump administration is “considering the bypassing normal US regulatory […]

Donald Trump Jr. Limited on Twitter over Coronavirus, Still NOT promoting

    Donald Trump has got to be the dumbest most useless president America has ever had. He’s castrated, he’s a freaking balless eunuch. Twitter is now going so far that they are banning even his son. Silicon Valley is in charge of running America. They make the decisions about what the president and his […]

The israeli government role in promoting Islamophobia internationally

The Israeli government role in promoting Islamophobia internationally By Paul Larudee: Much of the study of Islamophobia is directed at the social and political causes and manifestations, including religious and political dimensions and racist characteristics.  However, Islamophobia is also used as a strategic tool or weapon, i.e. in pursuit of national agenda. Many of us […]

Levels of health-promoting fatty acids are higher in milk from grass-fed cows

(Natural News) Grass-fed cattle are regarded as healthier than grain-fed, but can the same be said of milk coming from grass-fed cows? That’s a question that numerous researchers from different universities sought to answer. What they found confirmed what grass milk farmers had been telling them for years: Grass-fed cows did indeed […]

Promoting banking ties base for cementing Tehran-Nicosia relations President Hassan Rouhani met with the new Ambassador of Cyprus to Tehran, Petros Nacouzis, on Saturday to receive his letter of credence and said: “There are good potentials for deepening ties in various economic fields between the two countries and promoting banking relations can lay the groundwork for better relations between Tehran and Nicosia”. […]

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