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Nike’s latest ad builds on the company’s tradition of slickly-edited propaganda & hypocrisy

    What have skateboarding Muslims and kneeling quarterbacks got in common? They’re all part of the same social justice struggle, according to Nike. Ladies and gentlemen, I regret to inform you that Woke Capitalism is at it again. Released on Thursday, Nike’s ‘You Can’t Stop Us’ ad is simultaneously an editing marvel (its editors […]

Negroid Museum Puts Out Seething Propaganda Denigrating ‘Assumptions of Whiteness’

Our enemies have kicked the anti-white cultural revolution into overdrive. They’re pulling all the stops to stomp on our civilization and drive the final nail in the coffin of the West. Some negroid museum is advertising a whole webpage fitted with videos and propaganda about the nasty manifestation of ‘whiteness’ in a country founded by […]

Tour de France champ Chris Froome to peddle Israeli propaganda

Man wearing sunglasses and helmet

Tamara Nassar Activism and BDS Beat 23 July 2020 British cyclist Chris Froome was recruited to the Israeli cycling team by Canadian-Israeli billionaire Sylvan Adams. (Sean Hickin / Flickr) Four-time Tour de France winner Chris Froome is facing criticism from Palestinians for joining Israel’s cycling team. The team is called “Israel Start-Up Nation” – a […]

The Only Obstacle To A Healthy World Is Government Secrecy And Propaganda

Get the latest Waking Times articles delivered to your inbox. Sign up here. Caitlin Johnstone, Guest Waking Times If people in power were no longer able to hide secrets and spin lies about what’s going on in the world, all of our major problems would come to an end. Because secretive and manipulative power structures are […]

Chomsky: Anarchism, Libertarianism, Socialism And Propaganda

Anarchism “assumes that the burden of proof for anyone in a position of power and authority lies on them,” explains Chomsky. The following is the adapted text of an interview that first appeared in Modern Success magazine. So many things have been written about, and discussed by, Professor Chomsky, it was a challenge to think […]

Turkey: 22 university students go on trial over ‘terror propaganda’

     Istanbul – Twenty-two students from a prestigious Istanbul university went on trial Wednesday on charges of spreading “terror propaganda” for staging an action on the campus opposing President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s military campaign in Syria. Fourteen of the students have been held in jail since their initial detention in March when police stormed students’ […]

Council on Foreign Relations Tells Gov’t They “Have To” Use Propaganda on Americans

By Jay Syrmopoulos The Council on Foreign Relations delivered an Orwellian presentation recently that unsurprisingly went unnoticed in the mainstream media, in which CFR’s Richard Stengel forwarded the notion that governments “have to” direct “propaganda” at their own domestic populations. The Council is recognized as one of the United States’ oldest and most establishment […]

Understanding Propaganda with Piers Robinson and Florian Zollmann

Why have ‘alternative’ narratives been so aggressively attacked by the Establishment? Is the status quo control system now dependent on propaganda in order to govern the populous? What will the state and its corporate partners do now that they are losing its grip on mainstream narratives and engineers public consensus? Host Ross Ashcroft is joined […]

Going Underground – Ep 617: Rose McGowan on Power, Malcolm X, Gaza & Hollywood Propaganda

Going Underground – Ep 617: Rose McGowan on Power, Malcolm X, Gaza & Hollywood Propaganda Going Underground with Afshin In this episode, we speak to whistleblower, actor and activist Rose McGowan who exposes the Hollywood Propaganda model and tells us why not to trust a man in a three-thousand-dollar suit. Her new book Brave […]

Britain’s Propaganda Campaign in Iraq – The Whole Story

Long Read: Britain’s Propaganda Campaign in Iraq – The Whole Story By Mark Curtis – 30 minute read. An edited extract from Unpeople: Britain’s Secret Human Rights Abuses Politics has been described as many things but in Britain currently a good summary is that it is the art of deceiving the public. Clare Short, after resigning […]

Engineering Consent: Understanding the Mechanisms of Warfare Propaganda

May 13th, 2018 By Anthony Tyler Guest writer for Wake Up World Sardonic political commentator George Orwell — through disturbed, poetic metaphor — forever changed the landscape of modern propaganda by mirroring traditional geopolitical trends of propaganda and transposing it onto a horrific, futuristic dystopian society. In addition to “1984”, most of Orwell’s work was politically charged, if not always […]

VIDEO: RT WW2 Propaganda – “Soviets Were The Good Guys”

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Anti-White Propaganda and the “Mainstreaming Effect”

By Willem Felderhof One weapon that is used in the war against White people is called “the mainstreaming effect.” The concept of “mainstreaming” implies that heavy television viewing contributes to an erosion of differences in people’s perspectives that stem from other factors and influences. Television serves as the primary common storyteller for an otherwise heterogeneous population. […]

Facebook Begins Ranking News Sites By Trust And Combating “Propaganda” During Elections

By Aaron Kesel Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated Tuesday that his company has begun to implement a system that will rank news organizations based on trustworthiness while suppressing content that doesn’t fit in that metric, CNET reported. Zuckerberg said that Facebook has gathered data on how its users perceive news brands by asking […]

South Korean military to remove propaganda loudspeakers along North’s border

The South Korean Ministry of National Defense said it will begin the removal of loudspeakers from the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) on Tuesday, Yonhap reported. Choi Hyun-soo, the spokeswoman for the ministry, said it is a “rudimentary” move meant to promote trust between the two sides.  S. Korea turns up propaganda loud blaring North with pop […]

Syria – A Case Study in Propaganda

By Chris Kanthan Dear diary, many of my colleagues are unhappy about the recent events in Syria. They are unhappy that Assad is still in power. However, I see the metaphorical glass as being half full. In a recent poll, 58% of Americans support the bombing of Syria and 19% have “no opinion.” […]

On Syria, Media & Propaganda: Academic Freedom and Setting An Example

This post is based on a letter I wrote in reply to someone who has known me as a teacher. I have responded to her as one concerned citizen to another, but with her student experience in mind. We agreed it would be an idea to make the response available to anyone else who shared […]

UK COLUMN: US-UK War Crimes Yemen, Guardian’s Anti-Syria Propaganda, Novichok Lies, Trump’s DPRK Play and More

Another US-UK backed Saudi bombing of a wedding in Yemen, and the Guardian running Chatham House anti-Syria and anti-Russian propaganda, and as the Neocon hawks circle the White House there’s a potential for geopolitical chicanery as Trump heads to North Korea. Also Boris ‘Novichok’ Johnson clowning at the G7 Summit, UK government cracking down on […]

Former MSNBC Journalists: We Were Paid To Spread CIA Propaganda

Several former MSNBC journalists have blown the whistle on how the news network paid them to knowingly spread CIA propaganda to millions of Americans. Ed Schultz recently gave an interview to the National Review‘s Jamie Weinstein in which he revealed he was fired from the network for refusing to toe the pro-Hillary line during the 2016 […]

South Korea halts border propaganda speakers as summit with North looms

The speakers blast radio shows, pop music and criticism of Pyongyang towards North Korea in a bid to influence their northern neighbors. The broadcasts also include details of defectors who escape the north.  North Korea also has its own propaganda broadcasts, which include praise for leader Kim Jong-un and North Korean songs. South Korea’s defence […]

How Shoddy Reporting and Anti-Russian Propaganda Coerced Ecuador to Silence Julian Assange

Many of the recent media claims that have caused this standoff, including assertions of Russia’s role in Catalonia’s independence bid, range from highly dubious to demonstrably false. By M.C. McGragh and Glenn Greenwald and cross-posted from The Intercept Julian Assange has been barred from communicating with the outside world for more than three weeks. On March 27, […]

Propaganda in action: Out of top 100 news outlets in US, not a single one questioned Syrian attack

     A disturbing trend has been ongoing within the mainstream media when it comes to reporting on United States foreign policy, and while some may argue that the media is typically critical of President Trump, 26 major editorials were published in response to his recent decision to launch airstrikes against Syria, and not a single […]

"Propaganda seems to be more important than the reality of what is really going on" Roger Waters speaks out against White Helmets

     The Syrian Civil Defense, more commonly known as the White Helmets, has emerged as one of the most effective propaganda tools for Islamist militants in Syria, with the group staging numerous provocations to draw in foreign military intervention to aid the militants in their quest to establish Shariah law in the Arab state. English […]


WHERE DID ALL THIS IMPERIALISM WAR AND PROPAGANDA COME FROM? Early 1900s CE: A MAJOR DEBATE ABOUT IMPERIALISM TOOK PLACE: In this must read speech it show mostly a continuation of the British belief that they represent a “Superior Race” improving the lot of ignorant natives that could not manage their own affairs and needed […]

UK To Jail Viewers Of “Far-Right Propaganda”

The British people are under complete lockdown by big brother, who will imprison them for finding the truth about jewish overlords, rape gangs, or unending invasion. Source Article from FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestTumblrRedditStumbleUponDiggemail

Mainstream Media Propaganda – “Extremely Dangerous to Our Democracy”

April 13th, 2018 By Annabelle Bamforth via Truth In Media Media Propaganda Doesn’t Start or End With Sinclair Last week, millions of viewers across the country were subjected not only to a statement concerning “fake news” eerily repeated verbatim by dozens of local television stations across the country, but also to reports uncovering the fact that […]



Cambridge Analytica Is What Happens When You Privatize Military Propaganda

Renegade Editor’s Note: The author appears to have something of an anti-White bias that emerges within his writing, but this is an important topic being covered, so I am posting this piece here anyway. By Adam Ramsay The Gulf War Did Not Take Place. This audacious claim was made by the French philosopher Jean Baudrillard in […]

Proof ‘local news’ is centrally controlled corporate propaganda

April 1, 2018 Sinclair Broadcast Group is the largest owner of local TV stations in the country. That’s alarming considering that they often inject political views into local news and spread unified propaganda messaging as showcased here: […]

UK Launching Anti-Russian Propaganda War

Britain is getting ready to launch a propaganda war against Russia amid allegations that the Kremlin is spreading ‘fake news’ about the poisoning of Sergei Skripal. British spies will be tasked with identifying trolling social media platforms to clamp down on what the UK government deems to be ‘misinformation.’ Theresa May has instructed the intelligence […]

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