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OPEC+ Committee Fails To Agree On Proposed Production Cuts

Oil futures remain in a bear market following the collapse in oil demand from China amid two-thirds of its economy shutdown following the coronavirus outbreak. Crude rallied Wednesday on inventory builds, mostly on the hope that the OPEC+ meeting would lead to cuts. However, any gains that were seen are being quickly erased as of Thursday […]

New Proposed Law To Jail “Anti-Vaxxers” & The CDC Fear Based Talking Points To Media Revealed!

By Spiro Skouras A controversial group currently in the crosshairs of the establishment, which was also discussed at Event 201, is known as the Anti-Vaccine Movement. And now we see the UK Government working on a new law to jail people who spread “Anti-Vaccine Propaganda” online. Currently, people are protected from prosecution if they sincerely […]

Domestic Politics weighing heavily on Trump’s proposed Mideast peace plan The Ugly Truth Judaism, Zionism and the toxic effect of apocalyptic religious delusions on world affairs

Domestic Politics weighing heavily on Trump’s proposed Mideast peace plan The Ugly Truth Judaism, Zionism and the toxic effect of apocalyptic religious delusions on world affairs Source Article from Hits: 10

Proposed Arizona amendment could target critics of Israel

@Ossinev, thanks for the link to Deborah Maccoby’s piece on Dr. Finkelstein’s blog, which had passed me by. I agree with you about the unfortunate, long-term, popular reaction to the domestic intercessions of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and other establishment UK Jewish organisations on behalf of the Zionist state: “If things here […]

Proposed UK tax on American tech giants betrays Europe’s bitterness over inability to create its own Google & Amazon

It appears that the UK and US are on a collision course over a digital tax after Washington threatened retaliatory tariffs if the British government did not back down on plans to impose the levy from April.The UK has drafted the legislation for the tax, which will be levied at 2 percent of revenues from […]

Hemp Farmers Worried Newly Proposed Changes to Federal Regulations Could Put Them Out Of Business

By Sean Walton Hemp growers and entrepreneurs who were joyous a year ago after U.S. lawmakers reclassified the plant as a legal agricultural crop now are worried their businesses could be crippled if federal policymakers move ahead with draft regulations. Licenses for hemp cultivation topped a half-million acres last year, more than 450% above 2018 […]

Cellphones Banned for Anyone Under Age 21 in Proposed Vermont Bill

(TMU) — A senator from Vermont recently proposed a total ban on cellphone use for anyone under 21-years-old. Democratic Sen. John Rodgers says that he is sponsoring the bill because “cellphones are just as dangerous as guns.” While Rodgers says that he knows the bill will not make it past the judiciary committee, he is […]

Trump’s proposed social security change could slash disability benefits for thousands

Mike’s Notes: Ebenezer S. Trump and the GOP strike again. In a move that only a Grinch could like, the Trump administration, with the support of the Republican party is trying to balance the US budget on the backs of those least able to afford it. This proposal would cut off Social Security for the […]

Unusual ways to address deforestation: Proposed bill in the Philippines requires students to plant 10 trees before they can graduate

(Natural News) A proposed bill in the Philippines could provide schools with an eco-friendly premise, once it’s passed into law: Students in both high school and college would need to plant at least 10 trees each to cement their spot in the graduation ceremonies. The bill, which has already passed the lower house of […]

Washington’s Proposed New Sanctions Against Turkey also Aimed Against Russia

With the world fixated on Turkish actions against Syria, Greece and Libya at the moment, the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Senate of the United States Congress approved a bill, “Promoting American  National Security and Preventing the Resurgence of ISIS Act,” spearheaded and thoroughly promoted by staunch anti-Syria/Venezuela/Iran/Russia Democratic Senator Robert Menendez who celebrated […]

Biden hits Sanders on proposed Israel policy, says conditioning military aid is ‘bizarre’

At an event in Iowa on December 7, Joe Biden criticized Senator Bernie Sanders’ proposal to condition military aid to Israel. On the campaign trail, Sanders has repeatedly indicated that he would be open to leveraging aid to the country in an effort to alter its treatment of Palestinians. Sanders has also suggested that some […]

EU government opposes proposed law that would stop pedophilia

(Natural News) Poland is taking a stand against pedophilia and sexual perversion by establishing clear boundaries when it comes to sex education in schools. Now, the European Union is intervening in the matter, claiming that Poland is violating “human rights” by denying students an open sex education. Poland looks to protect children […]

Proposed ‘Smart’ Forest City In Mexico Would Be 100% Food & Energy Self-Sufficient

The Facts: Dale E. Graff, a physicist and former director of the US government/Stanford remote viewing program shares his knowledge about dreaming, and how we can all experience what he calls ‘Psi’ dreaming. Reflect On: How much have our governments and black budget programs really discovered within these realms? How much is known and why […]

Prolonged Protests In Panama Over Proposed Constitutional Reforms

Prolonged Protests In Panama Over Proposed Constitutional Reforms Above photo: Students demonstrate outside the National Assembly. From La Estrella de Panama. Protests in Panama started on October 22 when 1,000 students, teachers and administrators from the University of Panama marched to the National Assembly to protest proposed changes to the Constitution that would undermine higher […]

Democrat’s Proposed Law Would Make This Offensive Word ILLEGAL

October 23, 2019 By Timcast The latest genius idea from the speech police to ban certain words comes from Massachusetts state Rep. Daniel Hunt (D-Boston). Under the proposed law using this special word (in a certain way with a certain intent as interpreted by someone?) could see you sent to prison for 6 months. Wow, […]

Iran sends US list of names for its proposed prisoner swap

TEHRAN (AP) — Iran’s foreign ministry said Monday it has sent the United States a list of names it is demanding in a proposed prisoner swap, opening a potential new channel with Washington amid recent growing tensions. Iran did not detail the names it relayed, but Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said he hoped to […]

Proposed US Sanctions against Turkey. Why? Washington Supports Turkish Aggression in Northeast Syria

US sanctions are war by other means on targeted countries. The Senate, House, and White House are preparing them on Turkey — nothing imposed so far. They’re unrelated to Ankara’s alliance with US war on the Syrian Arab Republic, nor support by Erdogan, the US, and allied regimes for ISIS, al-Nusra, and likeminded terrorists in […]

A Proposed Healthcare FREEDOM Rights Amendment To The U.S. Constitution: We Need It NOW; Work To Enact It

By Catherine J. Frompovich The current oppressive and progressively mandated healthcare issues, matters and disputes U.S. citizens are grappling and suffering with, i.e., denying, under penalty of law, the right to self-determination and individual sovereignty pertaining to personal health and one’s children’s healthcare choices, imposed by CDC/FDA ‘dictates’ actually result in a profoundly active “medical […]

Proposed Federal Agency Would Create Criteria to "Identify" Potentially Violent People

There is a push on for the creation of another unconstitutional federal agency that would create systems to identify “early signs of changes in people with mental illness that could lead to violent behavior.” Coupled with “red flag” laws, this sounds like the beginning of a dystopian nightmare. According to […]

Marcus Ball’s “Proposed Prosecution” against Boris Johnson: “Not Everything Is as It Seems”

Marcus Ball says “there is something majorly wrong going on behind the scenes” after his appeal to take Boris to Supreme Court for “wilfully misleading the British public” gets thrown out. *** On 14th August, the High Court rejected an appeal for leave to the UK’s highest court that would see private prosecutor Marcus Ball […]

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