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Has Trump broken his promise to protect the Second Amendment?

    Donald Trump’s Broken Promise To Protect The 2nd Amendment By Chuck Baldwin August 15, 2019 This column is an unapologetic appeal to action. In 2016, Donald Trump said, “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters.” He must still believe that, because after […]

Israel Joins U.S. Led Coalition To ‘Protect Security Of The Persian Gulf’

Israel’s Foreign Minister Israel Katz confirmed on Tuesday that Israel has joined the U.S.-led coalition to secure navigation in the Persian Gulf. According to Y-Net Katz said that he had recently met with a “high ranking persona” from the United Arab Emirates to improve ties between Israel and Arab states and that Israel was determined to […]

FDA moves to regulate CBD oil to protect Big Pharma’s profits

(Natural News) The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is admittedly triggered that increasingly more Americans are choosing to use all-natural cannabidiol (CBD) and other components of the cannabis sativa (marijuana) plant for healing as opposed to FDA-approved chemical pharmaceuticals. So in an attempt to stymie this trend, the agency is […]

More Than Three Eco-Defenders Killed Per Week in 2018 While Fighting to Protect Wildlife, Homes, and Livelihoods

Julia Conley, Common Dreams Waking Times The fight to protect land, homes, livelihoods, and wildlife from destructive, pollution-causing industries turned deadly for more than 160 environmental defenders in 2018, international human rights group Global Witness revealed Monday night in a new report. Organizers campaigning against the destruction of the environment face governments, contract killers, and private […]

"All Consequences At Your Own Risk": In Stunning Warning, Chinese Army Says It Will Protect Hong Kong Sovereignty

Just on the heels of new reports of a significant build-up of Chinese security forces on Hong Kong’s border, with the White House monitoring what an admin official described as “a congregation of Chinese forces” outside the city, the chief of the Chinese military garrison in Hong Kong has warned that the army stands ready to “protect” […]

Economist: Jeffrey Epstein Will be Killed in Jail to Protect the "Elites" Complicit in His Crimes

Economist Martin Armstrong predicts that Jeffrey Epstein will never see a trial because he will be killed in jail to hide connections to powerful people who are complicit in his sex trafficking crimes. Armstrong notes that Epstein is being housed in the “10 South” unit in NYC, otherwise known as “the hole” or “America’s Guantanamo,” […]

Backlash forces Malaysia senator to withdraw law that would protect MEN from being seduced into rape

Mohamad Imran, a member of the ruling coalition’s People’s Justice Party (PKR), pitched the bizarre initiative because he was concerned about men at risk of being “seduced and end up breaking the country’s laws” due to “what women wear.” His solution to the ‘problem’ was as simple as his logic: a Sexual Harassment Act. Contrary […]

Royal Navy to protect British ships in Strait of Hormuz – ministry

Confirming the decision, the ministry said that British ships should give “sufficient notice” to the Royal Navy so that they can be given safe passage through the Strait. “Freedom of navigation is crucial for the global trading system and world economy, and we will do all we can to defend it,” a government spokesman said. […]

To “Protect” the Town, Gov’t Fines Mother of Two $100,000 for a Dirty Pool and Tall Grass

By Matt Agorist Dunedin, FL — When Kristi Allen received a notice from the city in the mailbox last year — telling her she owed them $103,559 — she thought it just had to be a scam. It certainly is a scam, but one being carried out by her own government and one she is […]

Protect the Right to Criticize the Government: It’s Un-American To Be Anti-Free Speech

“Since when have we Americans been expected to bow submissively to authority and speak with awe and reverence to those who represent us? The constitutional theory is that we the people are the sovereigns, the state and federal officials only our agents. We who have the final word can speak softly or angrily. We can […]

NYC Mayor to Illegals: ‘We Will Do Everything to Protect You’

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has promised immigrants residing in New York illegally that the city will do everything it can to protect them. “Let’s be blunt here: @realDonaldTrump has turned ICE into a political weapon against our immigrant communities,” de Blasio tweeted on Saturday. “To everyone worried this weekend: this is your city.” In […]

From Sunscreen to Bug Spray: How To Protect Your Kids From Chemical Poisoning This Summer

The Facts: From chemical-ladened sunscreens to bug sprays with DEET, there is plenty to be cautious about before lathering up your kids in the name of protection. Reflect On: What simple changes can you make to protect your family this summer? Summertime should be a carefree time of year as we head out on vacation, […]

Baicalein from Chinese skullcap found to protect the brain against glutamate excitotoxicity

Monday, July 01, 2019 by: Evangelyn Rodriguez Tags: alternative medicine, Alzheimer’s disease, baicalein, Brain disorders, brain health, c-Fos, chinese skullcap, cognitive function, cognitive health, depolarization, discovery, disease treatments, flavonoids, Glutamate, glutamate excitotoxicity, glutamate release, goodhealth, goodmedicine, goodscience, herbal medicine, Herbs, hippocampus, inflammation, kainic acid, longevity, mTOR, natural cures, natural medicine, […]

Trump: Why Protect Other Countries’ Shipping Lanes For "Zero Compensation"? 

Following statements on Meet the Press Sunday where he said “I was against going into the Middle East,” and lamenting that “we’ve spent 7 trillion dollars” there, Trump continued his theme of drawing down in the region on Twitter, saying Monday morning it’s time for China and others to protect their own ships in the Persian […]

WARNING TO ALL: If we do not protect innocent children from abortion and LGBT mutilations, God will unleash fire and fury upon America

(Natural News) Defenseless, self-aware human babies and children are being systematically mutilated and murdered by the gleeful, demonic abortion advocates across America. In their acts of pure malice, there is no remorse, no compassion and no recognition of the life of the child. These abortionists and post-birth infanticide proponents are nothing less […]

This odd bacterium appears to protect its host from the damaging effects of stress

   Scientists have isolated a unique molecular pattern that might one day enable a ‘stress vaccine’ to exist for real – and they found it hidden inside a bacterium that thrives in dirt. Mycobacterium vaccae is a non-pathogenic bacterium that lives in soil, and has shown considerable promise in health research; now, a new study […]

Josh Hawley moves to end immunity privileges for big tech monopolies unless they protect free speech

(Natural News) Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) has emerged as the leading reformer against social media censorship, as he is going after their special immunity privileges under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. (Article by Shane Trejo republished from As it states right now, Section 230 states that “no provider or user of […]

Police SNIPERS deployed to protect "Drag Queen Story Hour" pedophilia celebration from Christian pastor

(Natural News) Police recently arrested a Baptist pastor in Spokane, Wash., and threw him in jail after he refused to move across the street from the city Public Library during a “Drag Queen Story Hour” event hosted for children.  According to Christian News, it was the manner in which the Pastor, Afhsin […]

Antrodia cinnamomea found to protect against hepatic injury and inflammation

(Natural News) In this study, researchers from National Taiwan Normal University investigated the anti-inflammatory effect of Antrodia cinnamomea, a medicinal mushroom in Taiwan, and the molecular mechanisms underlying its activity. The results of their study were published in The American Journal of Chinese Medicine. A. cinnamomea is widely used in Taiwan to prevent or treat […]

‘No sympathy’: Spineless British Foreign Secretary won’t protect Assange from US extradition

   The U.K.’s top diplomat said he would not stand in the way of Julian Assange’s extradition to the U.S., a move the Justice Department has requested since the WikiLeaks founder was expelled from the Ecuadorian embassy in London and arrested by British authorities in April. Pressed on the U.S. government’s extradition request for Assange, […]

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