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33 Native Hawaiians Arrested Protecting Sacred Mountain From Giant Telescope

Olivia Rosane, EcoWatch Waking Times A decade-long fight over the proposed construction of a giant telescope on a mountain considered sacred by some Native Hawaiians came to a head Wednesday when 33 elders were arrested for blocking the road to the summit, HuffPost Reported. The most recent protests kicked off Monday, when construction on the […]

Salvini Faces Italian Troika Protecting The EU

Authored by Tom Luongo, Lega leader Matteo Salvini has a problem and it isn’t his coalition partner. Though winning the European Parliamentary elections last month the Euroskeptic government between Lega and Five Star Movement is in a war with a troika of technocrats within his own government. And that Troika is as trapped as the […]

Why is Trump protecting the terrorist groups in Syria?

  Syria: ‘Russian’ warplanes bomb rebel-held Idlib, dozens dead   Russia Rebuffs Trump’s Call To “STOP!” Ongoing “Butchery” In Idlib With the joint Syrian and Russian air campaign over Idlib province heating up over the past three weeks, and with the final showdown between Damascus and the last major al-Qaeda stronghold in Syria’s northwest imminent, President Trump on […]

Iran’s mere crime protecting Quds, Palestine: Syrian deputy FM

MNA – “Iran’s only crime is protecting Quds and Paying attention to Palestine’s issues,” Syrian Deputy-Foreign Minister and former Permanent Envoy to the United Nations Faisal Mekdad said on the sidelines of the International Quds Day in Iran’s embassy in Syria on Friday. Underlining the role of Iran’s support in resistance in Syria, the Arab […]

Weaponizing 5G and Nanotechnology: Protecting Yourself from Nanotechnology and Frequency Radiation

Previously, I wrote about the weapon-like qualities of nanotechnology and terahertz frequency radiation. As was explained, these two technologies can be combined to weaken our health, create illness, and control our minds.  In response to that article, one of our readers asked this question: I had been taking this oral spray, and found it effective […]

CA Supreme Court Upholds Ordinance Protecting Scenic Views from Ugly Telecom Infrastructure

April 8, 2019 By B.N. Frank Californians have a long history fighting cell tower and antenna installation – and for good reason.  Besides being ugly, reducing property value, catching fire and collapsing, they emit harmful radiation. California firefighters actually fought for an ordinance exempting their stations from being used as base stations for installation due […]

Leftist Democrats condemn pro-gun “sanctuaries” after years of protecting illegal immigrants: Is this the spark that will trigger America’s breakup?

(Natural News) Empowered by electoral gains during the 2018 midterms, Democrats around the country — but especially blue states where they now have super-majorities — launched an all-out assault on the Second Amendment, just like they said they would during their campaigns. New gun control laws began springing up in states like […]

Iranian Army strongly protecting eastern borders: Cmdr

IRNA – The Iranian Army is strongly protecting the eastern borders of the country, according to the commander of ground forces of the Army.  Speaking to the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on Thursday, Brigadier General Kiumars Heydari said that the forces of the Iranian Army have been deployed on the joint borders with Afghanistan. […]

Amazon, Google and other tech giants now protecting radical Islam while censoring Christianity

(Natural News) American Leftists are loathe to admit it because they are busy doing all they can to destroy our heritage and culture, but the United States was founded by followers of the Christian religion. That’s not even debatable. What’s also not debatable is that those same Christian founders were well aware […]

Digital Sovereignty. A Public Service Internet for Europe? Protecting Users’ Personal Data

The French Government announced in October that the National Assembly and Army Ministry would no longer be relying on American digital companies for Internet search.  They are in future going to be using the French and German developed Quant search system which doesn’t track its users’ personal data and doesn’t therefore expose users to the […]

How Neoliberal Economists Wreak Havoc On The Global Poor While Protecting The Financial Elite

Thanks to the IMF, the pockets of the forgotten from Argentina to Mexico will suffer so that finance is left intact. On December 1, Mexico will have a new president—Andrés Manuel López Obrador. He will take over the presidency from the lackluster Enrique Peña Nieto, whose administration is marinated in corruption. Peña Nieto’s legal office […]

WATCH: Police Taser and Shoot Dog For Protecting Its Home, Dispose of Body Before Notifying The Owner

(Support Free Thought) – Binghamton, NY – A video was uploaded to Facebook this week showing two police officers tasering and then shooting a young woman’s dog after it bit an intruder. In an interview with The Free Thought Project, Estavia Cron tells us that she was at work when her brother […]

Watching The Hawks – Censoring Manning, Protecting Harvey, & Catfishing Canada

Watching The Hawks – Censoring Manning, Protecting Harvey, & Catfishing Canada Watching The Australia makes a bold move to ban American whistleblower Chelsea Manning from entering the country. New York state records reveal that Harvey Weinsteins lawyer gave large sums of money to the Manhattan District Attorney in the months after he declined to […]

Gaza is not a country, and so Israel is not protecting its borders

A BBC report published July 20, 2018 accepts the framing of killing of Palestinian civilians as a “defense of a borders.”  But Gaza is not a country, and so Israel cannot be protecting its borders.  Rather, Gaza is an enclave, an imprisoned neighborhood where its borders are controlled by Israel.  Israel decides who moves in and out […]

Which Countries Have the Best Record in Protecting Property Rights?

By Daniel J. Mitchell My favorite annual publication is the Fraser Institute’s Economic Freedom of the World, which measures the amount of economic liberty that exists in 159 nations. The rankings are based on five equally weighted categories, though I’ve always viewed “Legal System and Property Rights” as being the most important because even low taxes […]

Watching The Hawks – An End To Civility & Police Protecting White Comfortability

Watching The Hawks – An End To Civility & Police Protecting White Comfortability Watching The A white woman calls the cops on an 8-year-old black girl for selling bottled water in San Francisco, sparking a national discussion on race and public space. Conservatives and liberals alike share an outcry on the need for civility […]

Should Government Be ‘Protecting’ Gender Identity/Expression?

The Facts: Historic meetings between Trump & Kim Jong Un move towards peace talks between the two nations. What’s really going on here is about disrupting the old elite regime. Reflect On: Who really holds the power in our world? Are we getting a true picture of what is going on with events like this […]

Russia: United States Is Protecting And Harboring ISIS In Syria

The Russian government has accused the United States of protecting and harboring ISIS in US-controlled zones in Syria. “We have plenty of reports about strange things happening in the Al-Tanf area,” Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, said on Monday. “This area has no particular military value in terms of fighting terrorism. And in practical terms, we […]

‘People Have To Strengthen The Laws Protecting The Water’

MP3 Link Washington Post (3/7/18) Janine Jackson: It is impossible, really, not to connect two recent pieces of news: Residents of Flint, Michigan, have been told that the state that poisoned their drinking water will no longer provide them free bottled water. They’ll be going back to paying some of the highest prices in the country, some $200 a month, […]

Prevent vision loss by protecting your heart with a healthy diet

(Natural News) Losing one’s eyesight and knowing that the damage is reversible is one thing. Losing one’s vision and learning that it will never come back is more devastating. The second scenario affects more than 10 million Americans living in the U.S. The number is expected to balloon to almost 22 million […]

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