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Greenpeace activists climb onto roof of Poland’s Environment Ministry in protest

Greenpeace activists have climbed onto the roof of Poland’s Environment Ministry to demand better preservation of the country’s forests. A large banner was hung from the building in Warsaw in the early hours of Monday morning with the inscription “Stop the devastation! Time for protection”. An accompanying caricature puppet also showed Environment Minister Michal Wos […]

Massive Protest Against Corona Regulations in Berlin

Video taken from EMKA17. – According to confirmation from the police of Berlin, it has been confirmed that between 500,000 and 1 million peaceful protesters (mostly without Masks) demonstrate against the Corona rules. Bitchute link FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestTumblrRedditStumbleUponDiggemail

Massive Protest Against Mandatory Masks & Covid-19 Restrictions In Germany

Thousands of people in the German capital, Berlin, took part in a protest on Saturday against the country’s coronavirus restrictions. Though reports cited thousand of protestors, those on the ground say it was at least a million people that assembled in Berlin to rally against anti-coronavirus restrictions. They described the measures as undemocratic and a […]

‘Pandemic Freedom Day’: Thousands protest in Berlin over COVID-19 restrictions

Thousands of people gathered in Berlin on Saturday to protest against restrictions put in place to combat the spread of the new coronavirus. Titled “The End of the Pandemic – Freedom Day,” the rally was made up of several groups, including right-wing groups, opponents of vaccines, and conspiracy theorists. Germany, like many other European countries, […]

Video: NYPD Officers Throwing Protest Leader Into Unmarked Van

By  Jake Offenhartz and Gwynne Hogan, Gothamist. July 29, 2020 Above photo: Video shows plain-clothed NYPD officers throwing a protester into an unmarked van on the night of July 27, 2020. From Abolition Park Media. NYPD officers dragged a protest leader into an unmarked minivan van and doused onlookers with pepper spray during an anti-police brutality march in […]

Wiley Shutdown: Jews Boycott the Internet to Protest Goyim Talking Back


The mind boggles at the kind of narcissistic sense of entitlement that could lead a people to esteem themselves victims merely because someone, somewhere, said something they didn’t like and wasn’t instantaneously and utterly suppressed. Nonetheless, that is the kind of sense of entitlement Jews appear to have; and, since they encounter […]

Peaceful protest? Rioters loot and damage Seattle businesses, injure city cops


(Natural News) What started as a peaceful march in downtown Seattle turned into an ugly and violent riot that resulted in extensive damage to businesses in the area earlier this week, authorities have reported. According to the Seattle Police Department, a large crowd composed mainly of individuals purported to be members of […]

Vietnam Veteran Sprayed With Chemical Weapon In Portland Protest

Vietnam Veteran Sprayed With Chemical Weapon In Portland Protest Mike Hastie is a member of Veterans for Peace. (And a co-founder of Popular Resistance.) Federal troops were filmed pepper spraying an elderly Vietnam War veteran who was attending a protest in Portland over the weekend. The veteran, Mike Hastie, was standing several feet from a line of federal troops […]

Jussie Smollett Joins BLM Protest Outside Trump Tower

Disgraced hate-hoaxer Jussie Smollett raised a fist in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement during a protest outside the Trump Tower on Saturday. Jussie Smollet is the actor who was accused of staging a fake attack on himself and claiming that his assailants were Trump supporters last year. Breitbart reports: The protest included a […]

The Militarized Assault On Our Right To Protest

The Militarized Assault On Our Right To Protest The Trump Administration sent federal law enforcement, including the paramilitary squad of Customs and Border Patrol, BORTAC, which has been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, to the streets of Portland, OR to stop the ongoing demonstrations against racist police violence. Federal law enforcement, working with local police, […]

Oregon Officials Decry Federal Agents After Protest Clashes

Oregon Officials Decry Federal Agents After Protest Clashes Above photo: Police respond to protesters during a demonstration, Friday, July 17, 2020, in Portland, Ore. Militarized federal agents deployed by the president to Portland fired tear gas against protesters again overnight as the city’s mayor demanded the agents be removed and as the state’s attorney general vowed […]

Police at BLM Protest: “We Hear You” – but are they listening?

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Y doesn’t BLM, funded & run by Antifa terrorists, protest against Slaughter of Arabic/Muslim people?

If BLM & pAntifa want to really shake things up, they should start protesting against the American govt policy of waging endless wars against POC. Most of those dead are brown-skinned and there’s also some African blood that’s been shed, so when are you going to take a moral stand against that needless, bankster generated […]

Bohemian Grove Protest 2018 Sacred Owls 10 Year Anniversary Tour

[embedded content] Sacred Owls BEWARE! TAKE CARE! SACRED OWLS 2018 U.S. TOUR TO BOHEMIAN GROVE’S CREMATION OF CARE PROTEST This is it. The big one. The thing we have been fighting for almost 10 years now. So technically it is also the 10 YEARS OF THROWING IT THE FUCK DOWN TOUR, as well. We are […]

Protest against Netanyahu shuts down Champs-Élysées

Ali Abunimah Activism and BDS Beat 6 June 2018 Protesters in Paris rally against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to France, 5 June. Mustafa Sevgi SIPA Hundreds of protesters shut down the Champs-Élysées on Tuesday evening to protest President Emmanuel Macron’s gala welcome for Benjamin Netanyahu. The Israeli leader was in Paris for the […]

People’s Movements Protest Neoliberal Policies In Haiti

People’s Movements Protest Neoliberal Policies In Haiti Above Photo: From On the morning of May 25th, a large group of people’s organizations of Haiti mobilized in the capital, Puerto Principe, demanding the fulfillment of an extension agenda of demands from the State and the president Jovenel Moïse. The mobilization was called by an platform known […]

Video: Activists protest Israel booth at Paris VivaTech

Ali Abunimah Activism and BDS Beat 27 May 2018 Activists in Paris staged a boisterous protest on Saturday at the official Israeli pavilion at VivaTech, a major international trade fair. About two dozen protesters from BDS France, a group that supports the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign for Palestinian rights, spread out in front of […]

Successful Protest of Muslim Prayer Call by Alternative for Sweden in Växjö – Party Leader Reported to the Police

Kasselstrand: “The whole thing is so incredibly ridiculous” Hundreds of enthusiastic Swedes gathered in Växjö to show their support for Alternative for Sweden (AFS), while protesting against Islamic prayer calls. Expectations were high when AFS held its first party meeting and launched its election campaign. Approximately 400 brave Swedes were in attendance to show their […]

Protest Morgan Stanley Over Support For Pipelines

Protest Morgan Stanley Over Support For Pipelines Above photo: From FANG Collective Purchase, NY – Early yesterday morning, a group of activists disrupted Morgan Stanley’s annual shareholder meeting by blocking vehicle access at both entrances to their corporate campus in Purchase, NY.  The action was carried out in solidarity with communities across the continent who […]

Years Of Civil Society Protest Bring Change To Iraq

Years Of Civil Society Protest Bring Change To Iraq Above Photo: Protests in 2016 in Baghdad. Forming a government, following the recent parliamentary elections in Iraq, will take time, but there is now hope for significant change and reform. The strong showing of the Saeroun Lil-Islah (“Marching for Reform”) alliance, which won 55 seats in the […]

Second Trump Inauguration Protest Trial Begins

Second Trump Inauguration Protest Trial Begins Above Photo: From Washington, DC – The second trial of protesters mass-arrested at an ‘antifascist, anti-capitalist’ march during President Trump’s inauguration on January 20 (J20), 2017 has begun in DC Superior Court. After two days of jury selection, the jury was empaneled Tuesday afternoon, and opening arguments began around 10:30 AM […]

Palestinian Protest Leader Explains Why Philadelphia Orchestra Should Stay Out Of Israel

Saturday was a dramatic night at the Kimmel Center, where protesters interrupted a Philadelphia Orchestra performance. We called organizer Susan Abulhawa to find out why. This article has been updated with a response from the Philadelphia Orchestra, which appears in its entirety at the bottom of the piece. We have removed the paragraph describing Yannick Nézet-Séguin’s […]

Hundreds gather in Boston to protest Gaza killings and 70 years of ethnic cleansing in Palestine

More than 300 Palestinians and their allies gathered on Tuesday, May 15 in Boston to mark the 70th anniversary of the Nakba, the catastrophic Israeli ethnic cleansing of Palestine, and to protest Israel’s massacre of Gazans participating in the Great March of Return. A fierce storm did little to dampen the fervor of the crowd, […]

Palestinians protest opening of US embassy in Jerusalem

Tamara Nassar Rights and Accountability 15 May 2018 Palestinians protest in Bethlehem against the US embassy move to Jerusalem.  Anne Paq ActiveStills Palestinians in several cities in the occupied West Bank and inside present-day Israel protested the US embassy’s official opening in Jerusalem on Monday. At the same time of the ceremony – which was held […]

GERMANY – Protest Erupts Calling for Release of ‘Nazi Grandma’

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Celebs Blame Trump For Deadly Protest Over US Embassy Opening In Jerusalem

Celebs Blame Trump For Deadly Protest Over US Embassy Opening In Jerusalem Daily Caller May 15, 2018 Several celebrities blamed President Trump for a deadly protest over the new U.S. embassy opening in Jerusalem Monday. Im glad Ivanka and Jared could take time away from their busy schedules of not being qualified to represent the […]

Israel Kills 28, Injures 600 In Gaza As Palestinians Protest Opening Of US Embassy In Jerusalem

The Israeli military continued its violent repression of Palestinian protesters on Monday when soldiers once again gunned down unarmed demonstrators whom it claimed were trying to penetrate the border fence separating Israel from the Gaza Strip. According to Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, Israeli soldiers said they were “provoked into violence” […]

‘Netanyahu resign!’ Hundreds of Israelis protest against US embassy move, Jerusalem Day parade

     Hundreds of people hit the streets of Jerusalem late Saturday to protest against the relocation of the US embassy to the city and a Jerusalem Day parade, saying that both only serve to escalate tensions with Palestine. The demonstration, organized by co-existence group Standing Together and settlement watchdog Peace Now, saw at least 100 […]

‘Superpowers will not give us freedom so we will take it with our own hands’: scenes from Gaza’s final Friday protest at the border

Even though Etaf Wadi seemed unfamiliar with how to use her slingshot it didn’t stop her from firing her small stones towards the Israeli snipers behind the sand berms more than ten times. Most of the stones fell far before their desired target. Wadi, 56, was one of the thousands of Palestinian demonstrators who protested […]

‘Netanyahu resign!’ Israelis protest against US embassy move, Jerusalem Day parade (VIDEO)

The demonstration, organized by co-existence group Standing Together and settlement watchdog Peace Now, saw at least 100 protesters march from King George Street to the Old City’s Jaffa Gate. Video footage posted by Ruptly agency showed protesters carrying placards with slogans including “Don’t set Jerusalem on fire.” They shouted slogans such as “We oppose an escalation [of the […]

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