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What the uncanceling of Pepe the Frog – just for HK protests, though – tells us about US media

Pepe the Frog has been everywhere during the past six months of anti-government demonstrations in the Chinese city – as a flash graffiti drawn on and washed off walls, a doll holding placards with political slogans and calling for political changes from custom-made t-shirts, in user-made pictures and cartoons circulated on social media and in […]

Protests break out against Sisi in Tahrir Square and across Egypt

Egyptian activists have held protests against the government of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in the largest demonstrations since the former army general tightened his grip on the country. Crowds gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, the site of the 2011 uprising that toppled longtime autocrat Hosni Mubarak, on Friday night and early on […]

Thousands of Palestinians take part in weekly protests along Gaza border

Several thousand Palestinians were taking part in weekly protests along the Gaza Strip’s border with Israel Friday afternoon. According to the Walla news site, some of the demonstrators attacked Israeli soldiers with improvised explosive devices, and others attempted to sabotage the security fence. Palestinians were reporting that several had been injured by Israeli military fire. […]

Let’s Look At Both Sides Of The Hong Kong Protests

The Facts: It was recently disclosed that Pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly paid millions of dollars to the victims of a mass shooter to cover up the connection between the mass shooter and prozac. Reflect On: Why are all mass shooters, past and present, always on some similar type of prescription drugs, most notably antidepressants. Everybody […]

US is Behind Hong Kong Protests Says US Policymaker

US is Behind Hong Kong Protests Says US Policymaker Above Photo: From The US continues to deny any involvement in ongoing unrest in China’s special administrative region of Hong Kong. However, even a casual look at US headlines or comments made by US politicians makes it clear the unrest not only suits US interests, but […]

BREAKING: US Behind Hong Kong Protests Admits US Policymaker

Tony Caralucci 21st Century Wire The US continues to deny any involvement in ongoing unrest in China’s special administrative region of Hong Kong. However, even a casual look at US headlines or comments made by US officials and policymakers – makes it clear the unrest not only suits US interests, but is spurred-on almost exclusively […]

The NED Strikes Again: How Neocon Money is Funding the Hong Kong Protests

  It’s been a summer of unrest in Hong Kong, and the Western mainstream press has been in uproar providing non-stop coverage of what they’ve described as a “pro-democracy movement fighting for freedom” against the repressive Chinese government.  Since March, thousands of protesters have taken to the streets each week, clashing with police and security […]

Kazakhstan’s New President Faces His First Test: Anti-Chinese Protests

An anti-Chinese protest movement has suddenly broke out in three of Kazakhstan’s main cities just a week before the country’s new leader visits the People’s Republic, with this low-level but nevertheless potentially dangerous unrest being President Tokayev’s first real test since entering office a few months ago. The western city of Zhanaozen was the scene […]

Liberal Confusion About The Hong Kong Protests And The US Role

Liberal Confusion About The Hong Kong Protests And The US Role Above: Protesters hold a placard featuring President Donald Trump and US flags as they take part in a march at Victoria Park in Hong Kong, July 21, 2019.  By Vincent Yu for AP. Note:  I shared comments about Hong Kong from people on liberal or […]

‘Protests turn violent’ with ‘gunfire’ — PBS lies about its own report on Israeli attacks in Gaza

Phil and James, you don’t go far enough, PBS (a partially US government-funded-entity) is not afraid of the Israel Lobby. Rather, they’re part of it, as is much of the mainstream media. This was also demonstrated by PBS in 2015 hypocritically burying a video that exposed the biased treatment of Arabs in Western media, and […]

Zimbabwe Opposition Official Arrested Over Protests

Zimbabwe Opposition Official Arrested Over Protests Above Photo: Zimbabweans have been protesting over the ailing economy (AFP Photo/Zinyange Auntony) Harare (AFP) – A senior official of Zimbabwe’s main opposition party has been arrested for failing to stop an outlawed protest, the party said Friday. Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) organised several protests to highlight the collapsing […]

Protests Against G7 Summit Finish With Citizen Manifesto

With a symbolic act and a citizen manifesto, protests against the G7 summit end here rejecting the group held responsible for wars, climate change and inequalities. The G7 EZ platforms and Alternatives to G7, which have coordinated actions of more than a hundred organizations, announced that the City of the Ocean, Biarritz, will be the scene of […]

We Are Not Fooled By The Hong Kong Protests

We Are Not Fooled By The Hong Kong Protests Above photo: Agnes Chow and Nathan Law accept the 2018 Lantos Human Rights Prize on behalf of Joshua Wong in Washington, DC. Facebook. Update: Protests continued in Hong Kong this weekend. The protesters returned to the use of violence and the police responded. The South China Morning […]

Oil Lobbyist Brag About Success in Criminalizing Pipeline Protests (Leaked Audio)

by Jake Johnson As a growing number of states move to pass laws that would criminalize pipeline protests and hit demonstrators with years in prison, an audio recording obtained by The Intercept showed a representative of a powerful oil and gas lobbying group bragging about the industry’s success in crafting anti-protest legislation behind closed doors. […]

Who Is Behind Hong Kong Protests?

Who Is Behind Hong Kong Protests? Above Photo: From Note: The China Daily puts forward the view of the Chinese government so we will likely be criticized for sharing this article. The article puts forward in detail US involvement with photographs of meetings between US officials and Hong Kong opposition in the United States […]

By supporting Antifa during Portland protests, CNN is now officially a domestic terrorism propaganda channel

(Natural News) The so-called “mainstream” media doesn’t really do journalism in the traditional sense anymore — that is, report events as they happened so as to keep people informed. Rather, the mainstream media has become nothing more than a political propaganda wing for the American Left, where anti-American advocacy has replaced reporting […]

Thailand court acquits 24 Red Shirt leaders over 2010 protests

A court in Thailand has dismissed terrorism charges against 24 leaders of an extended street protest in 2010 that saw key areas of central Bangkok closed off and engulfed in violence. The Bangkok Criminal Court ruled on Wednesday that the two-month protest by the Red Shirt supporters of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, during which […]

What Are The Hong Kong Protests All About?

The Facts: Protests in Hong Kong against an ‘Extradition Bill’ that threatens the freedom of residents have ramped up, to the point where the Hong Kong Airport had to be shut down and the Chinese army is closer to intervening upon this semi-autonomous nation. Reflect On: Is Hong Kong now the central theatre playing out […]

Father of slain IDF soldier protests with giant inflatable rooster at Knesset

The father of a fallen IDF soldier whose body has been held by Hamas in Gaza since 2014 demanded on Wednesday that Jerusalem take a much harder line against the terror group to secure the release of his son and other Israelis. Standing near a 10-meter tall inflatable rooster outside of the Knesset, Simcha Goldin, […]

Hong Kong Protests Stealthily Engineered by CIA Into Fake Rebellion Against China

Related Posts Here’s how Trump stealthily conspires with the Military-Industrial Complex to keep the Afghan War going forever. Communist China Was A New World Order Entity Stealthily Forged By The Usual Suspects     Red China is a Creation of Globalists If one is blind to The Stealthily Engineered Syrian War Was Started by […]

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