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Organizers of Gaza border protests cancel Land Day event over virus concerns

The committee responsible for organizing protests in the border region between Israel and the Gaza Strip on Saturday announced the cancellation of a Land Day event, set to take place on March 30, over concerns it could facilitate the spread of the coronavirus in the enclave. “We call for everyone to adhere to all health […]

New Wave Of Protests Sweeping Across Chile

New Wave Of Protests Sweeping Across Chile Above photo: Women demonstrate during a march on International Women’s Day in Santiago [Martin Bernetti/AFP] Chile has witnessed a week of renewed protests demanding the resignation of billionaire President Sebastián Piñera and calling for a Peoples’ Convention to scrap former dictator Augusto Pinochet’s 1980 neoliberal laws, replacing them with […]

B’Tselem: At least 19 Palestinians have lost an eye from Israeli fire during Gaza protests

Since the Great March of Return began in Gaza two years ago, an estimated 19 Palestinians have lost an eye as a result of Israeli fire, Israeli human rights group B’Tselem said in a new report this week.  B’Tselem collected testimony from three Palestinians who were injured in their eyes during the Great March of […]

Violent Protests As Trump Arrives In India, Negotiates $3B Arms Deal With Modi  

President Trump arrived in India today for an official state visit with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He is hoping to close a series of huge arms and trade deals between the two nations, including $2.6 billion worth of Lockheed Martin aircraft, in the country’s effort to arm amid increasing tensions with its neighbor Pakistan. Other […]

Slavoj Zizek: What the coronavirus & France protests have in common (and is it time for ORGIES yet?)

People outside China thought that a quarantine would be enough to tackle the virus’s spread, and that they are more or less safe behind that ‘wall.’ But now that coronavirus cases have been reported in over 20 countries, a new approach is needed. How are we to deal with such traumatic threats? Maybe we can […]

State endorsed police brutality and France’s massive protests

   Since the appearance of the gilets jaunes (yellow vests) movement in December 2018, and with the recent demonstrations and strikes against pension reform, the question of police violence in France has entered the mainstream. And the stream of shocking social media videos continues: at an anti-pension reform demonstration in Lyon this year, a police […]

Modi’s strong & silent approach may have tamed the beast of the anti-Citizenship Act protests

The seemingly innocuous act, passed by parliament in December 2019, fast-forwards the citizenship process for Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians, Parsis, and Jains — all of which are persecuted minorities in the three neighbouring Islamic states of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. The law, however, was branded “anti-Muslim” by Modi’s detractors who argue that it puts Muslims […]

The Israeli army is now using a ‘talking drone’ to disperse West Bank protests

The Israeli army is using a talking drone to urge Palestinians and Israelis at West Bank protests to stop demonstrating and disperse. The drone was first spotted during the weekly demonstration against the occupation in the village of Qaddum on January 17, during which it ordered Palestinian protesters to “go home” in Arabic and Israeli […]

Hour of reckoning looms for Lebanon as violent anti-government protests hit Beirut

Hundreds were injured this weekend during violent clashes which pitted protesters against security forces in Beirut as Lebanon further slips into civil unrest, underpinned by calls for a complete institutional overhaul. Months into an uprising which sought to unite a country otherwise defined along ethnic and sectarian lines, Lebanon – and more so its capital […]

India Puts Capital on Lockdown as Protests Against Discriminatory Laws Rage on

The protests against the discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Registration Council (NRC) laws continue across India. In response, the government of Narendra Modi has placed the capital Delhi under the National Security Act (NSA); legislation that allows any Indian to be detained for up to a year without charge or access to legal […]

Protests Target A ‘Carbon Bomb’ Linking Two Major Pipelines Outside Boston

Protests Target A ‘Carbon Bomb’ Linking Two Major Pipelines Outside Boston Above Photo: The compressor site is near two low-income communities with sizable minority populations already facing high levels of pollution from other fossil fuel infrastructure. Credit: Phil McKenna/ICN Climate and community activists are fighting construction of a natural gas compressor station near two ‘environmental justice’ […]

In France’s Longest Protests Since 1968, Striking Workers Continue the Fight Against Neoliberalism

Nationwide protests against the government of Emanuel Macron entered their seventh continuous week today in France, as between 187,000 (a government estimate) and 250,000 people (the unions’ count) took to the streets to oppose Macron’s plans to radically alter the country’s pension plan, seen by many as the crown jewel in France’s substantial welfare state. […]

Protests Continue In France Against Pension Reform

Protests Continue In France Against Pension Reform Above Photo: More than 82,000 people demonstrated against the pension reform in 50 cities outside Paris. Reuters Among the main demands of the French is the revision of the pension reform proposed by Macron, before it is approved by the Council of Ministers. Representatives of the unions of teachers, doctors, lawyers and […]

59 arrested in Lebanon protests after clashes near central bank

BEIRUT (AP) — Lebanese security forces arrested 59 people, the police said Wednesday, following clashes overnight outside the central bank as angry protesters vented their fury against the country’s ruling elite and the worsening financial crisis. The hours-long clashes that erupted on Tuesday evening also left 47 policemen injured, the security forces said, as some […]

‘Don’t look there, look here!’ UK media much more excited about Iran protests than those in neighboring France

How many British people have ever visited Iran? How many have lived there or have second homes there? I suspect the figures are very small. It’s quite a contrast with France. In 2018, it was revealed that France came top in a survey of countries which Britons had visited. 76% of Brits had been to […]

Iran police ordered to show ‘restraint’ at air disaster protests

Police in Tehran have been ordered to show “restraint” at demonstrations that erupted after the accidental shooting down of a Ukrainian passenger jet, the Iranian capital’s police chief said Monday. “The police treated the people who had gathered with patience and tolerance” in a second night of demonstrations in Tehran on Sunday, said General Hossein […]

"Regime change is in the air": US establishment seeks to capitalize on Iranian protests… again

   As angry demonstrations broke out in Iran for a second day over the way Tehran has handled the downing of a Ukrainian passenger airliner by its air defenses, reports suggest the authorities have refrained from using excessive force to confront demonstrators. But the situation in Tehran and in other Iranian cities was tense throughout […]

Massive All-India General Strike Protests Modi’s Pro-investor, Communalist Policies

Tens of millions of Indian workers, youth and rural toilers joined a one-day nationwide general strike yesterday to protest the Bharatiya Jananta Party (BJP) government’s pro-investor and communalist policies. Since winning re-election last May, with massive big business and corporate media support, the BJP government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has dramatically escalated its assault […]

French protests show that it is Macron’s vision that is the real utopia – Slavoj Zizek

With the strikes of French public transport workers dragging on, some commentators even began to speculate that France is approaching a kind of revolutionary moment.  While we are far from that, what is sure is that the conflict between the state (advocating new unified retirement legislation) and the trade unions (which refuse any change of […]

Hong Kong, India & hypocrisy: The two protests look similar, but only one is a lever in US’ power play

There are superficial similarities between the protests that have rocked the Chinese autonomous territory of Hong Kong since May, and the protests around India for the past several weeks. Both ostensibly started due to a proposed law; extradition to the mainland in the case of Hong Kong, a citizenship amendment in the case of India. […]

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