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Health ‘Experts’ Claim ‘No Evidence’ George Floyd/BLM Protests Spread COVID-19 Infections In U.S.

There is allegedly no evidence that the protests which erupted all across America after George Floyd’s death all across America, involving tens of thousands of people, caused a significant increase in US coronavirus infections, according to public health experts: If the protests had driven an explosion in cases, experts say, the jumps would have started […]

List of Brands That Are Facing Scrutiny and May Rebrand Amid Protests

(TMU) – A number of iconic brands are looking to rebrand their image following the racial inequality protests in the U.S. The companies, some of which may be rooted in racism, others just poorly named, are being forced to rebrand their mascots and logos that have long been criticized as racist. Six brands thus far […]

Discussion: Personal rights, microchips, protests

Victor Tey on the ground. Photo: EMR How can Australians wanting to express their fundamental right to freedom of expression maneuver this new draconian climate? Further, how is the establishment clamping down in response? On the latest episode of the General Knowledge Podcast, General Maddox and Andy Somes from Real News Australia are joined by […]

Black Lives Matter protests spread coronavirus among black people, but media blame Trump instead

(Natural News) Los Angeles County is reportedly seeing a sudden increase in new cases of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), and the area health department says that the George Floyd protests are more than likely to blame – not Trump rallies, as some fake news outlets are now claiming. During a recent press […]

Arrest Of Activist Leads To Protests; At Least Four Vehicles Strike Protesters

Arrest Of Activist Leads To Protests; At Least Four Vehicles Strike Protesters Above photo: Police arrest man for using a megaphone in Madison, WI. Screenshot. Hundreds of people are protesting in downtown Madison after the arrest of activist Yeshua Musa. Videos of the arrest posted to social media show as many as five police officers wrestling […]

Amid protests, Israeli musician offers prescient piece on race

As the US grapples with demonstrations and reactions to the brutality of George Floyd’s May 25 death and the Black Lives Matter protests, one Israeli musician is taking a closer look at the push for equality through the words of civil rights movement icon Martin Luther King Jr. The musician, Sagi Zoref, began working on […]

Black Lives Matter is spreading: Number of protests in rural America growing

(Natural News) The Black Lives Matter movement is spilling out into rural America. Demonstrations and riots can now be found in smaller, less diverse neighborhoods outside of the United States’ largest metropolitan areas. One example is Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, a 93 percent White city of just around 50,000 people. Relatively peaceful demonstrations have been […]

An Interview With Anonymous — George Floyd Protests, Hacks, And Press Freedom

By Aaron Kesel Anonymous has attacked several websites in the past few weeks as the collective returns to its glory days. This writer sat down to speak to the collective on a plethora of topics for one of the biggest exclusive interviews in a long time. To start, no single individual represents the whole idea […]

Protests And A Prognosis

 Posted by Lawrence Davidson Part I—A Dangerous Dichotomy If we go with the United States’ own picture of itself as a constitutional democracy that aims to guarantee citizens equal rights under law, how are we to interpret President Donald Trump’s reported desire to use ten thousand active duty troops to “dominate the streets” and quell largely peaceful protests against […]

Senior Palestinian official calls for protests despite coronavirus restrictions

Senior Fatah official Jibril Rajoub said Sunday that protests against Israel’s bid to annex parts of the West Bank will take place as planned on Monday in Jericho, saying “national assemblies” are exempt from the strict coronavirus regulations placed on the area over the weekend. The annexation, which the Israeli government says could begin as […]

‘Act with necessary force’: Greta Thunberg says BLM protests & ‘corona crisis’ give blueprint for climate change fight

“It feels like we have passed some kind of social tipping point where people are starting to realize that we cannot keep looking away from these things. We cannot keep sweeping these things under the carpet, these injustices,” 17-year-old Thunberg told the BBC. She says the protests that have come in the wake of the […]

Black Lives Matter protests win medical approval, but not Trump rallies. Is Covid-19 a card-carrying Democrat?

Oh, what a difference a Black Lives Matter protest, and a Trump political rally in an election year, can make. As destructive as the Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa protests may have been, they did carry, for one faint moment, a silver lining: America seemed to be getting back to normal, so to speak, […]

Left-wing media that pushes BLM protests and massive black crowds preparing to blame TRUMP rallies for "second wave" of infections

(Natural News) The mainstream media is freaking out over President Donald Trump’s upcoming rally – the first since the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis – in Tulsa, Oklahoma, because of the “threat” it poses in spreading more disease. But this same media is praising the massive “Black Lives Matter” and Antifa demonstrations because […]

A Quick and Dirty Guide to Cell Phone Surveillance at Protests

By Cooper Quintin As uprisings over police brutality and institutionalized racism have swept over the country, many people are facing the full might of law enforcement weaponry and surveillance for the first time. Whenever protesters, cell phones, and police are in the same place, protesters should worry about cell phone surveillance. Often, security practitioners or […]

Amid George Floyd Protests, Democrats Are Choosing a “Tough on Crime” Ticket

Amid an anti-police movement that has swept the country, the Democratic Party is choosing to run on a “tough on crime” ticket for November. A new Reuters exclusive reports that California senator and former prosecutor Kamala Harris is the clear favorite for the job of vice-president in a Biden White House. Bookmakers agree, putting Harris’ chances […]

Atlanta Police Shoot and Kill Rayshard Brooks as Protests Continue Worldwide

Live from Atlanta, Georgia: Protesters shut down interstate in Atlanta Protesters shut down interstate in Atlanta Posted by The National Desk – TND on Saturday, June 13, 2020 (CD) — Demands for accountability and sweeping reforms mounted Saturday after Atlanta police shot and killed Rayshard Brooks, a 27-year-old black man, Friday night amid a wave of […]

It Won’t Be Protests That Bring On The Next Big Wave Of COVID19

It Won’t Be Protests That Bring On The Next Big Wave Of COVID19 Above photo: Black Lives Matter march on Staten Island. Thomas Altfather Good. As an example of “how this might play out,” ABC (6/3/20) compared the protests to a military parade in Philadelphia during the 1918 flu pandemic: “Within a day, every hospital bed […]

The US protests are precisely the time to link Black, Palestinian oppression

On June 6, I was one of 500 law students who marched from the United States Capitol to the White House in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. I went wearing my Black Lives Matter t-shirt and bearing a large Palestinian flag that I had inscribed with that same slogan. Just minutes into […]

Russians “Stirring Up Trouble”: An Obama Retread Sees Moscow’s Hand in US Protests

If one ventures into the vast wasteland of American television it is possible to miss the truly ridiculous content that is promoted as news by the major networks. One particular feature of media-speak in the United States is the tendency of the professional reporting punditry to go seeking for someone to blame every time some […]

Protests reveal US insincerity regarding human rights: Iranian official

Tasnim – Chairman of Iran’s Expediency Council Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani said the wave of popular protests in the US has revealed the Washington government’s true face. “The Americans have for years lectured other countries on human rights … and now it has been revealed for the whole world that (the issue of) human rights […]

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