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From Prozac to Parkland: Are Psychiatric Drugs Causing Mass Shootings?

Whille mass killers generally have guns in their hands, another commonality is that they often have psychiatric drugs in their blood. The difference, though, is that it isn’t guns that have the side effect of “homicidal ideation.” If you develop digestive problems after a change in diet, do you look for the […]

The TRUTH about Fluoride in your Toothpaste vs Fluoride in Prozac!

Jim Stone| As many of my readers know, I investigated fluoride in toothpaste a few years ago and discovered that anything with fluoride was never marked kosher. Additionally, nothing that was kosher ever had fluoride. Once I published this, that changed, and now many brands in the U.S. have fluoride and are marked Kosher. So […]

Questioning The Holocaust: Why We Believed (Part 1 of 2)

Youtube link Why did we believe in gas chambers disguised as shower rooms? Questioning The Holocaust : Why We Believed (Part 1 of 2) examines the unbelievable “gas shower” claims and how images of concentration camp prisoners directly killed by Allied air attacks are cynically exploited to promote “The Holocaust.” Help support independent media! Please […]

Police Chief Gets Fired After Testifying that Mayor’s Husband Wore KKK Robe: Lawsuit

David Lee | Courthouse News Service OKLAHOMA CITY (CN) – A former Oklahoma police chief claims he was fired in retaliation for testifying about the mayor’s husband dressing up in a Ku Klux Klan robe in an embarrassing Halloween “prank.” Matthew Ray Hankins sued the town of Lahoma, Mayor […]

Scientist who linked GMOs and glyphosate to rat tumors wins SECOND court case against criminal biotech shills who forged signatures to discredit his research

(NaturalNews) The Parisian High Court has ruled that French Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini, a scientist known for his controversial research linking GM feed with cancerous tumor growth in rats, was right when he concluded that GMOs are unsafe for human consumption. Marc Fellous, former chairman of France’s Biomolecular Engineering Commission (BEC), has been indicted […]

Putin: “I’m Going To Defeat The Illuminati”

Russian President Vladimir Putin is said to have uttered these bold words in front of a recent gathering inside the Kremlin. This statement is a response to Jacob Rothschild’s calling him a “traitor to the New World Order.” Born and raised within the sphere of political influence, Putin is a bonafide member of the New […]

Poroshenko dreaming: Visa-free regime will make Donbass and Crimea want to rejoin Ukraine

     “Poroshenko shares way to return Donbass and Crimea” The residents of Donbass and Crimea will want to rejoin Ukraine after it obtains a free-visa regime with the European Union. Such are the words of the president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, as provided by his official website. In his opinion, Ukrainians will obtain the right […]

URGENT ALERT — ‘Disaster is Imminent’… Constitutional Attorney: "States Have The Legal Authority To Defend Border Under Constitution"

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