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ACH (1343) Blackbird9 And GoldenPipeWrench – COVID-19 Job Opportunities And Other Psychological Weapons…

ACH (1343) Blackbird9 And GoldenPipeWrench – COVID-19 Job Opportunities And Other Psychological Weapons…THE ACH SHOW In today’s show originally broadcast on September 16 2020, Andy is joined by Blackbird9 and GoldenPipeWrench, for a show entitled, “COVID-19 Job Opportunities And Other Psychological Weapons…” We discussed: the job description for “COVID-19 Community Researchers” in the UK; why […]

The unhighlighted psychological effects of COVID on children (from an MD)

Story at-a-glance COVID-19 is uncommon in children, who typically have milder symptoms and better prognoses than adults. However, the psychological trauma they experience because of the pandemic is much worse Data show that children may make more suicide attempts and intentionally injure themselves; they may exhibit clinginess, irritability, inattention, nightmares and sleeping disorders Social distancing, […]

Astrophysicist Claims CIA Staged Forced UFO “Abductions” as Psychological Warfare Experiments

Sunday, August 16, 2020 by: Isabelle Z.Tags: abductions, aliens, badmedicine, brainwashed, CIA, conspiracy, coverup, experiments, extraterrestrials, misinformation, Psychological Warfare, UFOs, weird scienceBypass censorship by sharing this link: Copy URL4,140VIEWS (Natural News) When you hear stories about alien abductions, your first instinct might be to roll your eyes. Indeed, there are people out there who concoct these stories for entertainment or profit. However, some experts believe that there have been […]

“The CIA Simulated UFO Abductions In Latin America As Psychological Warfare Experiments” – Dr. Jacques Vallée

The Facts: In his book, “Forbidden Science 4,” Dr. Jacques Valle explains how he came in possession documents showing that forced “UFO abductions” were conducted by the CIA as psychological warfare experiments. Reflect On: What type of technology would the CIA have to have in order to pull something like this off? The picture you […]

The 1958 “Psychological Warfare” Plan Playing Out Before Us

By Annie Holmquist via I recently wrote about an old 1984 interview with former communist Yuri Bezmenov, who described the “ideological subversion” that could eventually take down America. It sounds like the stuff of conspiracy theories – until one realizes that his predictions of “demoralization,” “destabilization,” and “crisis” are all unfolding before our eyes. Pondering his […]

British Army Creates 1,500 Strong Team Of Facebook Psychological Warfare Agents

The British Army has created a 1,500 strong team of Facebook psychological warfare agents – tasked with countering non-mainstream news and opinions.  3 years ago, British soldiers familiar with social media were secretly hired to conduct ‘non-lethal warfare’ on behalf of Her Majesty’s government. reports: The 77th Brigade, to be based in Hermitage, near […]

S Arabia’s move to become nuclear ‘propaganda, psychological warfare’

Addressing the media during his weekly press conference on Monday, Ghasemi offered condolences to the Iranian nation and bereaved families of the victims over the deadly plane crash in Yasuj which killed 66 passengers and crew members on board. stressing the complexity of Syrian issue, he said many actors have taken part in the resolution of […]

The Psychological Toll Of Working In A Slaughterhouse

Next Story Many of us have a pretty strong connection with animals, we have dogs, cats, horses, guinea pigs and many other cuddly friends that we call our pets. But imagine for a second that a pig came up to you and rubbed his head on you the same way your kitty would, and then […]

‘If the war comes’: Sweden wants fake news unit for ‘psychological defense’ against baseless ‘Russian threat’

     In a build-up prior the forthcoming general election in September 2018, the Swedish government is planning to set up a new authority responsible for psychological defense. The perennial and widely speculated upon “Russian threat” has once again been used as a bogeyman. Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, who presented the idea of a new […]

Ex-Facebook President Warns App Exploits Psychological ‘Vulnerability’

Ex-Facebook President Warns App Exploits Psychological ‘Vulnerability’ Suggests social media platform re-wiring minds, putting childrens brains at risk Adan SalazarPrison November 9, 2017 The Facebook social networking website is designed to prey on a psychological “vulnerability,” the companys former president recently warned. Speaking at an Axios event Wednesday, Facebooks first president, Sean Parker, said […]

VIDEO: Psychological Warfare & Subversion Cultural Marxism, Islamism And Feminism

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America and Israel versus the axis of resistance The red line between the psychological climax and the psychological warfare أميركا و«إسرائيل» مقابل محور المقاومة: الخط الأحمر بين العقدة النفسية والحرب النفسية

America and Israel versus the axis of resistance The red line between the psychological climax and the psychological warfare Written by Nasser Kandil, يوليو 17, 2017 In two successive US decades there was “the red line” term during the mandate of the former US President Barack Obama; it was revived in the era of the […]

Dr. Duke & Dr. Slattery on the Jewish Science of Psychological Manipulation through Associative Conditioning – Example – Holocaust Imagery!

Download Today Dr. Duke explained the associative conditioning, a technique refined by a nephew of Sigmund Freud named Edward Bernays that essentially brainwashes people to make associations between things or events where no association actually exists. For instance, by repeatedly showing pictures of suffering children while reporting the fake news that Syrian President Assad gassed his […]

Israel resorts to "psychological warfare" to try to break strike

Charlotte Silver Rights and Accountability 9 May 2017 alestinian mothers take part in a rally with hunger striking prisoners in the West Bank city of Ramallah on 3 May. Ahmad Al-Bazz ActiveStills More than 1,500 Palestinian prisoners entered their fourth week without food on Monday as Israel intensifies its efforts to break the hunger strike. […]

How Extrajudicial Executions Became “War” Policy in Washington

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After Dallas shootings, police across the country have been arresting people for criticizing cops on Facebook and Twitter

     Four men in Detroit were arrested over the past week for posts on social media that the police chief called threatening. One tweet that led to an arrest said that Micah Johnson, the man who shot police officers in Dallas last week, was a hero. None of the men have been named, nor have […]

The School System: The Incarceration of Children

14th July 2016 By Razi Berry Guest writer for Wake Up World CAFOs, also known as Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, are confined feedlots in which animals raised for food products are kept in confined prison-like conditions absent of natural vegetation. Here, animals are kept outside of their natural habitat and fed feed they would not […]

Hiding In Plain Sight: Mysterious Monumental Structure Discovered At Petra

A monumental structure has been discovered amongst the world-famous ruins of Petra, Jordan. Using Google Earth, satellite imagery, and drones, researchers detected a structure the size of an Olympic-size pool “hiding in plain sight” just “south of the city center, and archaeologists have missed this for 150, 200 years,” according to researcher Sarah Parcak. Half a […]

The real threat to the US Empire is peace, not Russia

     The monstrous US military budget is a classic illustration of the proverb about not seeing the wood for the trees. It is such an overwhelming outgrowth, all too often it is misperceived. In recent years, Washington’s military expenditure averages around $600 billion a year. That’s over half of the total discretionary spending by the […]

‘Almost a Russian lake’: Erdogan calls for greater NATO presence in Black Sea

“I told him [NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg]: ‘You are absent from the Black Sea. The Black Sea has almost become a Russian lake,’” Erdogan said at a meeting of heads of general staff of Balkan nations in Istanbul on Wednesday. “If we don’t take action, history will not forgive us.” He added that Bosnia […]

Possible meteor spotted over Phoenix

     Phoenix – A light in the sky was spotted over the Valley on Saturday night and some are wondering what it was. One of our viewers was able to record the sudden burst of light in the sky before it suddenly disappeared. Some witnesses said it looked like a meteor falling from the sky […]

Head of Italian energy giants meet Iran’s Zangeneh

TEHRAN, April 12 (Shana) –- Eni Chief Executive Claudio Descalzi and Saras CEO Massimo Moratti met with Iranian Minister of Petroleum Bijan Zangeneh in Tehran on Tuesday. A high-ranking political-economic delegation from Italy headed by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi arrived in Tehran on Tuesday for a two-day visit. The Italian prime minister has held meetings […]

BREAKING: Bomb-Making Material Found in George Mason Univ. Dorm: 3 Students Arrested

Court documents reveal that three George Mason University students were arrested last week after police found bomb-making materials in their dorm room during a raid, reports Red Alert Politics. One of the students was charged for possession of the bomb-making materials, while the other two were arrested on alcohol and drug-related charges. The […]

Petition urges Sanders to snub AIPAC, hotbed of Clintonism and neoconservatism

A petition has been started urging Bernie Sanders to reject the invitation from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC, to speak at the leading rightwing Israel lobby group in ten days. Max Blumenthal writes: AIPAC has invited Bernie Sanders to participate in its 2016 Policy Conference in Washington DC. Voice your support for justice […]

Bright meteor streaks over Black Sea near Ukraine

     Bright meteor streaks over Black Sea caught by video observation stations in Mayaki and Odessa, Ukraine on 9th March 2016. Source Article from Hits: 0

The New Eve

by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (December 1988) The press has been trying to make a sensation out of a report by three scientists (race unstated), who jiggled their computer and made it discover that all human beings have a mitochondrial heredity derived from just one sub-human female who existed in Africa about 200,000 years ago. […]

BREAKING: Cruz Forced To Make SHOCKING Campaign Announcement… Trump Was RIGHT!

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Profits, threats of Syrian refugees to Turkey

Alwaght- Starting from March 2011, the protests in Syria have developed in 2012 into a full-scale war between the Syrian government’s forces and the takfiri groups. To survive the effects of war, some Syrian people moved from the ISIS-held areas of the country. The situation has gone worse after ISIS terror group has stepped in […]

Tehran-Moscow cooperation shows need for long-term strategic ties

Current level of cooperation between Moscow and Tehran provides for deeper long-term and strategic relations between the two counties, Iran’s acting deputy oil minister responsible for commerce and international trade said on Wednesday. MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Current level of cooperation between Moscow and Tehran provides for deeper long-term and strategic relations between the two counties, […]

Arab-Israeli MK sentenced to 6 months in prison

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem –Israel court sentenced on Sunday the Arab-Israeli MK Haneen Zoabi to six months suspended sentence for three years, in addition to NIS3,000 ($800) fine. Zoabi was charged of insulting a public figure. However, the situation was publically known that she rejected to be led by a policeman, who wanted to remove […]

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