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A Psychologist’s review of the APA practice guidelines for men and boys (Update)

     Comment: The following is a written response to the American Psychological Association, by psychologist Chris Ferguson, August 2018, in the Council of Representatives meeting where the APA’s first-ever guidelines for practice with men and boys were voted on. Ferguson published the response on the Scribd platform. This document reviews a proposed draft for the […]

Perjury? Dr. Ford Is Not A Licensed Psychologist

Testifying under oath before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Christine Blasey Ford identified herself as a “psychologist,” but records indicate this is a false statement.  At the start of her sworn statement regarding the allegations of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Dr. Ford may be guilty of perjury under California law. While under oath, […]

‘Limit it severely!’ Ex-hacker & psychologist clash on PC games after 9yo girl put in rehab (VIDEO)

The debate on RT unfolded on the back of reports that a 9-year-old British girl had to undergo gaming rehab after her parents found she was playing Fortnite, a free online survival game, for over ten hours a day. John Safa, a former hacker, said his 14-year-old son enjoys playing Fortnite and that it helps […]

Animals – Why Do We Love One But Eat The Other? A Psychologist Explains

Next Story Do you ever question why we keep animals such as cats, dogs and goldfish as pets, but choose to eat others such as pigs, cows, and salmon? Where is the disconnect? Why the double standard? How come we value the lives of the animals we have chosen to welcome into our homes as […]

Why snowflakes are miserable: Psychologist explains how hardships and adversity give us meaning and perspective, toughen us up

(Natural News) There could be a reason why so many Trump-hating “resisters” are angry and belligerent all the time, beyond just the fact that they don’t like the president. If the perspective of Lowri Dowthwaite, a psychologist from the University of Central Lancashire in the United Kingdom, holds any merit, then the […]

Americans will welcome ET visitation, says psychologist

(Natural News) How would humanity react to the news that alien life does indeed exist? That’s what the members of the Arizona State University Interplanetary Initiative set to find out. And through a series of experiments, Interplanetary Initiative member and Arizona State University psychologist Michael Varnum has teamed up with planetary scientists to come up […]

What a Leading Psychologist Knows About Demonic Possession

Buck Rogers, Staff WriterWaking Times “We are not dealing here with purely material reality, but with the spiritual realm.” ~Richard Gallagher Reported cases of demonic possession are on the rise worldwide. In 2016, ABC News reported a sharp increase in exorcism, while noting that even the Pope himself was called upon to perform exorcism […]

Muslim Psychologist Demands Sharia Law In Australia

In the latest bit of insanity from the left-wing, a Muslim psychologist has claimed that people who oppose Sharia law are “bigots,” and that the nation of Australia ought to allow Muslims to make their own laws and get special treatment from the government. Really? It should be easy to agree that when you move […]

Native American Lakota chant celebrates Senate’s rejection of the controversial crude oil pipeline

     Seconds after Sen. Elizabeth Warren announced that the “aye” votes approving Keystone XL project fell just short of the 60 vote threshold, a Native American chant broke out in the gallery, celebrating the Senate’s rejection of the controversial crude oil pipeline. The man who began the chant reportedly came from the Lakota tribe: Tribal […]

Cop Involved in Death of Sandra Bland May Only Get $4k Fine, 1-Yr if Convicted

Cameron Langford | Courthouse News Service Bump in the Road in Sandra Bland Case HOUSTON (CN) – The former Texas state trooper at the center of the Sandra Bland story won’t be deposed for a lawsuit from the dead woman’s mother until his related criminal case concludes, a federal […]

Man Dies in Condom Machine Robbery

Two other men took the victim to a hospital in Schoeppingen, where he died later from his injuries. The men told staff that he had fallen down stairs and injured his head, according to a local police report. During police questioning one of the men admitted this was a lie, and that he died as […]

Huge Mysterious City Floating in the Clouds Over Foshan Guangdong, China

The footage which was recorded by a local resident appears to show a huge mysterious city, including skyscrapers, floating in the clouds over the city of Foshan in in central Guangdong province, China on October 7, 2015. The apparition which was witnessed by hundreds of shocked local residents only lasted a few minutes before completely […]

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