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How they pulled off the ‘pandemic’

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How They Pulled Off The ‘Pandemic’ – An Animated Film Explanation By David Icke

We release this free of copyright and so please share, download and post wherever you can. Let’s make this go globally viral. The Answer – the new and life-changing book by David Icke now available for pre-order to be shipped a week before publication day. We live in extraordinary times with billions bewildered and seeking answers […]

How They Pulled Off The ‘Pandemic’ – An Animated Film Explanation By David Icke

The Answer

We release this free of copyright and so please share, download and post wherever you can. Let’s make this go globally viral. The Answer – the new and life-changing book by David Icke now available for pre-order to be shipped a week before publication day. We live in extraordinary times with billions bewildered and seeking answers […]

‘Show Dogs’ Movie Pulled from Theaters, Edited Amid Accusations it Groomed Kids for Pedophiles

By Jack Burns The movie “Show Dogs” was created for children, but human and animal rights organizations alike objected to the film’s content earlier this week when it was revealed that a scene in the movie would most likely be interpreted as a pedophilia grooming scene not meant for children. The outcry spread on social media, and the […]

Police Use Fingerprints Pulled From WhatsApp Photo To Secure Convictions

By Dawn Luger Police have used a photo sent through the app “WhatsApp” to get a fingerprint and used that fingerprint to secure drug convictions against eleven people. If part of your finger is showing, cops can now use that small bit as fingerprint evidence. This new and “groundbreaking” technique of matching fingerprints […]

Putin to Megyn Kelly: ‘US Started New Arms Race When They Pulled Out of Missile Treaty’

This week, Russian President Vladimir Putin sat down with NBC presenter Megyn Kelly where he blames the US for starting a new arms race beginning when George W. Bush pulled out of the landmark 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty on June 13, 2002. This latest debate was initiated by Putin’s annual state of the nation […]

Dengue Vaccine Pulled After It May Be Connected To The Deaths Of 14 Children

By Aaron Kesel The Philippines stated on Friday that the anti-dengue vaccine Dengvaxia may be connected to three deaths in the country, according to a government-ordered inquiry, and that the drug is not ready for mass immunization. Sanofi the drug maker revealed in November that Dengvaxia – the world’s first dengue vaccine – might increase […]

Disgruntled Seattle ICE Officer Pulled Gun on Manager

A Seattle-area Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent accused of pointing her service pistol at another immigration officer after being told to sign a “performance improvement plan” now faces federal charges. Prosecutors claim deportation officer Peggy Lee Robbins drew down on her supervisor Thursday during a performance review inside the Department of Homeland Security offices at […]

After threats of violence Milo Yiannopoulos pulled from ‘Free Speech Arizona’ event

     A Free Speech Arizona symposium is still going ahead in Phoenix after “violent threats” forced organizers to drop its headline speaker, right wing commentator Milo Yiannopoulos. The event, organized by United Liberty Coalition, is taking place in Glendale despite a week of “violent threats”and “security concerns,” according to organizers. The group said it was […]

Shell-dorado: Extremely rare gold-colored lobster pulled from sea off Northern France

Yann Duchesne plucked the gold-colored crustacean from one of his pots near Île Saint-Rion in Paimpol Bay on the Côtes-d’Armor last week and quickly ruled out making a meal of his discovery. “It’s out of the question that he ends up on a plate, when you only meet one in your life. Like all that […]

Chicago Cop’s Gun Shot Man In The Head, City Says There Is No Evidence The Cop Pulled The Trigger

Michael LaPorta was left permanently disabled after suffering a gunshot wound to the head from the pistol of a violent cop on Jan. 12, 2010 The bullet that severely injured LaPorta came from Chicago Police Officer Patrick Kelly’s service weapon, and a lawyer representing LaPorta’s family says there is “overwhelming evidence” that Kelly—who was a […]

Thank artists who pulled out of Pop-Kultur, Palestinians urge

Ali Abunimah Activism and BDS Beat 25 August 2017 Young Fathers cited their history of opposing racism as reason to pull out of Israel-backed Berlin festival. (Paul Hudson) Palestinians are encouraging people to thank the artists who pulled out of Berlin’s Pop-Kultur festival because it accepted funding from the Israeli embassy. On Wednesday, the British […]

Paris prosecutor wants magazine with Nice attack photos pulled from stands

The magazine shows surveillance images of the attack on the Promenade des Anglais that happened on July 14, 2016, and left over 80 people dead. The prosecution said that the pictures “damage the dignity of the victims and their relatives,” and is now “asking the court to order the withdrawal” of the magazine, and “a […]

Black Man Brutally Pulled Out Of Train By Inspectors In Munich (Video)

Two ticket inspectors of the Deutsche Bahn German train system were caught on camera savagely dragging a black man out of a train after he reportedly refused to provide his ID and pay a fine for not having a ticket. The alleged fare-dodger could be seen vehemently clinging on […]

My Uber Driver Was Pulled Over and We Were Profiled

The following story was submitted by Terri and is his account of a traffic stop on May 8th, 2017. ————- Officer Alfano 215-686-3350 At approximately 3:40 AM on 5/8/2017, Officer Alfano and his partner (Officer #2 – as I didn’t get his name), pulled over my Uber driver, Tyhim, who was driving a gold Cadillac […]

CDC Exec Resigns After Being Caught Colluding With Coca-Cola to Salvage Soda Market

I’ve often written about the collusion between industry and our regulatory agencies, and how industry-funded research tends to simply support and promote the industry agenda rather than shed truthful light on the benefits or risks of any given product. Recent media reports have now revealed devastating evidence showing a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention […]

Thank You For Your Service

is a writer living in Iowa City. Besides helping to expose the growing police state, he also writes fiction and does a bunch of other creative stuff, which you can find at his website-Advanced Ape To learn more about Joshua, click here to view his profile. If you enjoy my work please consider donating to […]

The Immigrant Invasion is Genocide

Slovakian Premier Fico told thousands of cheering Slovaks that he will build a border fence between Austria and Hungary to stop African and Middle Eastern illegal immigrants going to Germany. “We’ll never bring even a single Muslim to Slovakia; we won’t create any Muslim communities here because they pose a serious security risk,” he told the gathering […]

Has Lady Gaga Really Experienced An Awakening? Nope

Steven Bancarz, Exposing the New AgeWaking Times Lady Gaga has recently taken a step back from the music industry, and gave rant about the music industry that is causing a huge ripple within the truth movement.  Some people say she has “woke up” and some say she has “exposed the darkness” […]

The Associated Press joins the honorable list of American institutions that collaborated with the Nazis

     According to a new and completely unsurprising academic study, the Associated Press published “material directly from Joseph Goebbels’s infamous propaganda machine” leading up to and during WWII, including anti-Soviet propaganda used to cover up some of worst crimes committed by Nazi Germany. German historian Harriet Scharnberg discovered that “instead of printing pictures of the […]

The Reason Why Logic & Reasoning Never Really Mattered

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Brands   Researchers from Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) and Batson College (BC) say the battle between reason and faith can be traced back to the very structure of the human brain. Expanding on the opposing domains hypothesis (ODH), this study […]

BREAKING: Robert De Niro was clearly threatened by the vaccine establishment to censor the VAXXED documentary from Tribeca… new details emerge

(NaturalNews) There has never been an assault against a documentary film in the history of America like the one we’ve just witnessed over the last 48 hours. The entire mainstream media waged a coordinated, simultaneous attack against the Tribeca Film Festival to censor a film none of them had even seen. That film, […]

Vehicles set ablaze for 2nd night amid riots in Stockholm suburb (VIDEO)

On Thursday night, police were patrolling the suburb, which is home to large Syrian and Armenian diasporas, as well as more recent Iraqi refugees, when a rock flew through the back window of their parked car. READ MORE: Anti-migrant group ‘Soldiers of Odin’ expands street patrols to Sweden As officers searched for the culprits, the […]

BREAKING: RNC RINO’s Say Voters Don’t Matter, Issues This Stunning THREAT To AMERICA [VID]

Dean James III% AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS – There is a massive revolution in America against the establishment RINO’s that are attacking Donald Trump and what this senior RNC member just said shows exactly why we are FED UP with these scumbags! During an interview on CNBC, a GOP delegate from North Dakota claimed that the voters don’t […]

How to Pull Over A Cop by Gavin Seim

The video above was recorded by Gavin Seim, the self proclaimed Liberty Speaker, whose work in spreading the message of freedom has been featured here at CopBlock,org a number of times. The video was recorded in 2014 but Gavin just reuploaded this version, which is longer with better audio, just today. Before I give my […]

‘American Chopper’ Star Just Endorsed THIS CANDIDATE For President! (VIDEO)

Dean James AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– GOP Presidential front-runner Donald J. Trump has picked up another great endorsement- this time from none other than Paul Teutul, Sr. Teutul is a co-founder of Orange County Choppers. Yes, he is the “Sr.” star on the mega hit TV series’ American Chopper and Orange County Choppers.   In the video below, Teutul […]

Federal Judge Rules FBI Illegally Defies Freedom Of Information Act

The following post was submitted to the CopBlock Network by Isiah Holmes, who has been featured several times previously on Cop Block, via the Submissions Page. In this post, Isiah discusses a recent ruling by US District Court Judge Randolph D. Moss that the FBI has been illegally denying FOIA requests. Transparently Criminal A […]

Resistance Round Table Jan 26, 2016

  Show Title:   Payday Monsanto : Artist, Musician, Revolutionary Guest Panel Members:  QK Ultra Tonights show will cover the artist Payday Monsanto with your host ZeeRoe3. Payday Monsanto has been featured on such sites as FederalJack and others. Always insightful about his music and his past. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Payday Monsanto started in […]

The Fed’s stunning admission of what happens next for the stock market

     Following an epic stock rout to start the year, one which has wiped out trillions in market capitalization, it has rapidly become a consensus view (even by staunch Fed supporters such as the Nikkei Times) that the Fed committed a gross policy mistake by hiking rates on December 16, so much so that this […]

The players who can make or break a Paris climate deal

A picture taken on November 20, 2015 shows the “Earth Crisis” globe displayed by US artist Shepard Fairey on the Eiffel tower in Paris, as part of the organisation of the Conference on Climate Change COP21-CMP11 Negotiators from 195 nations gather in Paris on Monday to try to broker a universal climate pact to rein […]

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