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Puppy Puts On Hilariously Dramatic Oscar Worth Performance While Playing With Dog

We know all to well that dogs are loyal and friendly and make awesome pets. But how many of us are aware that they make great actors too? After seeing this cute puppy putting on a dramatic and definitely an Oscar worth performance you’ll understand what I’m talking about. She was playing with another dog […]

Great Dane Puppy Has the Best Reaction When Told to Get Out of Bed

Getting up at 3:30 am? It’s a big no, no for me. Well, for most people as well. But some people have to wake up at that time, like this family from Birmingham MI that owns a bagel factory. Although they are used to starting the day that early, their dog Thor, who obviously isn’t […]

Blind Puppy Shaking From Hunger Walked Back and Forth but People Just Passed By Her

This world can be a scary place when you are tiny and vulnerable because not everyone who sees that you are in trouble and struggling is willing to lend you a helping hand. A video of a blind and vulnerable puppy wandering the busy streets trying to locate some food using her nose was posted […]

Man Lifts Up Puppy Screaming in Agony and Vows to Give Her a Second Chance at Life

Seeing huge numbers of stray cats and dogs left to fend for themselves in the poor countries of the world is a very usual sight. Most of these animals end up on the streets after they catch an illness or they get too old, because owners don’t have the funds to pay for vet’s visits […]

Culprits Swing Puppy By His Ears, Slam Him Against Brick Wall and Throw Him Into Pool

A video showing act of ultimate animal abuse has emerged and left people outraged. A group of youngsters from Dublin, Ireland, mistreat a helpless puppy by swinging it by his ears, after which they cruelly slam it against a wall and throw it into a pool. This repeats over and over again as they take […]

Little Puppy meets newborn for the first time and has the cutest reaction ever

A family from Ireland, Dublin had a newborn and all the family members couldn’t wait to meet the son whose name is Nicholas. Meeting new family members is a very special event, grandparents meeting their niece/nephew or a little girl meeting her new sibling, those events are so cute all of them, animals get excited […]

Firefighter Rescues Abused Dying Puppy – He’s Left Speechless When He Checks on Her at the Shelter

Some time ago, Sacramento firefighter Mike Thawley rescued a puppy that was on the verge of death. The poor animal was abused and scared and prayed for someone to hear her cries for help. Mike was on the job at the time he heard the noises the puppy was making, but had to answer a […]

Puppy tied with a short rope for making an innocent mistake

Dogs are like little children. If you invest quality time in teaching them right from wrong, they will behave accordingly. Many dog owners, however, expect from their dogs to be the perfect pets without giving them the love and the affection they need, and by punishing them for banal reasons. When a sweet cream-colored pooch […]

Injured and Paralyzed Puppy Drags Herself Across Botswana Looking For Someone to Save Her

If being a stray dog forced to fend for oneself isn’t hard enough, just imagine being a paralyzed homeless dog in Botswana, the country of lions, cheetahs and other predators, and where the climate is desert-like. Sadly, that was the fate of a little pooch that was struggling to drag herself along the remote part […]

Cutest K-9 Puppy Sleeps Through His Entire Swearing-In Ceremony

Have you ever wondered how empty our lives would be without dogs in them? I don’t even want to think about it, as I can’t imagine my days without my furry pal. In fact, dogs have been humans’ best friends and companions for so long that we have become as one over the years, don’t […]

Terrified and Sick Puppy Abandoned and Tied to a Trash Can in a Cemetery

The police at Middleburg Heights, Ohio, is asking from the public to come forward with any information about a case of animal neglect after one terrified and sick little pup was found tied to a trash can at the Woodvale Cemetery near Fowler Road. Finding that poor animal was pure luck. No one really knows […]

Charmingly Baffled Man Bonds With His New Puppy

Parenthood and puppyhood! Are these two things any different? I wouldn’t say so. Getting a dog means becoming a parent to a furry baby and it takes the same passion to raise it and teach it things like it takes to raise your child. If you don’t trust me, than this incredibly cute commercial will […]

Dumped and Confused Puppy Had Given Up All Hope for Life Until This Very Moment

“I don’t care how rich, beautiful, or talented you are… How you treat animals tells me all I need to know about you,” says one of the comments under the video of the touching dog rescue story of Powder. This poor dog’s owner abandoned him in the most inhumane manner possible by dumping him in […]

Hungry Boston Terrier Puppy Flips Over His Breakfast in the Most Adorable Way Possible

Are you ready for the most adorable video you’ll see all day? If yes, then you are at the right place. We can all agree that puppies are the most adorable little creatures there are, but let’s get honest, none is really cutter than this tiny Boston Terrier who can’t stop munching on the mouth-watering […]

Dying Blind Puppy Regains His Sight and Soul All Thanks to a Loving Vet

Rem was one of the saddest puppies at the shelter. He suffered from several diseases and had mange. Blind and severely malnourished, Rem was on the brink of death. His condition was so poor that he was scheduled for euthanasia. But then, Dr. Matt from Vet Ranch stepped in and decided to give him a […]

12-Year-Old Boy Surrenders Puppy at Shelter to Save Him From Abusive Father

A baby Pit Bull was surrendered at a shelter in Michoacan, Mexico, along with a note that broke the hearts of many. According to what was written inside that piece of paper, the puppy was part of an abusive family and his human sibling named Andrés wanted to save him from being hurt. The boy […]

Shelter Puppy Longs for a Family so Badly That He Smiles Wide Whenever a Visitor Gets In

When the staff at The Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana rescued three black Labradors from a high-kill shelter, they had no idea one of them would become a real star many people will fall in love with. The cute brothers were named Burreaux, Joe and O and all three of them were super affectionate and […]

Puppy Resembling Walking Skeleton Devours Food While Talking and Wagging His Tiny Tail

I don’t think there is a sadder sight than that of helpless animals struggling to fend for themselves in a world where not many hear their cries for help. Some kind-hearted people spotted a poor dog that was all skin and bones. They knew that if they didn’t alert a rescue organization as soon as […]

President Trump: ‘Sick Puppy’ Pelosi Was OBSESSED With Impeachment During Coronavirus Outbreak

President Trump slammed “sick puppy” Nancy Pelosi on Monday after she falsely accused him of failing to act quickly enough to combat the coronavirus outbreak. “She’s a sick puppy, in my opinion. She really is,” Trump said. “She’s got a lot of problems. And that’s a horrible thing to say.” In an interview with CNN […]

Rescuer Saves Puppy Whose Jaw Shattered and Nose Blew Off After Explosives Went Off in His Mouth

This article contains graphic pictures that some viewers may find disturbing. Very often, rescue organizations receive calls about animals that are in such horrific state that the staff can’t figure out what their next step should be. Such was the case with a 3-month-old puppy later named Brave Heart whose whole face was blown off. […]

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