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With a crumbling economy, Gaza’s poorest are pushed into homelessness

Amid growing financial strain, Palestinians in Gaza who are unable to pay rent are now living in tents. Most were tradesmen who lost their jobs in recent years. Some were once part of Gaza’s slim middle-class. Of those with degrees, many studied hard sciences. After a decade of siege on Gaza’s crumbling economy, even once […]

Joe Rogan “Pushed Over The Edge” About UFOs After His Recent Podcast With Bob Lazar

The Facts: Joe Rogan recently interviewed Bob Lazar, a man who has claimed to have worked on extraterrestrial technology at secret government facilities. He (Rogan) claims this particular interview really pushed him over the edge from skeptic to believer. Reflect On: Why did it take the testimony of Bob Lazar to push Rogan Over the […]

Ethiopia’s Failed Coup Attempt Almost Pushed the Country to the Edge of Collapse

A coup attempt in the historic Ethiopian core region of Amhara was narrowly thwarted even though the state chief was killed and the country’s top military leader was assassinated in a related incident that later took place in the capital, with the failure of this regional regime change effort saving Africa’s second most populous country […]

Kashkari Hoping To Replace Powell? Says He Pushed For 50bps Rate Cut

While we already knew that St Louis Fed president and FOMC voting member James Bullard dissented with Wednesday’s decision to keep rates unchanged, pushing for a 25bps cut instead, moments ago former Goldman and PIMCO employee, and current Minneapolis Fed president, Neel Kashkari – who is a non-voting FOMC member in 2019 but is voting […]

Comey Turns on Brennan; Claims He Pushed Junk Dossier in IC Report

Fired FBI director James Comey says former CIA director John Brennan is to blame for including the discredited Trump-Russia dossier in the IC report. According to Fox News investigative journalist Catherine Herridge, an email from Comey from December 2016 indicates that it was Brennan who pushed the dossier to be included in the report. […]

Greenpeace Founder: Global Warming is a Hoax Pushed by Corrupt Scientists ‘Hooked on Government Grants’

Greenpeace co-founder and former president of Greenpeace Canada Patrick Moore described the left’s “climate change” narrative as a “hoax” and “completely made-up issue” in a Wednesday interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with host Rebecca Mansour and special guest host Dylan Gwinn. Today’s “environmental movement” subscribes to an anti-human ideology, observed Moore. He described his […]

"Green New Deal" pushed by Democrats would cost 3,600 times the price of a border wall

(Natural News) The up-and-coming Democratic Party has many ambitious plans for the country. First, they want a “Green New Deal” which would force the economy to run on 100 percent renewable energy. This multi-trillion-dollar plan would provide taxpayer-funded incentives for wind and solar, while shuttering American coal, oil, and steel independence. The […]

Mandatory vaccination is something that Hitler would have happily pushed as compatible with the Third Reich

(Natural News) It is widely understood that under Adolph Hitler and the Nazi state, the German people were deprived of many of their basic human rights. But what is less understood is that Americans in 2018 are being subjected to similar tyranny, particularly when it comes to medical freedom. During a recent […]

Gaza’s economy is not ‘falling.’ It was pushed.

@Nathan “I have a revolutionary idea that might be helpful. I’m certain that it might come as a real surprise, so I hope that everyone is sitting down. Here it is: It might be a good idea to end the conflict with Israel.” Wow, “end the conflict with Israel.” What a brilliant idea!! Now, how […]

After banning Alex Jones, tech giants now pushed to ban all "climate deniers," targeting those who recognize the junk science of global warming

(Natural News) The great social media purge of 2018 is showing no signs of slowing down: Now that Alex Jones has been banned, the left-wing is on a power trip — and they’re already demanding more censorship. Media Matters, a left-wing organization funded by George Soros, has already stepped up to the […]

Has everyone forgotten? The massive "Zika scare" was a fake science HOAX pushed by the entire establishment media… not a single retraction ever published

(Natural News) The Zika virus scare of summers past may have come and gone, but it should not be forgotten. After all, it was one of the greatest hoaxes pushed by the legacy media and their masters ever witnessed. After the initial frenzy died down, stories about the threat of Zika have […]

Remember the ZIKA virus mass hysteria pushed by the media? Where are all the shrunken-headed babies we were warned would sweep across America?

(Natural News) A few years ago, it was nearly impossible to escape the Zika virus hype. Whipped into a frenzy by a hysterical mass media, people were dousing themselves with toxic mosquito repellents left and right to stave off the “deadly” disease that was going to shrink the heads of the next […]

19yo Indian girl pushed to her death in disastrous college safety drill (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

The horrific incident at a private college in Coimbatore took place during a disaster management and first aid exercise on Thursday, which was organized by the school. Some 20 students took part in the drill, according to the video that captured the tragedy. WARNING: GRAPHIC FOOTAGE! According to witnesses, the girl was hesitant to jump […]

After Trump Pushed NATO Members to Spend More, Lockheed Doubles Production as Orders “Explode”

WASHINGTON – After a “very intense” summit with leaders of NATO member states earlier this week, U.S. President Trump has claimed that he has managed to secure commitments from the European leaders of NATO member countries that will see them increase their military spending. On Wednesday, Trump allegedly told NATO leaders that if they did […]

Loony Trump Has Repeatedly Pushed for US to Invade Venezuela

Trump Has Repeatedly Pushed for US to Invade Venezuela Aides struggle to talk Trump out of launching invasion In August of 2017, President Trump surprised many by openly talking about the idea of launching a military attack on Venezuela. The public talk of this didn’t last long, and it has been all but forgotten. But […]

Climate intervention strategies pushed by climate change alarmists may COLLAPSE the entire Amazon rainforest, warn scientists

(Natural News) Proponents of solar geoengineering believe that blanketing our sky with aerosols will save the planet, reducing sunlight levels and stopping the warming that has whipped many climate change alarmists into such a frenzy. As the debate continues over the finer points of global warming, there is one thing that scientists […]

Trump just ‘pushed the two-state solution over the cliff’

Donald Trump’s announcement recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and getting architects busy on designing the new U.S. embassy is new challenge for supporters of the two-state solution. While Trump gave lip service to such an outcome, even mainstream U.S. analysts said on the cable news networks today that his move is such a […]

John Kerry: Israel, Saudi, Egypt pushed US to bomb Iran prior to nuclear deal, honest!

     Former Secretary of State John Kerry says both Israel and Egypt pushed the United States to “bomb Iran” before the 2015 nuclear deal was struck. Kerry is defending the deal during a forum in Washington. He says kings and foreign presidents told the U.S. that bombing was the only language Iran would understand. But […]

US Serial Imperial Aggressions have Pushed ‘World Peace’ to Brink of Extinction

Professor Francis Boyle It is the Unlimited Imperialists along the line of Alexander, Rome, Napoleon and Hitler who are now in charge of conducting American foreign policy… Historically this latest eruption of American militarism at the start of the 21st Century is akin to that of America opening the 20th Century by means of the […]

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