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Bolton Pushes Trump to War with Iran Even Though the Fiasco Jeopardizes His Re-Election (Video)

    Source Article from Related Posts Britain to Iran: Don’t underestimate US, Trump will retaliate if provoked Britain’s foreign secretary on Monday warned Iran not to “underestimate the resolve of the US” WW3: President Trump Warns “Official End of Iran” President Trump has warned the Iranian regime that if they continue to threaten […]

EU allies balk as US pushes for war with Iran

   As the Trump Administration continues to repeat their claims of Iranian threats justifying a buildup in the Middle East, a number of US allies, particularly European allies, are balking at the narrative, noting the claims of threats are nothing new, and don’t seem any more real than they ever were. All the US war […]

Bolton pushes United States to over-reach in Iran

Washington DC, May 14—In the 13 months since he became Pres. Trump’s national security adviser, the extreme hawk John Bolton has successfully ramped up Washington’s tensions with Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, and to some extent also Syria. But in the case of Iran, he may have met his match, since Iran’s government has a broad […]

Washington Pushes to Brink of War against Iran

The abrupt trip staged by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Brussels to push Washington’s hard line against Iran, combined with the deployment of still more US military assets to the Persian Gulf, point to Washington’s calculated escalation of a war crisis in the region. Late Monday, the New York Times posted an article […]

Same group that pushes mandatory vaccines at gunpoint now says citizens should never own guns to defend themselves

(Natural News) The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), a rabidly pro-vaccine front group working on behalf of Big Pharma, recently mailed out a deceptive survey to its members asking them to explain how they are engaging in “Firearm Injury Prevention” – as if it’s part of the normal job description of doctors […]

Singapore Government Pushes Fake News Law Which Will Give It More Options To Shut Down Critics

Fake news laws aren’t harmless. They don’t protect the public. They’re useless. And they lend themselves to censorship. Given these factors, it’s tough to believe any of the proponents of fake news laws are proceeding in good faith but blinded by good intentions and fuzzy logic. Anywhere they’ve been put in place, they’ve lead directly […]

‘They don’t come to have life’: Israel pushes to separate migrant couple with 8-month-old baby

Israel’s Population and Immigration Authority (PIA) believes migrants can’t enjoy anything but working for their Israeli employers. Earlier this week, a 28-year-old Indian caretaker named Charel and her partner fell victim to Israel’s strict anti-migrant legislation, Haaretz reports. Israeli pilots refuse to ‘fly asylum seekers to their death’ amid mass deportation of Africans The couple […]


NWO ALERT … The Trump Card is their greatest PYSOP, carefully crafting the take down of America into a 3rd world country and forwarding the goal of global communism, like the rest of the clan, he’s just playing his role and so many falling for it. Don’t believe me? Watch this video via grindall61: […]

Goblin Army Storms The US Border, Pushes Past Mexican Police Blockade, Throws Rocks, Attacks Border Patrol

Octavio Rivera Daily Stormer November 26, 2018 Here’s moment right before shot bang. You can see some rocks being thrown. — WendyFry (@WendyFry_) November 25, 2018 They’re attacking! Why haven’t the rocks been answered with lethal force? They literally attacked the US border. It’s an act of war by an invading […]

While continuing to supply Saudi with arms, Mike Pompeo pushes for end to Yemen conflict

WASHINGTON – Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Tuesday ratcheted up his push for an end to the deadly war in Yemen – a devastating and increasingly controversial conflict that has severely tested the U.S. relationship with Saudi Arabia and created the world’s worst humanitarian disaster. “It is time to end this conflict … and […]

Here Are The 10 Directives Mainstream Media Pushes To Keep The World In The Dark

When the Obama administration quietly legalized government propaganda back in 2013, few could have anticipated that basically the entirety of the mainstream media would eventually succumb to fake news. But this is where we’re at in 2018. So much of what’s broadcast on television, radio, and even the internet these days is little more than parroted lies […]

Netflix Animation Pushes Pedophilia and Child Pornography

According to Vanity Fair, the child ‘frequently masturbates with her favorite childhood toy, a stuffed worm.’ by Caldron Pool In 2008 an Australian man was convicted of possessing child pornography, fined $3,000 and required to enter a two-year good behavior bond in relation to each offence. The pornographic content in the man’s possession comprised of […]

Trump’s stupidity pushes the USA into isolation

EU refused to be ‘pushed around by the unilateral decisions of our US allies’, France’s Emmanuel Macron said (Photo: Consilium) It left Mike Pompeo, Trump’s foreign policy chief, “disturbed and indeed deeply disappointed”. “This is one of the of the most counterproductive measures imaginable for regional and global peace and security,” he told press, after […]

Mozilla / Firefox goes all in for EVIL… pushes corporate news collusion to silence independent media

About the author: Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger“) is a best selling author (#1 best selling science book on called “Food Forensics“), an environmental scientist, a patent holder for a cesium radioactive isotope elimination invention, a multiple award winner for outstanding journalism, a science news publisher and influential commentator on topics ranging from […]

Rising Cost Of HIV Prevention Pill Pushes It Out Of Reach For Many

Public health officials are expanding efforts to get the HIV prevention pill into the hands of those at risk, in a nationwide effort to curb infections. But the officials are hitting roadblocks — the drug’s price tag, which has surged in recent years, and changes in insurance coverage that put a heftier financial […]

Israel Pushes FIFA To Punish Argentina Over Solidarity with Palestine

BUENOS AIRES – With the backing of the Israeli Football Association (IFA), Comtec, an Israeli production company, has announced that it will send a delegation to FIFA headquarters Switzerland and push for the Argentinian football team to be removed from the upcoming World Cup in retaliation for the recent decision of Argentina’s Football Association to […]

OAS Panel Dutifully Ignores Zionist Abuses, Pushes Venezuela Regime Change

WASHINGTON — Venezuela is in the vise-grip of a deep crisis; this much was undeniable even prior to the release of a 400-page report by a dubious “independent panel of experts” at the Organization of American States (OAS). For the past several years, the South American country has been mired in crippling inflation, major shortages […]

Saudi, UAE-backed forces suffer huge losses as Houthis pushes back in west Yemen

BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:20 A.M.) – The Houthi forces launched a big counter-attack inside the Hodeideh Governorate, targeting the areas recently captured by the UAE and Saudi-backed troops in western Yemen. In one of the biggest operations this year, the Houthi forces launched massive attack on the supply line of the UAE and Saudi-backed troops in […]

Protests Sweep Japan to as Right-Wing Government Pushes for Further Militarization

TOKYO — Massive protests took place across Japan on Thursday to mark 71st Constitution Memorial Day as tens of thousands of people rallied against Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s continued attempts to scrap the pacifist aspects of the 1947 U.S.-penned Constitution. The protests drew up to 60,000 participants in Tokyo alone, where Japanese people of all […]

Swedish Government Pushes to Ban Anonymity on Social Media

The Swedish government is planning to put more pressure on tech giants Google, Facebook, and Twitter to end anonymity for ‘online trolls’ and those accused of posting hate speech. Minister for Housing and Digitisation Peter Eriksson said that he and Justice Minister Morgan Johansson were working together to put even more pressure on the social […]

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