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Covid-19 is Putin’s perfect storm – his response, not the constitutional referendum, will decide his political future

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin made his first direct appeal to the nation since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. This was Putin’s most somber address to the Russians in his two decades in power, with the Russian leader essentially admitting that the country faces a grave economic crisis due to the spreading coronavirus […]

Putin Won’t Blink First: Putin Rejects Potential US ‘Intervention’ In Russia-Saudi Oil War

“We do not think that anyone should intervene in these relations,” the Russian presidency’s office stated Friday of its “good relationship” and “partnership” with the Saudis, hitting back at Trump’s comments on the emerging oil-price war. Yesterday President Trump described the Saudi-Russia oil price war as “very bad” for Saudi Arabia but ultimately “devastating” to Russia, […]

Putin’s Crude Revenge

LAST WEEK, OPEC called on Russian oil companies to lower production in response to reduced demand from China and a Eurozone bound for recession. They said no.  Just like that, oil took a nosedive, losing 25% of its value on Monday. The price of a barrel of oil closed at $33, compared to $45 late […]

Vladimir Putin – Speech at State Duma plenary session – Amendments to Constitution

Vladimir Putin took part in a plenary session of the State Duma on amendments to the Russian Federation Constitution.March 10, 2020 Transcript State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin: Colleagues, Let us get down to work. Mr President, the LDPR faction is the most active here. Colleagues, please register. Please turn on the registration mode. Please note that registration is on. Please show us the results of the registration. There are 428 deputies […]

The Battle for Idlib: Did Erdogan Capitulate to Putin in Moscow?

There was a celebration in Syria when Russia announced a ceasefire agreement with Turkey on March 3 following a six-hour meeting between Presidents Erdogan and Putin in Moscow. Under the agreement, Erdogan agreed to pull back Turkish forces and not to contest territory that Syria had recently reclaimed from terrorist groups in eastern Aleppo and […]

Putin Secures Ability to Remain President Indefinitely, Jews Say Democracy Violated

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer March 11, 2020 Some aspects of “democracy values” don’t even pretend to make sense. Of course, very little about democracy values theory makes actual sense, but for most of the concepts, they will say “blah blah blah, something something something, freedoms and equality.” One point they do not […]

Putin Launches “War On US Shale” After Dumping MbS & Breaking Up OPEC+

OPEC+ is no more, after a torrid 24 hours in which Russia overturned the balance of power in the oil world, leaving the members of OPEC+ dazed and confused, shocking Saudi which now faces social unrest with the price of oil far below Riyadh’s budget, and – in a repeat of the Thanksgiving 2014 OPEC massacre – […]

Putin Received ‘Friends of Zion’ Award in Jerusalem

But… but this is just 4-D chess, stupid goyim. Jerusalem Post: The award, commissioned by Israel’s ninth president Shimon Peres, will be presented to Putin on behalf of the Russian republic, which saved scores of Jewish people during World War II. Russian President Vladimir Putin will be honored with the Friends of Zion Award this week while […]

New Putin-Erdogan deal is sugar-coating the Turks’ surrender

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Erdogan, accompanied by their respective senior national security advisers, met in Moscow on March 5. The purpose of this emergency summit was to negotiate the terms of a ceasefire that would bring an end to heavy fighting in Syria’s Idlib province that threatened to draw their two […]

Russian Commentary on the Putin Erdogan Summit

The only thing that Vladimir Putin can say to Recep Erdogan on March 5 in Moscow is: “If you are not a fool, then stop everything you do in Idlib,” said expert Vladimir Anokhin. Defense Ministry makes a harsh statement on Idlib These agreements provided for the disengagement and ousting of terrorists from the external […]

Erdogan Says Asked Putin to ‘Step Aside’ to Allow Turkey to Deal With Syria ‘One on One’ – Reports

Sputnik  29.02.2020 The Russian and Turkish presidents spoke by telephone on Friday amid the escalating tensions in Idlib, where the Syrian Army has been entangled in a shooting war with Turkish troops and Ankara-backed militants in recent weeks. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that he asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to leave Ankara […]

‘Get out of the way, let us deal with Assad regime’, Erdogan says he told Putin regarding Idlib, Syria

Erdogan asked Putin “to get out of the way” and let the Turkish troops deal with Syrian President Bashar Assad, the Turkish leader told his AK Party on Saturday. Erdogan was explaining to lawmakers his government’s handling of the escalation in the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib, where Turkish and Syrian troops have engaged in several clashes […]

Putin Rejects ‘Gay Marriage’, Considers Amending Constitution to Protect Traditional Marriage

PRESIDENT VLADIMIR PUTIN said on Thursday Russia would not legalize gay marriage as long as he was in the Kremlin. He made clear he would not allow the traditional notion of mother and father to be subverted by what he called “parent number 1” and “parent number 2”. “As far as ‘parent number 1’ and […]

Clinton Calls President Trump ‘Putin’s Puppet’ Says He Can’t Win Election Without Russia’s Help

Hillary Clinton has pounced on latest ‘Russian meddling’ report to start bashing President Donald Trump. She quickly to seize upon the latest claim that Russia is ‘interfering’ in the 2020 election to renew her attacks on Trump. Meanwhile a lack of evidence casts the vague report into doubt. So far any efforts to get to […]

While Putin Is President Russia Will Have ‘Mothers’ & ‘Fathers’ Not Parents #1 & #2

Russian President Vladimir Putin has backed traditional family values once again and rejected the politically correct titles ‘parent number 1 & nember 2’ Russia will not introduce politically correct terminology for Mothers and Fathers any time soon, Putin told a constitutional reform working group on Thursday, saying: As for ‘parent #1’ and ‘parent #2’, I […]

Phew! ‘Nothing is Scandinavian’ ad republished as airline SAS is told its critics are actually Putin’s trolls & ‘useful idiots’

The Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) video, which declares that essentially all Scandinavian culture is “copied” and encourages people to fly to lands both near and far to find more things to borrow, is back in action. The company says it stands by its message, and that the critical comments and downvotes that befell the video after […]

Putin Marks 75th Anniversary of WWII With Speech Warning About Looming Global Conflict!

February 07, 2020 Full Transcript : Presentation of foreign ambassadors’ letters of credence February 5, 202013:45The Kremlin, Moscow Vladimir Putin received letters of credence from 23 newly-appointed foreign ambassadors. The ceremony was held in the Grand Kremlin Palace’s Alexander Hall. Letters of credence were presented to the President of Russia by Graeme Leslie Meehan (Australia), Lotfi Bouchaara (Kingdom of Morocco), Zhang Hanhui (People’s Republic of China), Malena Mard […]

“Putin and Al-Assad” is an example of an alliance in an important historical moment بوتين والأسد نموذج للتحالف في لحظة تاريخية فاصلة

Written by Nasser Kandil, A long time ago, Russia has depended on respecting the sovereignty in its relationship with Syria, but, many of those who belong to Washington which just humiliates its allies, insults them, and violates the sovereignty of their countries try to distort that relationship through affecting the Russian policy at different opportunities […]

US Boosts ‘Glide Breaker’ Program To Shoot Down Putin’s "Invincible" Hypersonic Missiles

Hypersonic weapons have been the big talk at the Pentagon of late. Early this week US defense officials unveiled that America’s classified hypersonics program will undergo a “very aggressive” expansion over the course of the next year. This is to include expanded testing, including at least “four initial flight tests of prototypes for glide bombs that can fly […]

Israeli woman convicted of drug trafficking but pardoned by Putin walks free from Russian prison

Issachar was officially released from a Russian prison earlier on Thursday, Russia’s Federal Prison Service (FSIN) confirmed. The woman is returning to Israel on the plane of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was on a brief visit to Moscow, her lawyer said. Netanyahu and his wife personally greeted the released woman and her mother before […]

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