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Sanders: You can support Israelis without backing their ‘racist’ government

Israel’s government is racist and does not have to be backed by those who support the Israelis and want peace, Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders said Tuesday during a CNN town hall event in Las Vegas. The independent Vermont senator took questions from the audience along with fellow contenders for the Democratic nomination Pete Buttigieg […]

UK: National Health Service Will Refuse to Treat “Racist” Whites

The increasingly non-White bureaucracy of Britain’s “free” National Health Service (NHS), the only available health care provider for millions of Britons, may now refuse to treat any White person they deem “racist” or “sexist.” NHS WILL, beginning in April, refuse to treat patients they believe are “sexist and racist.” Bureaucrats claim “new figures” show rising […]

My life’s work as an anti-racist and anti-Zionist activist makes me an antisemite according to Labour

Jennie Formby The Labour Party Southside 105 Victoria Street London SW1E 6QT 11/2/2020 Dear Jennie Formby, I am writing you in the wake of recent events – the expulsion of Jo Bird and the excellent letter by Natalie Strecker, as I would like to ask you to kindly refer me to the Compliance Unit, for […]

Students Sue School, Say Punishing Them for Racist Internet Jokes Made Off-Campus is Illegal

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer February 13, 2020 This is happening at the school where the George Costanza guy told that Mexican bully to go back to Mexico. Of course it is illegal to punish students for JOKES that took place off-campus. AP: Four students in a southeastern Michigan town sued their school […]

Racist JDL cancels New York event

Michael F. Brown Rights and Accountability 30 January 2020 Meir Kahane’s racist supporters are active in Jerusalem and Toronto and hoping to organize again in New York City. Nir Alon ZUMA Press Meir Weinstein, head of the Jewish Defense League of Canada, announced Monday that the JDL meeting planned for 2 February in New York […]

Clear racist element to hysteria over new coronavirus – Slavoj Zizek

Coronavirus is all over the news, and I don’t pretend to be a medical specialist, but there is a question I’d like to raise: Where do facts end and where does ideology begin? The first obvious enigma: There are far worse epidemics taking place, so why is there such an obsession with this one when […]

MSM has new ridiculous scare story & it’s worse than ‘racist’ OK sign: ‘Boogaloo’ is alt-right code for 2nd American Civil War

A normal person might hear the word “boogaloo” and think of the 1984 goofy cult classic ‘Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo’. Or one might recall the sounds of the Latin music genre.  Media elites, however, want you to think of something very different. Boogaloo is now a dangerous, frightening term to stand in for “civil war” […]

Professor calls free speech ‘racist’

   A University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill professor recently called free speech racist and said he worries that if a Democratic presidential candidate wins the 2020 election it could spark another Civil War. Eric King Watts, an associate professor of communication studies, made the comments during his keynote speech “Tribalism, Voicelessness, and the […]

The United Methodist schism is all about RACIST white pro-LGBTQ progressives muscling out ethnic minorities faithful to Bible

One of the world’s largest Christian denominations has decided to move to splitsville. The United Methodist Church has proposed a plan whereby they can peacefully expel all their conservative orthodox members who still adhere to clear biblical teaching about homosexuality that, according to Jesus anyway (Matthew 19:4-6), goes back to the very first chapter of […]

Like all Fascists, Notorious Racist Tom Jefferson hated the news media — The Crawdad Hole

Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, but we know he was a fascist because he was white and he believed in the rule of law. One of the things he is infamous for doing was abusing his power to buy some land from France that had not even been explored yet. I’m surprised he […] […]

A storm as big as a hurricane has been provoked by rapper Stormzy. But IS Britain 100% racist?

Urban icon Stormzy has them huffing and puffing over the breakfast tables of Britain as the Italian paper La Republica slowly translates into the English tabloids. Some of it has been lost in translation.   Stormzy didn’t mean that 100% of British people were racists. How could they be? If they were, Stormzy would be […]

Greta: ‘Climate Crisis’ About ‘Racist Systems of Oppression’ That’s ‘Literally’ Killing Us

Climate cult leader Greta Thunberg has unleashed her fury at fossil fuels that “are literally” killing mankind, arguing that they are a threat to “our very existence.” In an op-ed published Friday, Greta warned that her “climate crisis” agenda is not just about the environment, but about fighting the “colonial, racist, and patriarchal systems of […]

‘Migration kills’ campaign poster not racist, German judge rules

A banned anti-immigrant election poster produced by the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD) that urged citizens to “Stop the invasion: Migration kills” cannot be considered racist and has a factual basis, a judge in the German city of Giessen has ruled. The NPD is widely considered a neo-Nazi party. Deutsche Welle reported Saturday that Judge […]

Pete Buttigieg bends to pressure & says sorry for his ‘racist’ comments, but it benefits neither him nor black community

“What I said in that comment before I became mayor does not reflect the totality of my understanding then and certainly now about the obstacles that students of color face in our system today,” Buttigieg told reporters on Wednesday in Iowa, giving them the “I was a different person” spiel so often deployed to assuage […]

British TV Network Bans Word "Uppity" As Racist After A Single Complaint

The farce began after ITV host Eamonn Holmes criticized the Duchess of Sussex’s attitude when she refused to pose for photographs with fans during her visit to the Wimbledon tennis tournament in July. “If you have an uppity attitude, you’re only through the door two minutes and suddenly you’re sitting at Wimbledon […]

Communist China Funds “Racist” U.S. Open Borders Propaganda, Meanwhile It’s Impossible For Non-Chinese To Get Permanent Residence Status. Furthermore, China Imposes Prison Time, $3k Fine and Deportation For Illegal Aliens

Illegal migrants would now also be fined 5,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan (HK$6,300 to HK$25,000) and face deportation. Their employers would be fined up to 100,000 yuan per individual illegal employee. read more:   Join The Fight Today! Camelot Daily is one of a few independent news agencies willing to expose the ‘synagogue of Satan’s […]


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Liberals outing Trump donors as ‘racist’ could lead America to full-blown civil war

Today in America, when a sizable segment of the population is suffering from the acute, long-term effects of Trump Derangement Syndrome, even the simple act of supporting a political candidate – especially if the candidate’s name happens to be Donald Trump – can make a person not only feel like a criminal, but treated like […]

Making a monster: How a racist, patriarchal system allowed serial killer Samuel Little to flourish

In January 2013, Samuel Little was convicted of murdering three women in Los Angeles during the late 80s. Already before then, he had been in prison and arrested for kidnapping and beating women. In fact, he had already been charged with murder in Mississippi in 1982 where a grand jury failed to indict him. In […]

AOC Says Electoral College Is Racist ‘Scam’; Ruth Bader Ginsburg Just Gave Her A Reality Check

Supreme Court justice and liberal hero Ruth Bader Ginsburg doesn’t think too highly about New York Democrat socialist Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s plan to nix the Electoral College. AOC recently made headlines by stating the Electoral College “is, in fact, a scam” that has a “racial injustice breakdown.” According to AOC, “the Electoral College effectively weighs […]

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