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Top 6 Reasons Why the Future of Radio is on the Internet – 2020 Guide

The radio content is still something that most people prefer. When we don’t have the time to sit down and look for the best compilation for our mood, we can just find a station that plays our tunes and listen to it for hours. It has a positive impact on the listeners and music has […]

Roger Stone Calls Negro Radio Host a “Negro,” Negro is Now a “Racial Slur”

I thought “negro” was “an antiquated term for a person of African descent.” I didn’t know it was a “racial slur.” It just means “black” in like, most languages. I could understand if he’d called him a “jogger,” but this doesn’t demonstrate racism, just age. New York Times: During a live radio […]

Psychopathic Israeli radio hosts fantasize about rape and murder of leftist ‘filth’ who called soldiers ‘terrorists’

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Israeli radio host fantasizes about rape and murder of leftist ‘filth’ who called soldiers ‘terrorists’

Recently a video of human rights activist Adi Shosberger calling Israeli soldiers near the Gaza fence “terrorists” circulated widely in Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu condemned the video as an “outrageous absurdity”. But the hosts on the “Breakfast Club” radio show on the Maariv channel 103 FM went further. Host Shai Goldstein said that he “feels like […]

Radio Frequency Vehicle Stopper

Radio Frequency Vehicle Stopper April 29th, 2018 Via: Defense One: The Defense Department’s Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program, or JNLWD, is pushing ahead with a new direct energy weapon that uses high-powered microwaves to stop cars in their tracks without damaging the vehicle, its driver, […]

Public Radio’s McCarthyite Smear Of Black Activists Shows Danger Of Russia Panic

Public Radio’s McCarthyite Smear Of Black Activists Shows Danger Of Russia Panic Above Photo: From For over a year, outlets from FAIR (8/24/16) to TruthDig (1/7/17) to The Nation(8/7/17) to The Intercept (2/12/18) have been warning about the pitfalls of nonstop Russia Is Everywhere and Out to Get Us coverage. The Russians are “stoking discord” and “sowing unrest” and […]

Sage of Quay Radio: Sofia Smallstorm – Crypto, Blockchains and Inner Standing

Cryptocurrency is something to be pondered deeply before we all dive in.  It is serving as the carrot to blockchain technology, which will change human relations and interactions in a profound way. Source Article from Hits: 7

Talk Nation Radio: Mitchell Plitnick on John Bolton

Mitchell Plitnick is former vice president of the Foundation for Middle East Peace. He is the former director of the U.S. Office of B’Tselem: The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, and was previously the director of education and policy for Jewish Voice for Peace. He’s published an article called “John […]

Antedote Radio: How The Talpiot Program Works

On this week’s program we discuss two recent TV programs which shed light on how The Talpiot program helps ensure Israel’s domination of the global cybersecurity and high technology sectors. We first play clips from Benjamin Netanyahu’s interview with Mark Levin, and then play clips from a new HBO/Vice documentary which details Israel’s dominant cybersecurity […]

Largest US Radio Company Files For Bankruptcy

IHeartMedia Inc filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Thursday as the largest U.S. radio station owner reached an in-principle agreement with creditors to more than halve its $20 billion in debt. The company said it ‍reached the agreement with holders of more than $10 billion of its outstanding debt that would restructure […]

Episode #225 – ‘Radio Rules’ LIVE from SXSW in Austin, TX

Episode #225 of SUNDAY WIRE SHOW resumes on March 11th 2018 as host Patrick Henningsen brings you a very special LIVE broadcast on the Alternate Current Radio Network (ACR) – covering all the top news stories worldwide… LISTEN LIVE ON THIS PAGE AT THE FOLLOWING SCHEDULED SHOW TIMES: 4pm-7pm UK Time | 12pm-3pm ET (US) […]

Antedote Radio: The Consequences of Ignoring the Real “Russiagate” Scandal

Greg McCarron and Jeremy Rothe Kushel discuss an article by Australian blogger Caitlin Johnstone in which she tries to prove that “Russiagate” is a media and government created myth. While Caitlin speaks important truths about why no one should believe the US government based on its long history of lies and deceptions, Caitlin appears to […]

Radio giant iHeartMedia poised to file for bankruptcy; owns 18 Massachusetts stations

Radio giant iHeartMedia Inc. is circulating documents for a bankruptcy filing that could come as soon as this weekend. Despite a year of negotiations on a restructuring plan, a formal support agreement still isn’t in place with the most-senior lenders, making a bankruptcy filing all but certain, Bloomberg Newsreported on Thursday. With 855 stations, […]

Antedote Radio: Trump, Kissinger and MEGA – Who’s Really Calling the Shots?

After taking a few minutes to discuss some of the important topics of the past week (including a potentially key Freudian slip by Prime Minister Netanyahu) Greg and Jeremy talk about a recent video in which Jerome Corsi, while speaking to a QAnon related group, mentions that he helped organize along with an Israeli group […]

Copy-Paste investigation: Mueller patched together much of his indictment from 2015 Radio Free Europe article

     After sixteen months of investigations and over a year-and-a-half of the FBI and Obama administration spying on Donald Trump, his family, his business, his campaign, his transition team and his administration – Special Counsel Robert Mueller dropped an absolute nothing-burger on Friday in announcing charges against Russian operatives who sullied the US election process […]

Antedote Radio: Obama’s Zionist Legacy, Liberal Complicity in Israel’s Crimes, and Russia Insider on the “Jew Taboo”

Greg and Jeremy begin by discussing Obama’s recent appearance at a synagogue in which he publicly addressed Israel for the first time since leaving the Presidency, how it signifies Obama’s Zionist Legacy, and the convenient timing of the release of a 2005 photo of Obama with Louis Farrakhan. Then we discuss an article by Philip […]

UN Troops Enter Chicago – TV/Radio Taken Off Air – Media Blackout

UN military troops and heavily armed vehicles have entered the streets of Chicago as authorities declare martial law on the city. Despite the arrival of the military patrolling the streets, there is a total mainstream media blackout. According to local radio station WCKG 1530 AM, the station was taken off air when troops arrived, with […]

Talk Nation Radio: Shireen Al-Adeimi: Stop the U.S. War on Yemen

Talk Nation Radio: Shireen Al-Adeimi: Stop the U.S. War on Yemen By Shireen Al-Adeimi is a former middle school teacher and is currently finishing her doctoral studies at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She was born in Yemen and has lived in the United States for 10 years. She recently wrote an article […]

DTRH Under Attack? Radio Archives Folder Deleted From Our Server

(POPEYE) We have been attacked in a new and interesting manner. I am working to fix the problem as soon as possible. I apologize for any inconvenience in listening. LINKS TO THE ARCHIVE PAGES, LISTEN LIVE PAGE, FACEBOOK & TWITTER DTRH W/ POPEYE FULL DOWNLOADABLE ARCHIVES DTRH w/ POPEYE FULL YOUTUBE ARCHIVE DTRH W/ POPEYE […]

Russia notifies Radio Free Europe & Voice of America about possible foreign agent recognition

Russian MPs pass foreign agent bill for media in ‘mirror response’ to US The ministry also sent letters to the administration of the Kavkaz.Realii, Krym Realii and Sibir Realii websites, as well as Radio Azatliq – all of which are Radio Liberty branches based in Russia. The Current Time TV channel, a joint project of Voice of […]

"For The Sake Of Allah": Swedish Radio Station Hijacked To Play ISIS Recruiting Song

Earlier this year, President Trump took a beating in the mainstream media for blasting Europe’s, and more specifically Sweden’s, disastrous immigration policies… Give the public a break – The FAKE NEWS media is trying to say that large scale immigration in Sweden is working out just beautifully. NOT! — Donald […]

Footage of Moscow journalist’s attacker passing security at radio station before stabbing (VIDEO)

The video shows attacker Boris Grits dressed completely in black as he enters the building of Echo of Moscow radio station in the capital. He approaches a security guard who is sitting behind a desk. Grits distracts the official by handing him some paperwork before pepper-spraying him in the eyes. The knifeman then slides underneath […]

Man stabs anchor in throat at Russian radio station Echo of Moscow

Tatiana Felgengauer was stabbed in the throat by the assailant, Aleksey Venediktov reported. The attacker was subdued by the station’s security guards, he added. Felgengauer, 32, is the deputy editor-in-chief and host of one of the station’s talk shows. She first appeared on-air in 2005 as an intern correspondent and has been working for Echo […]

Sage of Quay Radio Hour: Sofia Smallstorm – Assange, WikiLeaks and Beyond AI

Sofia and Mike discuss a recent expose by Richard Hall regarding Julian Assange. The four part video is entitled WikiLeaks – Made By The NSA. The presentation explores Assange’s background and whether WikiLeaks is a force for good or simply another Psyop in the tool box of the controllers. Sofia also offers her insights into […]

KSCO Radio: Georgia Peach Sounding Off on White Genocide

We recently heard about Roger Grigsby being run out of business in Santa Cruz for the sin of being pro-White, and now the focus is on Santa Cruz radio broadcaster Georgia Peach, who is out in the open with her stance of opposing White genocide. Check out this recent article about her. Download […]

Antedote Radio: Charlottesville, Steve Bannon, and the Trap of False Paradigms

Greg flies solo this week Among the topics discussed: The Charlottesville fallout, the likely psyop nature behind it, and why it is important to react logically rather than emotionally to this and other events which are used to push an agenda and to stifle free speech and other rights. Steve Bannon leaving the White House […]

KSCO Radio: Georgia Talks about Racial Matters in the Wake of Charlottesville Violence

This is from August 16th. It is wild that Georgia is being broadcast on 1080 AM in Santa Cruz, as she really lays into to the anti-Whites. Some sources in the area tell me that jews there are incensed that Georgia is on the radio. Frank Raymond is on the show after the first hour. […]

National Bugle Radio: Dr. Slattery Eyewitness report from Charlottesville with Mark Dankof analysis

Dr. Patrick Slattery and Pastor Mark Dankof talk about the events in Charlottesville and their impact on the political landscape. Dr. Slattery was in Charlottesville and provides a first hand account of what he saw. They discuss the fatal incident involving a car driven by James Alex Fields, just a few hundred yards from Dr. […]

Podcast: Blacklisted Radio 8.13.2017

Listen to “Blacklisted Radio 8.13.2017” on Spreaker. Talk On this edition of BLN, Doug speaks about: Charlottesville violence – Unite the Right Rally took place on Saturday – Idiots with torches The move to get rid of the confederate history in America is wrong The government has no place in deciding how people think about […]

Channel Zero: A 24-7 Horizontal Anarchist Radio Station

Channel Zero is a newly formed network of several anarchist and anti-authoritarian English language podcasts that launched on August 9, 2017. The 24-7 audio stream and website was organized to make radical podcasts more accessible. Current shows include: The Final Straw Radio, Kite Line Radio, Rust Belt Abolition Radio, the Crimethinc Ex-Worker Podcast, SubMedia, The Rebel Beat, A-Radio Berlin, […]

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