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CNN Lemon Rages At “Rich” Trump Supporters Who Don’t Want To Pay More Taxes Under Biden

In an exchange with fellow CNN host Fredo Chris Cuomo Tuesday night, Don Lemon raged at supporters of President Trump, accusing them of pretending to have financial anxieties, and not wanting to pay more taxes so they can spend more money on having “fun”. Lemon was reacting to a segment from Cuomo’s broadcast highlighting Trump […]

The NC Renegade Patriot Justifiably Rages About the Ongoing Communist Plot

I grew up believing the American Dream where anyone could succeed and prosper. Apple pie for dessert and Disney on Sunday night portraying American heroes from the Revolution, the Alamo and the Western frontier were staples of this dream as a child. I did not grow up living in even a middle class home and […]

The second intifada still rages on wikipedia

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Armenian-Azerbaijani War Rages In South Caucasus

Video Source On September 27, a new regional war in South Caucasus arose from the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict over the contested Nagorno-Karabakh region. Pro-Armenian forces captured the region in the early 90s triggering an armed conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Further development of the hostilities and the expected offensive by pro-Azerbajian forces were stopped by a […]

Israeli school year begins for over 2 million students as coronavirus rages

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Israeli school year begins for over 2 million students as coronavirus rages

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Hillary Clinton RAGES; Tells Biden Not to Concede ‘Under Any Circumstances’

Twice-failed candidate Hillary Clinton has warned Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden not to concede the election to Trump “under any circumstances” to avoid falling victim to Republican efforts to disrupt the vote count. In an interview with The Circus on Showtime, Hillary accused Republicans of trying to “mess up” absentee balloting to gain “a narrow […]

“Democrats Are Holding This Up!” – Trump Rages After Ordering Mnuchin To Send $3,400 To US Families With talks between Democrats and Republicans completely broken-down and the Senate off for a few weeks, it is clear that President Trump’s frustration is boiling over (after his EOs) as he slams Pelosi et al. in a multi-tweet tirade… exclaiming multiple times – “DEMOCRATS ARE HOLDING THIS UP!” And we know Mnuchin has the cash […]

‘What in God’s name!’ Twitter rages over Televangelist pleading with flock to buy him 4th private jet

     US televangelist Jesse Duplantis wants his congregation to chip in to buy him a new private jet – his fourth – because God told him so, apparently. Duplantis implored his congregation to help fund private jet number four because, if Jesus was alive today, he “wouldn’t be riding a donkey.” According to Duplantis, whose […]

"If Mueller Doesn’t Get You, Stormy Will" Maxine Rages After Trump Knocks Her "Low IQ"

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) told MSNBC that she’s “not intimidated” by President Trump, while repeating her own worn out threat that Trump’s impeachment was just a matter of time. Waters then suggested that if special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation doesn’t result in an impeachment, Trump’s alleged affair with porn star Stormy Daniels (real […]

Iraq Defeated ISIS, but the Battle Against Extremism Rages On

Even as Iraq’s pro-government forces close in on Rawa, one of the very last strongholds of the extremist group known as the Islamic State, ordinary Iraqis everywhere are wondering where the extremists will turn up next. A series of recent attacks and arrests are cause for concern. In Kirkuk, the headquarters of the Shia Muslim militias […]

As battle rages in UK Labour Party, Moshe Machover expelled after asserting ‘Anti-Zionism does not equal anti-Semitism’

Over the past 18 months the British Labour party has been beset by a moral panic. According to pro-Israel activists in Labour, there has been a surge of anti-semitism in the party since Jeremy Corbyn became leader two years ago. Corbyn has broken with decades of party policy by placing a much stronger emphasis on […]

Hurricane Irma Rages

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Salafism Vs. Wahhabism: Qatar and Saudi Arabia’s Proxy War Rages In Syria Thanks To US Militarism

  Members of al-Nusra Front gesture as they drive in a convoy touring villages in the southern countryside of Syria’s Idlib province, Decembe, 2014. (Photo: Khalil Ashawi/Reuters)   BEIRUT (Op-Ed)– Qatar’s main man operating in Syria is Saudi Arabian Abdullah al-Muhaysini. He is a PhD, having received his doctorate in Islamic law from the Imam […]

Wildfire rages in highly radioactive Fukushima mountain forest

A fire broke out in a mountain forest near the crippled Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant on the evening of April 29, consuming an area approximately 20 hectares in size, according to prefectural authorities. The fire started on 448-meter-high Mount Juman in Namie, Fukushima Prefecture, prompting the prefectural government to request […]

Ron Paul Rages At Trump: "Assange Is A Hero… Don’t Declare War On The Truth"

Candidate Trump: “I Love Wikileaks.”   President Trump: “Arrest Assange!” “I love Wikileaks,” candidate Donald Trump said on October 10th on the campaign trail. He praised the organization for reporting on the darker side of the Hillary Clinton campaign. It was information likely leaked by a whistleblower […]

Amid tensions over Iran deal and 9/11-links, powerful Saudi prince visits DC

     Saudi Arabia’s deputy crown prince, who is also the country’s defense minister, is heading to Washington DC on Monday, amid a scandal over the release of information providing the possible links of members of the Saudi royal family to 9/11, along with tensions over oil and the Iran deal. Prince Mohammed, 30, who is […]

USGS: Volcano ‘recharging’ as earthquake swarm strikes Mount St. Helens, Washington

     In the past eight weeks, more than 130 small earthquakes have trembled beneath the surface of Mount St. Helens. At this point, “there is absolutely no sign that it will erupt anytime soon, but the data we collect tells us that the volcano is still very much alive,” the U.S. Geological Survey said. Seismologists […]

Donald Trump has one proposal to unite a fractured Republican party — Islamophobia

Making matzoh surrounded by Jewish school children in Brooklyn will be one of the few happy memories Texas Sen. Ted Cruz will have from his humiliating defeat to Donald Trump in the Empire State. That day, no one was screaming “Fuck you, Cruz!” as had happened elsewhere. No, these were innocent, children making unleavened bread, […]

Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica explodes 31 times in 10 hours

     The Turrialba volcano situated in Costa Rica exploded 31 times in 10 hours on May 1, 2016. Now that’s insane! Communities within 5 kilometers of the volcanic peak have been evacuated. Ash is covering everything! According to reports from OVSICORI, this strong volcanic event occurred from 6:43 am to 4 pm on Sunday, May […]

Australia to spend over $11mn to eradicate carps by releasing herpes virus into rivers

As much as 15 million Australian dollars will be spent on funding the clearing of the Murray-Darling Basin from the country’s worst freshwater feral pest. This will be included into Tuesday’s federal budget, Australian authorities said on Sunday. Interestingly enough, the war on fish is to be waged by an unusual means – the water […]

Watch This Frighteningly Life-Like Smart Robot “Joke” About Destroying Humans

Source:  ACTIVIST POST The evolution of humanoid robots is well into the concerning stage at this point. DARPA’s latest incarnation of its Atlas robot is seen in the following video beginning to walk at a pace with a sense of balance equal to most humans. Strangely, toward the end of the video, […]

Popular fairy tales date back to the Bronze Age, answering many questions about British cultural heritage

     Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, academics discovered that the fairy stories passed down from generation to generation may have originated much earlier than previously believed, with some tales dating back to the Bronze Age. Researchers at Durham University used techniques normally used by biologists to trace the stories back […]

Iran’s stands towards Syria ‘crystal clear’: FM spokesman

Tehran, Dec 28, IRNA – Foreign Ministry spokesman Hossein Jaber Ansari said on Monday that Iran’s stands regarding regional developments and what is going on in Syria is crystal clear. Speaking during his weekly press briefing, Jaber Ansari was asked to comment about recent allegations by Turkish President Recep Tayyep Erdogan against the Islamic Republic […]

Islamic State pulls in $80 mn a month – survey

The analysis was conducted by IHS Conflict Monitor – a monthly survey of IHS Aerospace, Defense and Security on Iraq and Syria – and maintains that Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) has established an economic model that enables the group to finance its activities using the “inner” resources of the territories under its control. Perhaps unexpectedly, […]

How the Republicans Are Reviving the ‘Liberal Media’ Myth

In the wake of last week’s CNBC-sponsored Republican presidential debate – and its alleged “gotcha questions” – the GOP and the Right are reviving their treasured myth of the “liberal media,” a claim that has been politically significant but almost entirely fictitious. There is not now nor really was there ever a “liberal media.” Generations […]

Crazed U.S. Senator Graham Attacks Defense Secretary For Not Planning War With Russia! ~ [Must See!!!]

Source Crazed US Senator Attacks Defense Secretary for not Planning War With Russia! (Russia Insider) ~ Depraved disciple of Mad John McCain just took crazy to a whole new level. If Mad John McCain is the most disgusting man in America (and he is), then certainly his snarling little sidekick from South Carolina Lindsey Graham is […]

Mousy Jewish Judge Was Goebbels Adversary

  October 28, 2015  One night he has a dream, which he then records in his diary (December 17, 1929). In this dream he’s back at school, running madly through the corridors with pillars flashing past him, and he’s being chased by Jews screaming at him, “Hate, hate, hate.” He’s always able to keep a […]

Top 1 Percent Own More Than Half of World’s Wealth

A new report issued by the Swiss bank Credit Suisse finds that global wealth inequality continues to worsen and has reached a new milestone, with the top 1 percent owning more of the world’s assets than the bottom 99 percent combined. Of the estimated $250 trillion in global assets, the top 1 percent owned almost exactly 50 […]

10-14-15 — Headline News on Freedom’s Phoenix — LISTEN LIVE on LRN.FM, M-F, 9-Noon (EDT)

Guests:  Ernest Hancock Topics:  Freeedom’s Phoenix Headline News Hour 1 — Freedom’s Phoenix Headline News Hour 2 — Freedom’s Phoenix Headline News Hour 3 — Freedom’s Phoenix Headline News CALL IN TO SHOW: 602-264-2800   October 14th, 2015 Declare Your Independence […]

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