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WATCH: Raging River Ibar SMASHES two boats into bridge as flooding forces evacuations across Serbia

Eyewitness footage captured the exact moment the two diners were reduced to detritus as the raging torrents of the Ibar River smashed them against a bridge in the center of the city of Kraljevo. A state of emergency was declared across eight municipalities, with several regional roads cut off by floodwaters and some 700 homes […]

Switzerland: Raging Shebeasts Fill the Streets & Screech About Stuff

Weren’t these same shebeasts the loudest cheerleaders for the Coronavirus lockdown? Weren’t these same shebeasts religiously following the Globalist Government’s orders to wear masks, socially distance, and stay in their homes for months? Apparently, they’ve completely forgotten that whole thing and have been told to go screech in the streets again. Watch this video on […]

WATCH: Raging inferno CONSUMES warehouse in Bremen, Germany, sending vast plumes of black smoke skyward

Police report the warehouse in Louis-Krages-Strasse caught fire late Tuesday morning, with flames rising up to 15 meters (50ft) above the scorched structure, while the thick plumes of smoke extend upward some 200 meters (656ft) or more into the sky, causing ash to rain down across the city.  Eyewitness video from the scene shows the […]

‘Iran will never initiate any conflict in the region,’ Rouhani says amid raging tensions with US

Rouhani made his comments during a phone call with the Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, on Saturday. “The Islamic Republic of Iran closely monitors and tracks the activities and movements of the Americans, but will never initiate any conflict or tension in the region,” he said. At the same time, Rouhani reiterated that […]

US starts the Raging Twenties declaring war on Iran

Protesters shout slogans against the United States following a US airstrike that killed top Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani in Iraq on January 3, 2020. Photo: Aamir Qureshi / AFP January 04, 2020 by Pepe Escobar – posted with permission and x-posted with Consortium News There cannot be a more startling provocation against Iran than what happened in […]

Why the Fires Raging Across Amazonia Ought to be a Burning Issue for Africa

Of late, global news headlines have been dominated by reports of the fires raging across the Amazon Basin, mainly in Brazil but in other countries across the region such as Bolivia as well. Cognisant of the adverse consequences they portend for climate change, several governments and international agencies have condemned the Brazilian government’s role in […]

Raging Granny Locks Herself To Equipment At Mountain Valley Pipeline Site

Raging Granny Locks Herself To Equipment At Mountain Valley Pipeline Site Above photo: Appalachians Against Pipelines. Montgomery County, VA — Early this morning, Duff Benjamin, a 75-year-old midwife, grandmother, and self-identified “raging granny” locked herself to Mountain Valley Pipeline construction equipment in Montgomery County, VA. Next to a banner reading “PIPELINES BLOW,” Duff shut down […]

Russian man risks his life to save two girls from raging fire

   A daring seventh-floor rescue by a man clinging to a balcony with his one free hand to save two girls from the burning flat below has been captured on video. A large fire broke out at an apartment block in the town of Fokino in the Primorsky Region in Russia’s Far East on Monday. […]

Raging roo: Woman savagely beaten by massive marsupial

Smith works as an animal carer, telling local media that she feeds around 30 kangaroos and wallabies at their rural property every night as food is scarce due to the drought. Saturday night seemed like any other night… until the monster Grey turned up. READ MORE: Woman lucky to survive after flying fish slits her throat […]

Tourist bus swept away by raging river in monsoon-struck India (VIDEO)

Video from the north Indian state of Himachal Pradesh shows the bus being tossed around by the swelling waters of the Beas River, which rose to dangerous levels as a result of monsoon rains that have rocked the region in the past three days. According to local news agency ANI, there were no passengers on […]

To hide or not to hide Nazi past: Debate raging in Germany over video game displaying swastikas

Devised by Berlin-based Paintbucket Games studio, ‘Through the Darkest of Times’ (TtDoT) is the first video game to show Nazi era in Germany from 1933-1945 uncensored. READ MORE: Germany lifts strict constitutional ban on Nazi symbols to allow them in video games The developers of TtDoT insist that they don’t promote Nazism in any way […]

WATCH: Road Raging Cop Beats Innocent Cancer Patient for Telling Him to Slow Down

(Support Free Thought) – Indianapolis, IN — A deeply disturbing video has sparked an internal investigation into an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police officer after he was seen throwing an innocent man — who is recovering from brain cancer — to the ground and savagely beating him. The cop was in an apparent fit of […]

Cubans cheat death as bridge over floodwaters crumbles into raging rapids below (VIDEOS)

The bridge over the Zaza River, connecting the people of Zaza del Medio with the region’s capital Sancti Spíritus, collapsed on Monday. Video taken at the scene and shared on local media and online shows the moment of its disintegration, with two people running to safety as it literally crumbles beneath their feet. According to […]

Raging pack of stray dogs maul 3 children to death on the same day in Uttar Pradesh, India – 14 such deaths in the state since January

     A raging pack of stray dogs mauled three young children to death on the same day in India – before angry villagers took revenge by killing 13 of the animals. Villagers in Khairabad in Uttar Pradesh state took the law into their own hands after being gripped by panic over daily attacks that have […]

Judas effigy turned into raging inferno by Greeks celebrating Easter (VIDEO)

The celebration is part of the Easter calendar in Greece, with Orthodox Christians honoring the resurrection of Jesus Christ. On Sunday, 40 days of fasting came to an end with hundreds of people from Tolo, situated on the Peloponnese peninsula, celebrating by destroying a giant sculpture of Judas. According to the Bible, Judas Iscariot, one […]

Raging river kills 8 people on board a minibus in Lesotho

     This is the horrifying moment eight people including a mother and her newborn baby were killed after a minibus was swept away by a flooded river in Lesotho. The bus, which was carrying 15 people at the time, was trying to cross a flooded bridge in central Thaba Tseka district when it was pushed […]

Conceal your raging campfire with the ancient Dakota fire hole technique

(Natural News) Aside from being an enjoyable outdoor activity, camping is also one way to practice your survival skills for when SHTF. And if you want to build a clean-burning campfire, you can try the Dakota fire hole technique. (h/t to The Dakota fire hole is an old technique used to build […]

Hypnotic ‘fire devil’ captured on video as Portugal battles raging infernos

This natural phenomenon is a kind of tornado of flames. It occurs when fire, dust and wind combine in the air to create a blazing funnel. Fire tornados can start in conditions where hot, dry air is rising rapidly, which, in turn, creates vertical columns of hot air. As more hot air is pulled into […]

Raging forest fire forces hundreds from their homes in South Korea (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

The blaze, which started on a hill close to the city’s east coast at around 3:30pm local time Saturday, has so far damaged 30 houses. City officials have ordered some 300 residents to clear the area, South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency reports. Fleeing residents have taken shelter in nearby schools and other public buildings, officials […]

Hillary Clinton has a decision to make

Elie Wiesel might have been the  most moral man to have come out of the Jewish people in the last thousand years, but at the same time, he was also inarguably an enemy to the Palestinian people. That should not be controversial. The late Israeli politician Yossi Sarid called Wiesel an “ethnic cleanser in a […]

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