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This Adorable Husky Raised By Cats Acts Like A Cat

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Australian commando who raised Afghanistan war crime allegations found dead

A “fearless” Australian commando who went public three years ago about his involvement in an alleged war crime in Afghanistan has died. Sergeant Kevin Frost is among hundreds of former and serving Defence Force personnel who have taken their own lives in the past two decades. Last week the 45-year-old went […]

ADHD – Alarms Raised and Risks Ignored

Children’s Health Defense Team, Guest Waking Times When the American Psychiatric Association (APA) released its first Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) in 1952, many of today’s most common pediatric diagnoses had yet to be invented. “Attention deficit disorder” (ADD) did not make its first DSM appearance until 1980, when the APA established it as a […]

Farrow: Clinton staff raised concerns over Weinstein reporting

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The Woman Who Raised Heroes

Hussein Samawarchi This is, by far, one of the most eventful weeks for the media this year. The ongoing discussions of the speeches made at the United Nations shook the world of news analysts with praise for leaders like Presidents Hasan Rouhani [Iran] and Michel Aoun [Lebanon], and, mockery for substandard performers like [“Israeli” Prime […]

Concerns raised over national facial recognition

The system is almost here. Photo: ADK Plans to pass legislation permitting the use of national face-identity matching services has come under criticism by some of Australia’s largest privacy groups. Civil liberty advocates, including Digital Rights Watch and others, have spoken out against plans to monitor all Australian citizens via advanced biometric CCTV capabilities. The […]

Hurricane Dorian raised to Category 5 as it closes in on Bahamas

McLEAN’S TOWN CAY, Bahamas (AP) — An already dangerous Hurricane Dorian intensified yet again Sunday as it closed in on the northern Bahamas, threatening to batter islands with Category 5-strength winds, pounding waves and torrential rain as people hunkered down in schools, churches and other shelters. The National Hurricane Center in Miami said Dorian’s maximum […]

Over NIS 400,000 raised for disabled wife, kids of man killed in parking dispute

An online fundraising campaign for the wife and children of a man shot dead in parking dispute in central Israel on Sunday has raised over NIS 433,000 ($122,000) within hours. By Monday afternoon, some 2,000 donors raised more than half of the NIS 600,000 goal set out for the Hasdai family on the Jgive crowdfunding […]

VIDEO: ISIS Flag Raised Over Al-Hawl Refugee Camp in US-occupied Region of Syria

Not surprisingly, ISIS terrorists continue to thrive under the illegal US occupation of northeastern Syria… An ISIS flag has been raised over the Al-Hawl refugee camp in the US-occupied part of Syria. The refugee camp located in the province of al-Hasakah, which is mostly under control of the US-led coalition and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces. […]

Questions Raised as Angela Merkel Visibly Shakes AGAIN During Ceremony

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was filmed visibly shaking during another ceremony this morning, sparking serious concerns about her health. The incident occurred during the formal appointing of the new justice minister in Berlin’s Bellevue Palace on Thursday morning. The chancellor began shaking uncontrollably while standing next to German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. [SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO] […]

What’s the difference between "cage-free," "free-range," and "pasture-raised" eggs?

(Natural News) Whenever you buy eggs from the grocery store, you may have wondered why they have different labels, such as “cage-free,” “free-range,” and “pasture-raised.” You may have also noticed that they differ in price. Eggs vary in their nutrition profile as well. But one thing’s for sure – the more expensive […]

Israeli flag raised in Morocco

Tamara Nassar Activism and BDS Beat 14 March 2019 Israel’s flag was raised in Morocco last Sunday at the Marrakech Judo Grand Prix. Two of the 10 Israeli competitors won bronze medals and their flag was displayed during the ceremony. This video shows Israeli judo athlete Timna Nelson Levy’s match in Morocco, which earned her […]

Questions raised after France reportedly drops probe into attack that led to Rwanda genocide (VIDEO)

The inquiry into the 1994 assassination of Juvenal Habyarimana had been a thorn in the side of French-Rwandan relations. Seven people close to current Rwandan President Paul Kagame were charged in the probe. The inquest was reportedly shut down due to lack of evidence. The news comes two months after French prosecutors claimed that there […]

REPORT: Linda Sarsour Raised $160k for Synagogue Shooting Victims, Only $10k Was Donated

According to an Israeli strategist, Linda Sarsour of Women’s March fame raised $160,000 for the victims of the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting, but only $10,000 of that money was actually by the synagogue. “Correction: ~$160K was raised as part of one general cemeteries campaign that pre-dates the TOL massacre and ~$240K […]

‘I did nothing to harm Israel,’ says child shot by sniper. ‘I only raised the flag’

Fourteen-year-old Palestinian child from Gaza mourns his lost chance to get a football after the Israeli occupation snipers shot and amputated his leg after raising Palestine flag during a peaceful protest in Gaza. Mohammad Jasser Barbakh no longer dreams of owning a bicycle or kicking a ball, or even going back to the school that […]

Here’s why wild-caught is better than farm-raised salmon: It has a more diverse nutritional profile

(Natural News) “Organic” salmon seems like the best choice for people who want to follow a healthy diet, especially since salmon is full of essential fatty acids and other nutrients. But is organic salmon better than wild salmon? Organically raised and farm-raised salmon vs. wild salmon Despite the fact that the U.S. Department of Agriculture […]

The Stock Market Just Crashed In Italy, And Argentina Has Panic-Raised Interest Rates To 65 Percent

By Michael Snyder In the 9th largest economy in the world, the financial markets are crashing, and in the 21st largest economy in the world the central bank just raised interest rates to 65 percent to support a currency that is completely imploding. While the mainstream media in the United States continues to be obsessed […]

EASTERN GHOUTA: Syrian Voices Raised in Condemnation of White Helmets

“On the 7th of April, at 7 p.m we had been receiving wounded people all day long. At 7 p.m someone came in carrying a little boy, he laid him on a bed and said he was hit with chemical weapons. Basically, I checked the boy, shelling dust was all over him, and there was […]

US interference in Irish referendum? Concerns raised over ‘foreign’ pro-life groups

US anti-abortion activists, describing themselves as ‘journalists,’ have been campaigning across the historically Catholic country, calling on Irish citizens to vote ‘no’ to repealing the 8th amendment. If the referendum passes, it would pave the way for liberalizing the country’s strict abortion laws. Amnesty Intl risks criminal probe after taking Soros funds for pro-abortion campaign […]

When cows are raised naturally, cattle production becomes environmentally friendly and sustainable, producing a healthier product

(Natural News) Cattle farming has found itself on the receiving end of lots of criticism over the years, and much of it is justified. In many ways, cattle production is linked with problems like water pollution, overgrazing and general unsustainability. However, by raising cows naturally, cattle production can actually be not only […]

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