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Australians set to rally against 5G technology

Protesters in Northern Rivers NSW on Friday. Photo: EchoNetDaily Australians are fighting back against 5G technology, with local community action groups scheduling a number of protests and local forums to oppose the rollout in the next fortnight. The following page gives a brief overview of 5G technologies and a list of existing rallies planned across […]

Israel’s orientalist rally for ‘democracy’

On Saturday, the opposition to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu called for a demonstration in Tel Aviv, to protest the premier’s attempts to curb the High Court powers so as to secure his immunity from looming indictments in corruption cases. The event was dominated by the Blue and White centrist party led by Benny Gantz and […]

Rockwool Resisters Hold Rally, Vow To Keep Fighting Factory

Rockwool Resisters Hold Rally, Vow To Keep Fighting Factory Above Photo: From Ranson, W.Va.—Local residents rallied at the doorstep of the planned Rockwool insulation factory on May 16 to express their resolve to keep fighting the insulation manufacturer, even as walls of factory buildings rise on the construction site. Resist Rockwool, organizer of the […]

Pro-Palestine Rally Led by Ahed Tamimi Hits Streets of London

Source Article from Related Posts Palestinian icon Ahed Tamimi to join pro-Palestinian march in London London (QNN)- Prominent Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi is set to join thousands of pro-Palestinian protests Israeli activist who slapped Ahed Tamimi’s prosecutor wants a political trial Yifat Doron says she slapped the IDF prosecutor to defend her friend. ‘We […]

SEP (Australia) To Hold Election Rally And Meetings In Defence Of Assange

SEP (Australia) To Hold Election Rally And Meetings In Defence Of Assange Above Photo: Fashionblabla/Flickr As part of its campaign in the federal election, the Socialist Equality Party (Australia) is holding a rally and meetings demanding freedom for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and for Chelsea Manning, the courageous whistleblower who has been detained by the Trump […]

Supporters Around The World Rally, Crying ‘Hands Off Venezuela’

Supporters Around The World Rally, Crying ‘Hands Off Venezuela’ Above Photo: U.S. demonstrators stand outside Washington on Saturday, March 16, 2019. | Photo: teleSUR Demonstrations erupted from Vancouver to Malabo and Washington to Johannesburg in support of Venezuela’s soverienty. From Argentina to South Africa, Malaysia to Peru, New Zealand to Canada and the U.S., supporters of the Bolivarian revolution […]

Patriot group organizing MAGA hat rally at CNN HQ in Atlanta to protest the dishonest fake news media

(Natural News) Among those on the pro-Trump Right, there is nothing that gets them more excited than CNN.  The “Clinton News Network” has built a well-deserved reputation of reporting false information, often breathlessly, in the age of POTUS Donald Trump, pushing the phony “Russian collusion” narrative so far that three network journalists […]

Virginia Teachers Protest Low Pay At Capitol Rally

Virginia Teachers Protest Low Pay At Capitol Rally Above Photo: Clary Carleton, center, Richmond Public Schools teacher, and her two children, Holden, 10, and Huxley, 7, attend a march as Virginia educators and supporters gather to call for more education spending in Richmond, Va., Monday, Jan. 28, 2019. (Daniel Sangjib Min/Richmond Times-Dispatch via AP) RICHMOND, […]

Yellow Vests protesters rally across Australia

Yellow Vests protesters rally across Australia Protesters send a message to the Australian establishment! Photos: via Attendees WARNING don’t you know what comes next after the protests are over… your being led to more new laws to restrict your freedom. Every protest and revolution was always run by controlled opposition (Government) They love to play […]

Stock rally picks up pace in Tehran

Financial Tribune – A rally in Iranian stocks picked up pace on Tuesday, following the lead of commodity shares as nine-monthly reports of refinery, petrochemical and metals companies was interpreted by investors as a sign of bolstering corporate activity. Another factor boosting investor sentiment was the stability in world stocks after they were hit by […]

Palestinian shot by Israeli forces in Gaza rally succumbs to wounds

Press TV – A Palestinian teenage boy has died less than a day after being shot by Israeli military forces during clashes between Israeli troopers and a group of Palestinian protesters participating in an anti-occupation rally along the border between the besieged Gaza Strip and the Israeli-occupied territories. The spokesman for the Gaza Ministry of Health, Ashraf al-Qidra, […]

At least 107 arrests in Paris Yellow Vest rally – prime minister

The minister announced the figures as he arrived at the capital’s police prefecture. Since early morning, massive demonstrations have been gripping Paris, resulting in fierce clashes between police and demonstrators. Officers deployed tear gas and water cannons against the rioters who answered with rocks and projectiles of various sorts. While Paris – according to official […]

Hannity and Limbaugh Out for Final Trump Rally

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer November 6, 2018 Missouri was magical last night. One thing is certain: Trump is in full control of the Republican Party. If we have won nothing else in the last two years, we have won that war. This is now the Trump Party, it is the party of […]

Iran’s coverage: As Trump restores sanctions, Iranians rally to mark anniversary of U.S. Embassy takeover

Daily look at Iran’s late-breaking news and upcoming events:   Iranians condemn US arrogant policies in nationwide rallies Iranians from every walk of life poured into streets in cities across the country on Sunday to mark the anniversary of US Tehran embassy takeover and express their opposition to the arrogant policies and attitudes of the […]

Florida Companies Allowing Staff to Take Day Off to Attend Trump Rally

Many employers in Florida’s south-west are giving staff the day off Wednesday so they can make the pilgrimage to Hertz Arena on Halloween night to see President Trump at his Make America Great Again rally. And many owners are giving themselves the day off too so they can attend the rally and support their president. “If […]

Photos: Numbers at Trump Rally Dwarf Those at Obama Event

Photos: Numbers at Trump Rally Dwarf Those at Obama Event Second angle at Obama rally shows miniscule crowd Paul Joseph Watson October 23, 2018 Comparison video and images from Trump’s rally in Houston and Barack Obama’s event in Nevada last night emphasize how the numbers at the Trump event dwarf those who attended Obama’s […]

Trump hits message of Democrats as “angry mob” at Kentucky rally

Trump hits message of Democrats as “angry mob” at Kentucky rally CBS News October 14, 2018 President Trump hit Democrats as an “angry mob” while heaping praise on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell while at a rally Saturday night in McConnell’s home state of Kentucky. Mr. Trump’s rally is in support of Republican Rep. Andy […]

Ohio Rally: Donald Trump Praises Neil Armstrong, ‘There Was No Kneeling’ When He Put Flag on the Moon

Ohio Rally: Donald Trump Praises Neil Armstrong, ‘There Was No Kneeling’ When He Put Flag on the Moon Breitbart October 13, 2018 President Donald Trump praised NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong on Friday for placing an American flag on the moon. Hes the man that planted the flag on the face of the moon, Trump said. […]

Trump Rally in Evansville Indiana overflows with diverse crowd of people proud of their country

(Natural News) Over the Labor Day weekend I got a chance to attend a Trump Rally in Evansville, Indiana. I was initially surprised by the long line of people waiting to get in. Who were all these people? If you follow CNN and MSNBC, you’d think that Trump would be speaking to […]

Trump Tells Rally: “Crooked Hillary Will Be Behind Bars Very Soon”

President Trump has promised that Crooked Hillary will soon be behind bars, just as soon as he has dealt with inept Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  Speaking at a packed rally Thursday night in Evansville, Indiana, Trump slammed Sessions and Christopher Wray, warning he may have to get involved. reports: Then the President slammed Crooked […]

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