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Anonymous Coward Creates Website to Dox “Evil Racists”

ZeigerDaily Stormer July 6, 2016 Liberals are obsessed with policing people’s thoughts. What a bunch of faggots. Once again, some clueless liberal got the great idea to create a website to publicly shame and expose people who say naughty things on the internet. The purpose, presumably, is to get them fired and/or attacked by local […]

The 8 most SURPRISING places you’ll find GMOs

(NaturalNews) Half of all Americans will get cancer in their lifetime, and only half of them will survive. That’s at least one fourth of all Americans who will die from a preventable disease that virtually did not exist in America a century ago. Now here comes a big question: Why will the other […]

EU Bastards “Weary” of Russian Sanctions, to Engage Putin Once Again

ZeigerDaily Stormer June 17, 2016 Into the trash it goes – along with the other tools of the perfidious Jew When Putin foiled NATO’s scheme of acquiring Ukraine for itself, as a base to attack Russia, the European Union responded with sanctions. It was clear, however, that Europe would suffer much from those sanctions as […]

EXCLUSIVE: Health Ranger launches new independent science journal for the expansion of human knowledge: The Natural Science Journal is now LIVE

(NaturalNews) As promised, I have three milestone announcements to make in the realm of science. The first of those announcements is a breakthrough achievement for independent science. In a world where nearly all so-called “science” is actually little more than corporate fraud and government malfeasance, nearly all mainstream science journals have been taken […]

These States Are Stepping Up To Reform Money In Politics In 2016

Print Friendly Above Photo: WOLFGANG KAEHLER/GETTY IMAGES. Voters in Washington state will have the chance to clean big money out of politics this fall. Voters in South Dakota and Washington state will get to decide. WASHINGTON — The next front in the battle for campaign finance and lobbying reforms will likely be on the ballot in Washington […]

South Ossetia to hold referendum to become part of Russia

     South Ossetia plans to hold a referendum on whether to become part of the Russian Federation before August, the republic’s president, Leonid Tibilov, told TASS in an interview. “We are already discussing the dates,” Tibilov said. “A specific date can’t be named yet, but it will take place in the near future, we plan […]

Obama says inequality, racism persist in US

US President Barack Obama has said America has better “race relations” now than when he graduated from university in 1983, but noted the country is still suffering from “inequality and racism.” “Race relations are better since I graduated. That’s the truth,” Obama told the graduating class of Howard University, one of the highest ranking Historically […]

Evil Christ-Killers Accuse Andrew Anglin of Plotting the Murder of Ted Cruz’ Goldman Sachs Slut

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer March 26, 2016 As one could have probably predicted, the attacks on my person by my Jew enemies are becoming increasingly bizarre. Earlier this week, I wrote that Heidi Cruz should be tried and either imprisoned or executed for treason, which she committed by plotting with the CFR to dissolve the border […]

More than 160% of seasonal norm, Moscow experiences one of snowiest winters in annals of weather

     More than 160% of seasonal norm. From March 3, 2016 the increase of fresh snow in the city was 245 cm (8 feet). And there is still almost a month of winter weather. This means this winter will be one of the snowiest in the annals of Moscow weather. Thanks to Martin Siebert for […]

The Demise of Cruzman Sachs

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer February 29, 2016 Tuesday will be the end of the lying Cuban mutant Rafael Cruzman. Appearing on Fox News last night, Cruzman looked ill. Cruz was pressed by Chris Wallace on the issues – including all of his dirty trickery – and looked as though he was about to have a psychotic […]


Carlos LatuffThe Jewish (zionists) claim that Israel belongs to them based on the Bibical claim that God promised the land to Abraham and his descendants.The Palestinians claim it belongs to them by the simple fact of their continuous residence repeated through birth and possession going back to the earliest Canaanites and even those people living […]

Russia Defense Report – Jan. 22, 2016: Robot Wars

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Withholding the Dead: One of Israel’s More Macabre Practices

One of Israel’s “cemeteries of numbers” in which Israeli authorities are said to bury Palestinians–without ever returning the bodies to the families and where the name of the deceased is deliberately left off the grave By Richard Edmondson Ma’an News has today posted a story about a committee in Bethlehem formed to demand that Israel […]

The World’s Deadliest Profession

I recently reflected on the mysterious deaths of 48 cutting edge executives employed in the West’s inscrutable banking system. It doesn’t get any better. No less than 74 NASA scientists have also been killed in the last two years. There are so many Western bankers and NASA scientists in morgues there’s hardly room for […]

Falun Gong Persecution Bad Harbinger for Christians

  January 4, 2016 left. Jiang Zemin, the main culprit in the persecution of Falun Gong Sordid History of Illuminati Depravity in China  (2)    Part One is here The satanic roots of Chinese Communism go back to Cabalist Judaism (i.e. the Illuminati, Freemasonry) which controls the West.  Their brutal persecution of the Falun Gong, including organ […]

Egypt praises UNSC resolution on Libya political accord

TCP : The Egyptian foreign ministry praised the resolution of the UN Security Council regarding the Libyan political agreement that was signed in Morocco last week, Youm7 reported Friday. Libyan Parties Sign The Political Agreement In Skhirat, Morocco, 17 December 2015. Photo: UNSMIL. UN.Org During its meeting Wednesday, the 15-nation council gave its support to […]

More Mercenaries Hired by Blackwater Killed in Yemen

Local Editor Three foreign mercenaries were killed in clashes with Ansarullah revolutionaries and allied forces in the southwestern Yemeni province of Taiz, media reports said on Wednesday. The three foreigners, French and British, were employed by the US-based private military contractor, Blackwater, to fight in the Arab impoverished country, Yemen’s al-Marsad news agency reported. Earlier […]

Russia Says It Has Proof Turkey Involved in Islamic State Oil Trade

Russia Says It Has Proof Turkey Involved in Islamic State Oil Trade December 2nd, 2015 Via: Reuters: Russia’s defense ministry said on Wednesday it had proof that Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and his family were benefiting from the illegal smuggling of oil from Islamic […]

Interview with PKK Leader Cemil Bayik : The Future of the Middle East

27th October 2015 Interview by Kamal Chomani Originally published on On a rainy autumn day, under the golden leaves of Qandil’s oak trees which have withstood the tough conditions of the mountains, the upcoming Turkish elections, peace process, West and South Kurdistan are topics of my discussion with acting PKK leader Cemil Bayik, whose understanding […]

Education under occupation: everyday disruption at a Palestinian university

Brendan Browne (TC) : As the clock moves towards 12.45pm I begin to anxiously await the flurry of emails that I’ve come to expect in advance of my 2pm class. The class is on law and human rights. Students email to say that a deterioration in the security situation means they must stay within the relative […]

Terrorist groups which Washington calls moderate get all kinds of foreign help

Thursday, 08 October 2015 16:45 Syrian Information Minister Omran Zoubi said that Syrian terrorist groups which Washington calls moderate get all kinds of foreign help – funds, modern weapons, management, and governance. Several armed groups operating in Syria, which the West considers to be moderate opposition, are receiving outside help, including from operations centers in […]

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