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EU ready for no-deal Brexit while UK will suffer most – European Commission spokesperson

   UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has stated on numerous occasions that he is willing to pull the United Kingdom out from the European Union with or without a deal. Brussels, in turn, has repeatedly underlined its commitment to the already agreed deal with former UK PM Theresa May, which, however, was blocked by the […]

Pres. Rouhani says Iran ready to expand all-out ties with Bangladesh

MNA – The Iranian president Sun. stated that relations between Iran and Bangladesh have always been friendly and expressed hope that these relations further deepen in bilateral and international fields. According to the news service of the Iranian Presidency, President Rouhani made the remarks in a meeting with the new Ambassador of Bangladesh to Tehran […]

The guys behind the movie ‘Good Boys’ are ready for their close-up

JTA — Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky have careers that many people in Hollywood dream of. Not long after graduating from college and moving to Los Angeles, the duo joined the writing staff of “The Office” on the strength of a TV script they wrote together. After contributing to the show for several seasons, they […]

Flooding Persian Gulf with weapons turns it into ‘matchbox ready to ignite’ – Zarif

US foreign policy undermines the security of the countries around the Persian Gulf, Zarif said on Monday during a trip to Qatar. The region has become a matchbox ready to ignite because America and its allies are flooding it with weapons. Iranian officials have been accusing Washington and its key overseas partners like Saudi Arabia […]

#Ukraine #Zelensky #Putin Is Ukraine ready for a Russian reset?

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Related Posts Zelensky’s party just defeated Ukraine’s pro-war elite. Have they the guts to make peace in Donbass? ​Zelensky’s Servant of the People party won more than 42 percent of the vote in ‘In what capacity?’ Putin puzzled as Zelensky invites outgoing PM May to mediate their […]

Are You Ready To Have Elon Musk’s Artificial Intelligence Chip, Neuralink, Inserted Into Your Brain? Trials Start 2020 For The ‘Robotization’ Of Humankind

July 31, 2019 By Catherine J. Frompovich Our colleague, Alexandra Bruce, publisher at Forbidden Knowledge TV  has done it again! Alexandra produced an informative narration, which explains in minor detail Musk’s unimaginable chutzpah to sacrifice the human brain to Artificial Intelligence (AI). Are you ready to be chipped and robotized? Here’s what Alexandra has to […]

Get Ready, Because Flamethrower Drones Are Going on Sale Very Soon

By Elias Marat Considering that extreme and growing heat is one of the biggest problems facing human society today, it would be safe to assume that the last thing we need is more fire in our lives. But who are we fooling? Fire has always been an inseparable part of what makes us human, be […]

Europe not ready yet to ‘invest in saving JCPOA’: Zarif

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the Europeans do not seem ready yet to put investment into saving the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran, despite their claim to be willing to retain it. “The Europeans claim they were willing to maintain the JCPOA, but we have not seen Europe yet to be ready for an investment,” […]

Iran Faces US Aggression And European Hypocrisy, But This Time It’s Ready

Western cultural arrogance rears its Medusa-like head each time US President Donald Trump rails about obliterating Iran. Leaders and politicians of the self-proclaimed free and civilised world – along with some human rights organisations, major media outlets, and state-affiliated public figures – express their unique form of collective inhumanity through absolute silence. After all, repeated threats […]

Top Immigration Official Says ICE Ready to Deport One Million Illegals

The Trump administration is ready to deport 1 million illegal aliens from the United States, according to the acting director of Citizenship and Immigration Services, Ken Cuccinelli. ICE is set to deport illegal aliens with removal orders. “They’re ready to just perform their mission​,​ which is to go and find and detain and then deport […]

Bolton gets ready to kill New START arms control agreement with Russia

   If Bolton gets his way, New START is not long for this world: At the same time, the administration has signaled in recent days that it plans to let the New Start treaty, negotiated by Barack Obama, expire in February 2021 rather than renew it for another five years. John R. Bolton, the president’s […]

Russia ‘ready to deliver S-400 to Iran,’ no request made yet

Russia says it is ready to deliver advanced S-400 air defense missile systems to Iran but says it has not yet received any official request from the Islamic Republic for such a sale. “We are open for discussions on delivering S-400 Triumph air defense systems, including to Iran. Especially given that this equipment is […]

India says Kashmir separatists ready for talks

India says the leader of Kashmir’s largest separatist group is ready for talks with New Delhi to resolve the conflict over the Himalayan valley. In response to an offer by a senior Indian official, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, the chairman of Kashmir’s moderate faction of All Parties Hurriyat (Freedom) Conference (APHC), a political movement that […]

Iran And Allies Are Ready To Confront The US In Case Of All-Out War In The Middle East.

Iran And Allies Are Ready To Confront The US In Case Of All-Out War In The Middle East. Above Photo: Vestiges Of Downed U.S. RQ-4A Global Hawk Iran is pushing US President Donald Trump to the edge of the abyss, raising the level of tensions to new heights in the Middle East. After the sabotage of four tankers […]

US military ‘ready to go’: Bolton warns Iran not to ‘mistake US prudence for weakness’

The US National Security Advisor made the dissuasive remark while speaking alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Sunday. Tehran should not “mistake US prudence and discretion for weakness,” Bolton cautioned. “Our military is rebuilt, new and ready to go,” he added, days after Trump called off a planned attack on Iran, a […]

Iran Shoots Down US Drone, Says "Ready For War"

Tensions between the US and Iran flared again on Thursday when the Iranian Revolutionary Guard shot down an American drone that was said to have flown into Iranian airspace. The drone was reportedly flying over the Strait of Hormuz – that critical chokepoint for the global oil trade – not far from where […]

Iran ready to draft bilateral, multilateral political, security mechanisms – Addressing the 5th Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia (CICA) on Saturday in Dushanbe, President Hassan Rouhani said, “Within the same framework, the Islamic Republic of Iran considers cooperation with regional countries and using the mechanism of multilateral dialogues within the framework of CICA summits very effective, fruitful and essential”. The full […]

Peace for prosperity: Kushner gets ready to party

Omar Karmi Power Suits 11 June 2019 US President Donald Trump shows an order he just signed recognizing Syria’s Golan Heights as Israeli territory. Benjamin Netanyahu applauds. Jared Kushner applauds. David Friedman and Mike Pompeo applaud. Michael Reynolds Consolidated It looks like we may finally get a peek behind the frilly curtain that has so […]

Army always ready to defend the nation: statement

MNA – Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army says it is ‘always ready’ to defend the nation against any threat made by the enemies. In a Monday statement on the occasion of the demise of the late Islamic Revolution founder Ayatollah Khomeini on June 4, the Army voiced strong support for the Islamic Revolution and vowed […]

Sayyed Nasrallah Warns US: War on Iran to Burn Region, Ready to Open Precise Missiles Manufacturing Factories

Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered on Friday a speech in which he tackled various regional topics, on top of which is US administration’s “Deal of century.” Addressing thousands of Resistance supporters who gathered to commemorate Al-Quds Day, Sayyed Nasrallah recalled that “today, 40 years have passed since late Imam Khomeini announced […]

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