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Trump Accepts Israeli ‘Realities on Ground’ – Realities Funded by His Administration

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo this week announced yet another radical shift in Washington’s policy towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, by way of saying that the United States “was accepting realities on the ground”. What the mendacious and cynical Pompeo omits to add is that the Trump administration has been dramatically fueling the change in […]

SOS: Every Patriot Needs to Understand These Stark Realities and Respond Appropriately

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£100m to stop drugs as Johnson in shock by realities in prison

‘A Kinder egg?’ Boris Johnson was stunned as he was shown a body scan from a prisoner who tried to smuggle contraband into jail, in a Kinder egg, hidden inside his body.  He was that shocked and appalled that he immediately announced a £100m fund to stop drugs, weapons and mobile phones coming into prisons.   […]

20+ NEW Illustrations That Highlight The Harsh Realities Of Modern Society

The Facts: Maurice Chatelain designed and built NASAs Apollo communication systems. He wrote a book detailing his experience with the Apollo programs, and said that all of the missions experienced UFO activity and other strange anomalies. Reflect On: It seems that there is an overwhelming amount of witness testimony from insiders, how has this gone […]

Forex market developments irrelevant to economic realities

IRNA – Central Bank of Iran (CBI) said in a statement on Sunday that recent developments in foreign exchange and gold markets have nothing to do with economic realities and the country’s currency strength. The statement asserted that based on its legal and inherent duty, CBI is closely monitoring developments in the currency market manly […]

Conflicting dreams and realities: Amos Oz in Rochester

I read Amos Oz’s “A Tale of Love and Darkness back” in 2009. The book was a special gift for me, from a little boy I went to school with in Brussels many years ago. I remember he lent me a copy of “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” (a French translation of course) over a […]

Dealing with the Realities of Nuclear Violence

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Iran, Japan confer on expanding medical coop.

Iran’s Health Minister Hassan Hashemi held talks with the chairman of Japan’s Sasakawa Peace Foundation at the Ministry of Health in Tehran on Monday evening. During the meeting, Hashemi hailed the role of NGOs in Iran which, free of any political or religious leanings, are making tremendous efforts to provide humanitarian medical assistance to the […]

Video: Concussion, Stitches For Man Beaten By Cops Over Phone Call

Video has surfaced showing Arizona police officers slamming a man to the ground and punching him in the face for not putting up his cellphone when they told him to last week. Arthur Velazquez was stopped around the area of Main Street and Sycamore by Mesa cops who said he matched a description of a […]

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