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Extinction Rebellion Marches On The Capital

Extinction Rebellion Marches On The Capital Above photo: By Drew Larsen. Washington, DC, July 9 – Around 100 people representing the climate group Extinction Rebellion marched unpermitted for one mile from the Spirit of Justice Park to the east side of the Capitol grounds. The march took place after the crowd held a People’s Congress […]

“Extinction Rebellion”, “Green New Deal” and the “Rebranding of Global Capitalism”

It is natural for people to come forward in defense of planet Earth once they become aware of the policies of ecocide built into corporate globalization. In fact, it is the general lack of such action which constitutes the real concern for all who care deeply about the health and welfare of the planet and […]

When Will The Contented Classes Rise Up In Rebellion?

When will the people who recognize just how bad things have become for the most vulnerable—and the nation at large—unfurl the flag of rebellion against the plutocrats and the autocrats? For all the rhetoric and all the charities regarding America’s children, the U.S. stands at the very bottom of western nations and some other countries […]

‘The Time For Excuses Is Over’: Extinction Rebellion Protests Shut Down European Cities

‘The Time For Excuses Is Over’: Extinction Rebellion Protests Shut Down European Cities Above Photo: Extinction Rebellion protesters in London. (Photo: Jess Nyman, Twitter) “One day I want to have kids. But I don’t think I can. I don’t see a future that’s livable at the moment.” Activists across Europe blocked off major streets and public […]

Extinction Rebellion Calls On Edinburgh Science Festival To End Relationship With EDF Energy

While the festival this week announced it would cut ties with fossil fuel companies Exxon and Total, the energy supplier – which uses coal in its fuel mix – remains a headline sponsor Extinction Rebellion Scotland argues: “The Science Festival still has a long way to go in boycotting companies who profit from fossil fuels” […]

Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion Above Photo: From Mr. Fish There is one desperate chance left to thwart the impending ecocide and extinction of the human species. We must, in wave after wave, carry out nonviolent acts of civil disobedience to shut down the capitals of the major industrial countries, crippling commerce and transportation, until the ruling elites are forced […]

How Police Are A Public Health Issue + Extinction Rebellion’s Move To Save Humanity

How Police Are A Public Health Issue + Extinction Rebellion’s Move To Save Humanity Above Photo: Youtube Screenshot/ Occupy Policing is a public health issue. Some recent victories combined with ongoing grassroots organizing outline the importance of addressing state-sponsored violence as a health hazard that has distinct causes and therefore, distinct solutions. Next, Extinction Rebellion […]

Extinction Rebellion Convenes ‘People’s Congress’ At U.S. Capitol

Washington, DC—The release this fall of several new reports on the effects of climate change has given a new sense of urgency to the climate movement. Even though some say the reports may still be too conservative in their findings, scientists finally seem to be hitting the panic button, concluding that the next decade is humanity’s last […]

The Political Rebellion Gathers Momentum

The Political Rebellion Gathers Momentum By Charles Hugh The Ruling Class that wants us to love our servitude incites us to seek divisions: between red and blue, left and right, progressive and conservative, and so on. The Ruling Class in the mainstream media, in Washington D.C. and in Silicon Valley are experts at manipulating […]

Extinction Rebellion: Direct Action Is Our Last Chance To Phase-Out Carbon

Extinction Rebellion: Direct Action Is Our Last Chance To Phase-Out Carbon Above: Extinction Rebellion members protest in Westminste. Photograpgh by Graeme Robertson for the Guardian. Note: EcoWatch reported that more than 1,000 UK climate activists launched a massive civil disobedience campaign Wednesday when they blocked several roads near London’s Parliament Square, The Guardian reported. The newly formed […]

How To Win A Grassroots Media Rebellion

Introduction by Caitlin Johnstone: Here’s a speech I gave for the Ron Paul Institute Peace and Prosperity Conference titled “How To Win A Grassroots Media Rebellion“. The audio feed for this recording doesn’t pick up the audience, so when you see me pausing with a delighted look on my face it’s because people are applauding, […]

Teacher Rebellion: Class Dismissed

Teacher Rebellion: Class Dismissed Above Photo: Portland Teacher Solidarity/ The strikes, walkouts and lobby-protests by teachers does highlight the class divide along with the underfunding of education and the misdirection of privatization of public education for corporate interests. In the 2018 election year this is being described as a Red State rebellion, in fact this […]

Trump Declares California ‘State Of Rebellion’ – Vows To Replace Gov. Jerry Brown

President Trump’s has declared that California is in a “state of rebellion” following his visit to the state this week. On Tuesday, Trump secretly met with top officials of the US military, CIA, FBI and Homeland Security at the San Diego based Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.  Shortly after, he met with the founder of […]

Raccoon Rebellion Strikes Diamond Pipeline On Christmas

Raccoon Rebellion Strikes Diamond Pipeline On Christmas Above Photo: From indybay.orgOn Christmas, with help and assistance from Santa Claus, his reindeer, and mischievous elves, some raccoons from the Arkansas Chapter of the national “Raccoon Rebellion” conducted a safety lockout tag-out on Diamond Pipeline Main Operating Valve (MOV) #2021 east of Jerusalem, Arkansas in accordance with […]

The Whiskey Rebellion: How Brand New America Tore Up The Bill of Rights

Via The Daily Bell 223 years ago today, “The Dreadful Night” occurred in Western Pennsylvania, after an uprising called The Whiskey Rebellion. The United States was brand new. Soldiers who had fought for independence from Great Britain found themselves on opposite sides of a skirmish. Some were having their rights violated […]

Live Free or Die: The Psychology of Rebellion & Dissent

Gary ‘Z’ McGee, GuestWaking Times “I rebel—therefore we exist.” ~Albert Camus, The Rebel Dissent is a tricky subject. The need to rebel against atrocity is deeply ingrained in the human condition. Even if most of us don’t act on it, the impulse is still there, churning our guts with disgust, getting our hearts pumping, moving us […]

ZapArte Rebellion: Art for Independence

By Josef Dobraszczyk (words) & Camille Calderon (images) The state of Chiapas hosts some of the most spectacular scenery in perhaps all of Mexico, from dense tropical jungles to sweeping green mountain canyons. It is also officially the poorest state, with one of the highest percentage of indigenous populations, often reliant on small-scale […]

Could Boudica’s Rebellion Have Succeeded? Part 1 of 2: The Strategy

Queen Boudica and victory Boudica – the name of the iconic British queen of antiquity is derived from the ancient Celtic word for “victory” – bouda, with the name Boudica literally translating as “Victoria”. [1] Queen Boudica’s reputation remains to this day, as both the ruler of the British Iceni tribe and the leader of […]

Woman killed by pit bull terrier in Montreal, Canada

     Farid Benzenati says he was unable to sleep last night after witnessing a violent dog attack on his neighbour in Montreal. The 55-year-old woman was attacked in the backyard of her home in Montreal’s east end on Wednesday afternoon by what police describe as a pit bull. She was pronounced dead at the scene. […]

Trump’s Nonwhite Nonvoter Problem

The Washington Post is the first major “mainstream” media outlet to admit that Donald Trump—or any candidate who does not bow to nonwhite political demands—faces a nearly impossible task of winning the US Presidential election. Previously, only the New Observer had pointed out that the US’s current racial voter demography, combined with the electoral […]

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