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FCC Chair Recklessly Dismisses 5G Effects on Crucial Weather Forecasting Capability

  Weather satellite in Earth orbit   5G Threatens Weather Forecasting by Renee Parsons It comes as no surprise that the American public remains oblivious to a not-so-slight glitch in the 5G Race with China as the US strives to be the first, the best and most technologically advanced country in the world with its […]

Trump Recklessly Using LNG as a Weapon of American Imperialism, Blowback Will Be Swift and Severe

  © Photo: Wikimedia   Latest Weapon Of US Imperialism: Liquified Natural Gas Federico Pieraccini Strategic Culture Foundation One of the most important energy battles of the future will be fought in the field of liquid natural gas (LNG). Suggested as one of the main solutions to pollution, LNG offers the possibility of still managing to meet a country’s industrial […]

Can a Nation Be Mentally Deranged? Apparently so. America is Exhibit A, run by recklessly dangerous lunatics

Can a Nation Be Mentally Deranged? by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) Apparently so. America is Exhibit A, run by recklessly dangerous lunatics no matter which right wing of its duopoly governance holds power. Clear proof is overwhelming. Madness defines US policy. The nation is permanently at war on humanity, naked aggression […]

US Recklessly Provoking Russia. The Unthinkable Could Happen by Accident or Design

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“Crunch Time”? Credit Markets, International Trade, Financial Volatility and the Gold Market

Many situations around the world now look to be coming to a head.  Geopolitically the East/West push and pull has heated up in the Middle East.  Iraq now looks to be pivoting toward Mr. Putin and Russia and away from the U.S..  Turkey’s recent shoot down of a Russian plane also turned up the heat.  Economically, […]

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