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Reclaiming Public Health: The Communalist Healthcare Model

Above photo: New York City nurses and other hospital professionals protest dangerous working conditions and a change in sick leave policies during the Covid-19 pandemic on April 17, 2020. Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis via Getty Images. The pandemic has exposed the failures of hierarchical, profit-based healthcare systems — but social ecology offers a model to democratize public health. […]

Reclaiming Judaism from mystical nationalism

My high school in Jerusalem was a few minutes walk from the Mt. Herzl military cemetery. Mt. Herzl is Israel’s National Cemetery. On Israel’s Memorial Day (which was celebrated in Israel last Wednesday) we attended state ceremonies there. The grounds and graves are remarkably well tended. Graceful paths curve round the hillside under a canopy […]

OY VEY: Distribution of Mein Kampf May Cause Another Lampshading

Benjamin GarlandDaily Stormer June 17, 2016 (((Michael Laitman))) In response to the recent widespread distribution of Mein Kampf by the Nazi trolls who run the Italian newspaper Il Giornale, The Jerusalem Post has published an article warning that the Jews might now be gassed and then converted into lampshades and soap by Nazis again. In […]

Vermont artist creates 45-foot ‘street comic’ telling story of the Nakba

“Najawa: A Story of Palestine” is a 45-foot “street comic,” composed of eight large panels, which tells the story of a Palestinian woman’s life over the course of eight decades, beginning with the Nakba of 1948.  It was created by Vermont artist Michelle Sayles, in collaboration with artist and educator Jen Berger, and Vermonters for a Just Peace in […]

Who’s Behind Unpaid Prison Labor In Texas?

Print Friendly Above Photo:  Charles Dharapak/AP Several of the officials charged with regulating Texas’s prison labor program, wherein thousands of workers behind bars are compelled to produce goods and provide services for free, are connected to some of the richest and most powerful institutions and people in the state. The Texas Board of Criminal Justice, which […]

Scandal Rocks Pharmaceutical Giant GlaxoSmithKline — Firm Faces Bribery, Wrongful Death Charges

22nd March 2016 By Carolanne Wright Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Pharmaceutical companies generally don’t have the best track record when it comes to transparency and fair dealings. Extortion, fraud, corruption, harassment, obstruction of justice and hit lists appear to be a “business as usual” model for the industry. It’s not only individuals who have been […]

Why The “Hell” Of Physical Pain Is Important In Our Conscious Evolution

I have evolved through the years to the point of living, as best I can, my personal motto: I am connected to everything and everyone, everywhere © This means there are no differences between myself and others in any way. Race, skin colour, salary level, past transgressions or future trajectories cannot divide me from other […]

EDITORIAL: Nation Ignoring Dangers of Chemtrails

Note: The term “Chemtrails” is defined as an “exotic weapon” in a US government document, HR-2977 and used by observers in over a dozens nations to describe unusual emissions from jet aircraft. (More) THE MISSOULIAN Guest Column:  PATTI KANDUCH Nov 2, 2015 The world’s first nuclear weapons test took place on July 16, 1945, in […]

Do We Really Create Our Own Reality?

27th October 2015 By Lissa Rankin, MD Guest Writer for Wake Up World There’s a school of thought in spiritual circles that ascribes to the idea that everything that happens in our lives — the blissful things, the growth edge things, the horrid things — all happens with purpose. This spiritual teaching suggests that everything […]

Reclaiming Health: BPA Ban Passes California State Senate

Anthony GucciardiPrisonplanet.comSept 23, 2011 On Tuesday, in a major legislative health breakthrough, the California Senate voted to ban bisphenol A (BPA) from baby bottles and sippy cups sold within the state. The Toxin-Free Infants and Toddlers Act (AB 1319) will be heading back to the state Assembly later this year for a vote on Senate amendments. While only banning […]

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