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Chevron gambles on Middle East reconciliation for its natural gas future

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In Subtle Message to Egypt, Palestinian factions hold Reconciliation Talks in Turkey

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Hamas, Fatah delegations in Istanbul for another attempt at reconciliation talks

The rival Palestinian movements Fatah and Hamas are set to meet in in Istanbul, Turkey for the first direct talks since 2017, aimed at ending the 15-year-long rift in Palestinian politics, Fatah said Monday. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah faction is to be represented by a delegation led by Fatah Secretary General Jibril Rajoub and […]

Unrest In Nicaragua: Time For Dialogue And Reconciliation Free Of Outside Interference

Unrest In Nicaragua: Time For Dialogue And Reconciliation Free Of Outside Interference Above Photo: Johanna Barton/Flickr Before I get into analysis of the current crisis and unrest in Nicaragua, it is apparent from some of the emails we’ve been getting that there are plenty of people who do not understand the role of Nicaragua Network/Alliance for […]

Pakistan Foreign Secretary Tehmina Janjua presses U.S. for reconciliation in Afghanistan

nsnbc : Pakistan Foreign Secretary Tehmina Janjua on Saturday, during her two-day visit to Washington, stressed the need for restarting the process of reconciliation in […]

Egypt is not an honest broker for Palestinian reconciliation

Egypt has been claiming it is brokering efforts to end the internal Palestinian reconciliation, but after deliberate observation, it became clear that it is just leading the Palestinians to the worst end. The Egyptian security forces shot dead a Palestinian fisherman on Saturday. Abdullah Zaidan, 33, was killed on board his boat while he was […]

Are We Ready for Truth and Reconciliation Around Sexual Violence? #MeToo

December 18th, 2017 By Lissa Rankin Guest writer for Wake Up World A teenage Icelandic woman is raped by her Australian boyfriend after she’s had too much to drink. In his own immature, conditioned teenage mind, he doesn’t call it rape. Because the media and pornography and the way fathers raise sons and bro’s egg on bro’s, […]

How They Do It – Jerusalem recognition: A Jewish-Christian reconciliation

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With Jerusalem Move, Trump Boosts Palestinian Reconciliation Efforts

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Old headaches for new reconciliation deal

Omar Karmi Power Suits 1 December 2017 With Rafah crossing remaining closed, a new Palestinian reconciliation agreement has failed a first key step. Yasser Qudih APA images It hasn’t taken long for old obstacles blocking reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah to become the same old obstacles blocking reconciliation. Friday, 1 December, should have marked the […]

Dispatch from Gaza on reconciliation between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority

On November 1, 2017 Hamas handed over control of its five border crossings to the Palestinian Authority, the first of many changes to take shape within Gaza following the reconciliation deal signed last month on October 12. The next benchmark will be President Mahmoud Abbas’ first visit to Gaza in ten years sometime this month. […]

Despite his talk of ‘reconciliation,’ Abbas continues to act in Israel’s interests

The writer traces remarks by the PA and Fatah president and found that he is faking Palestinians throughout his apparent involvement in the national reconciliation deal. In fact, he works for Israel. The gradual release of the details of the proposed Palestinian unity government has reached its inevitable outcome. According to Israeli media, Palestinian Authority […]

US sees 'opportunity' to end Palestinian resistance via reconciliation

US determined to see Israeli-backed Palestinian Authority (PA) reinstated in Gaza as step towards ending Palestinian resistance, opening negotiations with Israel. The United States is continuing to back Egyptian-led efforts to reconcile Palestinian political rivals Fatah and Hamas, seeing it as an “opportunity” benefitting both Palestinians and Israelis, according to a senior White House official quoted by the Haaretz daily […]

Palestinian steps toward reconciliation met with Israeli intransigence and incitement

Last week the Palestinian movements Fatah and Hamas reached a reconciliation agreement after 11 years of bitter rivalry and violence. In contrast to failed attempts of the past, the agreement was possible due to an alignment of political interests, which included Egyptian, Israeli and American efforts aimed at weakening Iranian influence, in tandem with bolstering […]

Video: Gaza taking a ‘wait and see’ approach to Palestinian reconciliation

On Thursday, October 12th the two largest Palestinian political movements, Fatah and Hamas, signed a reconciliation agreement in Cairo. The goal is to return power in the besieged Gaza Strip to the Palestinian National Authority, currently led by Fatah and based in Ramallah. Under the deal brokered by Egypt, the Palestinian consensus government under Fatah […]

Palestine: Hamas ready to talk with reconciliation and elections with Fatah, again

Fahwad al-Khadoumi (nsnbc) : Palestine’s Hamas which is ruling the Gaza Strip, declared that it is ready to meet with representatives from the Fatah-dominated […]

Will Reconciliation Work in Syria? Trendstorm Talks to Steven Sahiounie and Jamila Assi

21st Century Wire says… Will it work? The latest Syrian peace proposal backed by tripartite guarantors Russia, Iran and Turkey – is set to proceed forward with the formation of local ‘reconciliation committees.’ But not everyone is on board with the process, namely the ‘rebels’ or as the west like to refer to them as […]

Colombia’s Santos suggests reconciliation with Uribe

nsnbc : Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos who is serving his last year in office, suggested a reconciliation between him and ex-president Alvaro Uribe. […]

Saudi-Qatar Standoff Pushes Gaza Toward Uneasy Reconciliation

Residents of Qatari-funded housing complex wave their national and Qatari flags during a demonstration in solidarity with Qatar in front of Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani’s mosque in the center of the housing complex in Khan Younis, Gaza Strip, June 9, 2017. (AP/Adel Hana) UNITED NATIONS — Over a thousand miles from the heart of […]

Mozambican President Nyusi visits Tete, calls for national reconciliation

nsnbc : President Filipe Nyusi on Thursday urged the population of the western Mozambican province of Tete to become involved in national reconciliation, in […]

Russia-initiated safe zones in Syria a real chance for reconciliation – Assad

The “foremost” aim of the de-escalation or safe zones is to protect peaceful civilians, but Assad said they also provide armed militants with an opening “to enter into a truce with the government.” “This is a chance for a person with weapons in hand to pause to think. In other words, if they lay down […]

The Afghanistan Syndrome: American Chaos vs. Russian Reconciliation

     You may not have heard about this, but a few weeks ago, in mid-April, the Taliban scored its deadliest battle victory since the US invasion in 2001. Ten Taliban militants slaughtered at least 144 Afghan Army soldiers and wounded 60+ more, at an Afghan army base just outside of Mazar-i-Sharif in the north of […]

Staged Videos Shot in Syria to Show Shelling Aftermath — Russian Reconciliation Renter

Created on Saturday, 06 May 2017 23:40 HMEIMIM- Camera operators working for the Al-Jazeera television broadcaster were shooting ‘staged videos’ of the aftermath of shelling and airstrikes in Syria last week, the Russian center for reconciliation of warring sides in Syria said on Saturday, according to Itar Tass. “According to some sources among local civilians […]

U.S. Backed “Moderate” Rebels Caught Beheading Child in Syria

by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple The Syrian Civil War, like any war, is accompanied by a government sanctioned narrative. They tell us that our government is the good guy who’s trying to spread democracy across the Middle East by supplying freedom fighters and bombing ISIS. On the other side, is the vile Assad […]

Death toll in Baghdad ISIS bombings surpasses 130 (VIDEO)

Late on Saturday night, the suicide bomber drove the vehicle into a busy shopping intersection in the affluent Karrada district of the Iraqi capital. The holy month of Ramadan meant the street was busy with residents breaking their fast after nightfall, with many also gathered to watch the Euro 2016 football championship on public TV screens, […]

Photos: Wheat fields in northwestern Iran

What’s really driving Turkish-Israeli reconciliation? As expected, Ankara has begun to take sharp turns in its foreign policy. Following a statement by Prime Minister Binali Yildirim that Turkey will… Source Article from 00 Hits: 0

Clinton to Palestine: Drop dead

They are taking things to the next level on all fronts, no longer mention the words occupations and settlements means that’s it on to full legitimization. I’m wondering why the following is not worthy of attention on Mondoweiss? There you have it, clear as day. “In her presentation, Goldstein acknowledged that efforts to promote Israel […]

Six people killed in Lebanon blasts

At least six people are killed and 19 others are wounded in terrorist explosions in a village in eastern Lebanon. The blasts occurred as several people detonated their explosives in a crowded area in al-Qaa Village, a few kilometers from the border with Syria on Monday, Lebanese Al-Manar reported. The bombers struck at 4 a.m. (0100 GMT), the mayor […]

Greenspan on Brexit: ”It’s Another Shoah!”

Greve HansDaily Stormer June 27, 2016 Oi vey goy, I lost so many shekels. It’s another shoah! Talmudic Jew and former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan claims the glorious independence of Great Britain is a beginning of (((deep economic troubles))). In other words, the house of cards the Jews have built over the last centuries is […]

Indiana high school students revolt over moldy Michelle O meal

     A photo of cream cheese served to students at Central High School is turning stomachs online, the latest in what’s now a daily trend of students posting truly disgusting school food offerings. Isaiah York and a friend are reconsidering their school food options after they popped open an individual cream cheese at breakfast Monday […]

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