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US Futures Breach New All-Time Highs As Global Stocks Approach Record On Unexpected Chinese Rate Cut

At this rate, rising by about 20 points er day, Trump will only be happy if the S&P hits 4,000 around the time of the 2020 election. While US equity futures drifted ever higher into all time high territory, with S&P futures now above 3,120 on what many erroneously claim is trade deal optimism but […]

Swiss National Bank Now Owns Record $94 Billion In US Stocks After Q3 Buying Spree

By Tyler Durden In the third quarter of 2019, one in which the global economy continued to cycle lower, global central banks across the world continued to slash interest rates and launched/expanded quantitative easing programs with very little success at troughing global growth. Still, US equity indices powered to new highs, climbing a wall of worry […]

Record Seizures Reveal Violent Migrant Gangs Fueling Illegal Drug & Weapons Traffic in Europe

At the same time Customs officials in Denmark announced a ten fold increase in illegal weapons seized, authorities in the Netherlands revealed that record amounts of cocaine are arriving in Rotterdam for distribution across western Europe: The last three years have seen a seven-fold increase in the number of illegal weapons seized by the Danish […]

Disgusting! Despite president’s outstanding record – Far left hospital staff protests First Lady Melania Trump’s visit to comfort babies born addicted to drugs

(Natural News) For the first time in 30 years the number of drug overdose deaths went down for the first time in 2018. (Article by Jim Hoft republished from President Trump has done more than ANY PRESIDENT IN HISTORY to stem the flow of illegal drugs into the United States. President Trump has […]

US Futures Jump To Record High After China Says US Agreed To Roll Back Tariffs

One day after there was relatively little “trade deal optimism”, overnight futures surged to new all time highs when just after 2am ET,  China’s commerce ministry said – in what may well have been a trial balloon to test the White House’s public response – that it had agreed with the US to roll back […]

S&P Futures Hit New Record High On “Trade Optimism” As Yuan Storms Past 7

Despite a slight blip just around 6am ET, when Global Times editor Hu Xijin tweeted (and then deleted) that “China won’t accept a phase 1 deal” in which the “US keeping all tariffs, only suspending new tariff threat, in exchange for  major concessions from China”, futures climbed and European stocks edged higher amid, what else, […]

Dow Futures Surge To Record Highs On Yet Another "US-China Trade Deal Close" Headline

This is becoming utter farce… Having ramped overnight to record highs, Dow futures just exploded higher on the back of a headline reporting that a White House Official tells Politico a deal with China is almost there…” And the algos panic-bid stocks… What happens if there is a deal? Priced in? Or, if there isn’t? […]

The Eurozone In Crisis? New President of the European Central Bank (ECB) has a Criminal Record. Christine Lagarde

Update, November 2, 2019 Friday, November 1, “Regime Rotation” at the ECB.  Ms. Christine Lagarde, former French finance minister and Managing Director of the IMF took over as president of the European Central Bank (ECB), replacing Mario Draghi.  “Lagarde takes office at a time when the ECB’s governing council is divided as rarely before over its latest […]

Mysterious Ongoing Oil Spill is Already Brazil’s Worst on Record

Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer Waking Times It’s already being called the worst oil spill in Brazil’s history, and no one knows where the oil is coming from or how to stop it. First appearing in September, crude oil began washing up on the country’s north-eastern beaches, and to date over 1200 miles of Brazil’s most […]

S&P Opens At New All-Time Record Highs, Trump Takes Victory Lap

Update (0945ET): That didn’t take long. President Trump takes quick victory lap… The S&P just hit an ALL TIME HIGH. This is a big win for jobs, 401-K’s, and, frankly, EVERYONE! Our Country is doing great. Even killed long sought ISIS murderer, Al-Baghdadi. We are stronger than ever before, with GREAT upward potential. Enjoy! — […]

Israel destroyed record number of Palestinian homes in Jerusalem in 2019

Israel has demolished a record number of homes in occupied East Jerusalem in 2019, the most in the past 15 years, Israeli rights group B’Tselem reported on Thursday. More than 140 Palestinian homes were demolished, resulting in the displacement of 238 Palestinians, 127 of them minors. Of the homes that were destroyed, 39 were destroyed […]

New York Times Fakes The Record About Arming The Syrian Rebels

New York Times Fakes The Record About Arming The Syrian Rebels Above Photo: Salim Idriss with U.S. Senator John McCain. bigger History as faked by the New York Times: Kurds’ Sense of Betrayal Compounded by Empowerment of Unsavory Rivals Ben Hubbard, David D. Kirkpatrick, NYT 18. Oct 2019 Now, [..] the sense of betrayal among the Kurds [..] is matched […]

New York Times Fakes The Record About Arming The Syrian Rebels

History as faked by the New York Times: Kurds’ Sense of Betrayal Compounded by Empowerment of Unsavory RivalsBen Hubbard, David D. Kirkpatrick, NYT 18. Oct 2019 Now, [..] the sense of betrayal among the Kurds [..] is matched only by their outrage at who will move in: Turkish soldiers supported by Syrian fighters the United […]

Last chance? Record Israeli group tours Naharayim, set to be reclaimed by Jordan

A record-breaking group of some 150 Israelis on Saturday visited a parcel of border land that has been worked by Israeli farmers for decades but that is likely to be reclaimed by Jordan next week. “There is a sense that many Israelis want to take a last chance to visit,” site manager Shai Hadar told […]

Due To The Weather, Midwest Farmers Fear Widespread Crop Failures And A “Record-Low” Harvest In 2019

Snow usually blankets the Upper Midwest around the first week of November, and so that means that many farmers in the Midwest only have about two weeks to salvage what they can before everything is lost.  The unprecedented October blizzard that we just witnessed dumped massive amounts of snow on millions upon […]

WeWork Bonds Crash To Record Low, JPMorgan Financial Lifeline Preferred

Early investors and investment banks behind WeWork are panicking as the company runs out of cash next month. The struggling start-up is considering two massive bailouts, one either from JPMorgan Chase & Co. or another from SoftBank Group Corp., according to Bloomberg sources. The office-sharing start-up had its IPO request rejected last month when questions started to […]

As Dollar Reaches Record High, Trump Slams "Clueless, Pathetic" Fed

On the heels of dismal manufacturing data, and soaring dollar strength vs global fiat currencies, President Trump has lashed out at who he feels is responsible… “As I predicted, Jay Powell and the Federal Reserve have allowed the Dollar to get so strong, especially relative to ALL other currencies, that our manufacturers are being negatively […]

US Census Report: Inequality Grew Rapidly In 2018 To Record Levels

US Census Report: Inequality Grew Rapidly In 2018 To Record Levels Above Photo: A large homeless encampment near downtown St. Louis [Credit: AP Photo/Jeff Roberson] Social inequality in the United States is rapidly reaching unprecedented levels, according to US Census data published Thursday. The past year saw a staggering transfer of wealth from the bottom 90 […]

The Book the Government Does Not Want You to Read (Permanent Record by Edward Snowden), Just Went #1 in the World

National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden, leaked classified documents regarding the scope of the US governments surveillance programs, which is and was huge. He is and was not the first, William Binney did the same, along with Thomas Drake and many others. Keep in mind that this is a global mass surveillance program. Snowden […]

Apple to challenge EU over record $14 billion tax dodging case

The EU General Court (EGC) will begin hearing the appeals lodged by Ireland and Apple against the EU tax ruling. It has to weigh up whether regulators were right to levy a record €13 billion ($14.4 billion) fine on the company. The European Commission ruled in August 2016 that Apple had received unfair […]

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