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Media Elite Denounce Looting Even as Billionaires Reap Record Profits from Taxpayer-Funded Bailouts

The extrajudicial killing of African-American man George Floyd by Police Officer Derek Chauvin sparked a storm of protests both in Minneapolis and across the country. These have included large peaceful demonstrations, but also arson, destruction of property and looting. Police have abandoned multiple precincts in the face of overwhelming popular rage. The Reverend Martin Luther […]

Private Wages Crash Most On Record As Savings Soar By $4 Trillion In 1 Month

One of the recurring laments about the BLS’ “average hourly earnings” series is that it does not actually measure the change in average hourly earning – which as a reminder surged 7.9% in April according to the latest jobs report… … but is merely a ratio between aggregate compensation and hours worked, and since the […]

Navy’s Oldest Warship Breaks Its Days-At-Sea Record While Avoiding Virus

We previously reported that amid the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on military ranks, the US Navy began keeping warships with crew deemed “clean” — that is, completely free of coronavirus cases — deployed for an additional length of time with no port calls and no deployment end date amid a worsening crisis aboard other ships. Currently the US has multiple warships out at sea with […]

As record numbers of non-EU migrants arrive in the UK, the silence of Brexiteer politicians is deafening

Immigration into the UK from outside the European Union has hit its highest ever level, according to government figures released on Thursday. Statistics showed that in 2019 there was a huge influx of students from China and India, taking the total of those arriving in Britain from outside the EU to 404,000. And with just […]

Record High Grocery Prices As Farmers Smash Eggs & Dump Milk

By Mac Slavo Food prices have soared in recent weeks while at the same time, farmers are smashing eggs and dumping out milk. Farmers are wasting more food than ever while most Americans are feeling a pinch at the grocery store. The power-hungry elitists have done their job.  The wealthy will get to eat while […]

WTI Tumbles Despite Record Drop In Cushing Stocks

After WTI’s roll from June to July, oil prices have continued their explosion higher, accelerating this morning after last night’s surprise crude draw from API. This is the fifth day higher in a row, with July WTI topping $33.50 despite vaccine expectations falling and little to no positive economic headlines. The market is clearly hope-filled… […]

US Retail Sales Plunged A Record 16% In April

US Retail Sales Plunged A Record 16% In April Above photo: Tony Dejak, AP. Baltimore, MD – U.S. retail sales tumbled by a record 16.4% from March to April as business shutdowns caused by the coronavirus kept shoppers away, threatened the viability of stores across the country and further weighed down a sinking economy. The […]

Job Openings Plunge Most On Record Amid Mass Layoffs, Plunge In Hiring

With the BLS’s JOLTs, or job openings and labor turnover, survey coming in with an extra month delay, we already knew that the March data would be dismal (especially considering the total implosion in April when over 20 million people lost their jobs), and sure enough that’s what happened when the BLS reported that in […]

US holds world record in lying: Iran Health Ministry

Press TV – Iran’s Ministry of Health has roundly rejected US claims that it has enabled the establishment of a sanctions-free channel for the transfer of medicine to the Islamic Republic. “The US holds the world record in lying,” Iran’s Deputy Health Minister Alireza Raisi told a news conference via video-link on Monday. “Their claim about […]

Jam petchem plant breaks output, sales record

SHANA — The director of Jam Petrochemical Company said: “Fortunately, this complex was able to achieve a new record in production and sales last [calendar] year by supplying more than 2.5 million tons of various items.” According to the company, Nader Kazemian added: “This year, we will be trying to improve last year’s performance, although […]

Beef Prices Explode To Record High As More Stores Limit Meat Purchases

By Tyler Durden Just a few days ago we marveled as wholesale beef prices had soared over 60% from their February lows to a record $331 per 100 pounds. Well, that was then, because today alone, the wholesale price soared by 8.6% or $32.60 to a new all time high of $410.05, almost doubling in […]

Iran atomic inspections continued at a record pace last year

Bloomberg – Iran’s nuclear program received record scrutiny last year from international monitors who triggered snap inspections in the Islamic Republic. The International Atomic Energy Agency’s 2019 Safeguards Implementation Report shows that monitors continued receiving wide access to Iranian nuclear sites even as new questions arose over the completeness of the country’s declared atomic stockpile, […]

Russia Reports Record New Cases For 4th Day As COVID-19 Tears Through Moscow: Live Updates

Every day, it seems, Russia sets a new record for the largest number of new COVID-19 cases confirmed in a day. Yesterday, Health officials in Moscow announced more than 9k new cases. On Sunday, they announced more than 10k new cases, another record sum. In the span of just two weeks, Russia has gone from […]

US: Rise in Sluts & Gold Diggers Brings Marriage Rate to Record Low

I think this statistic correlates nicely with the record-high number of Western women who have become filthy sluts, e-skanks, cam girls, feminists, insatiable gold diggers, and obese slobs. The Hill: Marriage rates in the U.S. have dropped to their lowest numbers on record in recent years, according to new government figures on Wednesday. The statistics […]

Record Number of Flamingos Take Over India’s Largest City and Paint It Pink During Lockdown

(TMU) — As India’s 1.3 billion residents face strict lockdown measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, the South Asian country has witnessed a return of nature to many locations—including a massive influx of flamingos into the nation’s largest city. Tens of thousands of the large pink birds have been arriving at Mumbai […]

US Manufacturing Surveys Show Record Collapse In Output, Orders, & Jobs

Following the utter devastation across all regional Fed surveys, it should be no surprise that this morning’s national manufacturing surveys (ISM and Markit) are a disaster. Markit US Manufacturing 36.1 – 11-year low (weaker than expected and worse than the flash print) PMI US Manufacturing 41.5 – 11 year lows (but better than the 36.0 […]

Beef Prices Soar To Record High As Meatpacking Plants Shutter

April 30, 2020 By Tyler Durden Wholesale American beef prices jumped 6% to a record high of $330.82 per 100 pounds, a 62% increase from the lows in February, according to Bloomberg, citing new USDA data. The surge in beef prices comes at a time when the nation’s food supply chain network has been severely damaged […]

As US Approaches Record Deficit, Israel Asks for Record Handout

Menifee, CA (IAK) — Breaking Defense, a digital magazine that covers military issues, reports that Israel may ask for its U.S. aid early, possibly in a lump sum that could be as high as $7.6 billion. This would work out to almost $21 million per day from American taxpayers, even though the U.S. is approaching a $4 trillion […]

Isolated by pandemic, Israelis have record-high ’sense of ‘belonging’ – poll

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, a survey published Sunday by the Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) ahead of the country’s 72nd Independence Day traced a surge in the number of Israelis who identify with the state and view its problems as their own. The increase in the sense of belonging was particularly significant among two groups that […]

The S&P Is Caught In A Gamma Trap, Preventing Turmoil From Record High Valuations

Over the past three days, despite a barrage of negative news about the global economy and crushed hopes about Gilead’s Remdesivir treatment which according to the FT was a “flop”, stocks have been stuck in a tight range around the 2,800 S&P level, and there is a specific reason for that. As Nomura’s Charlie McElligott […]

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