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Trump recorded conciliatory video under pressure from top aides -sources

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump‘s decision to call for calm in a video came at the urging of senior aides, some arguing he could face removal from office or legal liability over his supporters’ storming of the US Capitol, two sources familiar with the matter said on Friday.In his video released on Thursday night, Trump […]

US election: Donald Trump recorded begging Georgia official to overturn Biden victory

President Donald Trump badgered and pleaded with Georgia’s election chief to overturn Joe Biden’s win in the state, suggesting in a telephone call that the official “find” enough votes to hand Trump the victory. The conversation Saturday was the latest step in an unprecedented effort by a sitting president to pressure a state official to […]

Pro-Life Group That Recorded Planned Parenthood Undercover Ordered to Pay $13 Million in Legal Fees

SAN FRANCISCO — In addition to the $2 million in damages awarded to Planned Parenthood by a jury last year, a federal judge has ruled that the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), led by David Daleiden, must pay more than $13 million in attorneys fees to the abortion and contraception giant. Planned Parenthood had originally […]

Video: Pre Recorded London NYE Drones Celebrate Marxist BLM

UPDATE:4chan has discovered the location of the Utah monolith. It sat there for over 4 years unnoticed. 4chan has discovered the location of the Utah monolith. It sat there for over 4 years unnoticed. — Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) November 24, 2020 As if 2020 couldn’t get any more bizarre, a mysterious Space Odyssey-style […]

FBI: The Most Corrupt Law Enforcement Agency in Recorded History Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson (R-WI) has fired off a Saturday letter to FBI Director Chris Wray demanding answers over the agency’s handling of Hunter Biden’s laptop. According to the letter, after Johnson released his a report on Hunter Biden’s activities abroad which raised “counterintelligence and extortion concerns,” Johnson’s committee was contacted by […]

Playstation Says it Will Enable Voice Chats to be Recorded So Players Can be Snitched on for Mean Words

A company called ViraShield has developed what it calls a “portable pod solution” that caters for people who have “fear of going out” in the age of coronavirus. “In a matter of seconds, the ViraShield unfolds to give users a protective, six-sided barrier between them and their seatmates,” states a promo for the contraption on […]

This was the hottest September ever recorded in Israel

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Israel recorded 100,000 COVID cases over six months, then doubled it in 32 days

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Florida Man Killed in Motorcycle Accident Recorded as ‘COVID Death’

Previously, 21WIRE detailed the shocking scale of statistical fraud being carried out by Florida health officials recently exposed as inflating the number of COVID “cases” in the state. Clearly, revelations from Florida and other states point to systemic practice cooking on coronavirus cases, but it’s still unclear what the precise motivations might be for health […]

Amazon’s Alexa Device Recorded Family’s Conversation in Their Home and Sent It to A Random Contact

Portland, Oregon – A concerned family is speaking out after they claim that their Amazon Alexa device recorded a conversation they were having in their home, and sent it to a random contact who alerted them to the fact that he had heard everything they said. A homeowner named Danielle, who asked for her last […]

Woman Says Her Amazon Device Recorded Private Conversation, Sent It Out to Random Contact

Woman Says Her Amazon Device Recorded Private Conversation, Sent It Out to Random Contact May 24th, 2018 I can’t believe people pay to have these things in their homes. Via: KIRO 7: A Portland family contacted Amazon to investigate after they say a private […]

Funnel clouds and waterspouts recorded across southeast Texas

     As scattered downpours pop up around southeast Texas, funnel clouds and waterspouts are appearing as well. + Waterspout was spotted near the high school stadium in Texas City at 11:51 a.m. + Funnel clouds in Galveston County at 12:05 p.m. + Funnel cloud reported near the intersection of Highway 6 and FM 521 in […]

Police Recorded Telling Reporter He Would ‘Like It Too Much’ If Officers Touched His Genitals

An independent journalist was arrested by Beavercreek Police during a protest against the shooting of an unarmed African American father, talking on his cellphone with the mother of his child and his own mother, who were baby-sitting. That man, John Crawford, was on his way to a cookout and stopped at Walmart for some things. […]

Zarrab recorded in jail saying ‘You Have to Lie’ to get leniency

Bloomberg | Bob Van Voris, Christian Berthelsen & Chris Dolmetsch: Reza Zarrab, the Turkish currency trader who admitted helping Iran move billions of dollars in violation of U.S. financial sanctions, said in a recorded jailhouse conversation that he needed to lie about his own crimes to get a reduced sentence, according to a summary of […]

[WATCH] Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Deputy Recorded Punching Suspect During Modesto Arrest

A Stanislaus County sheriff’s deputy is under a criminal investigation after video of him hitting a suspect during an arrest was posted online. In the video, which was recorded on Nov. 10 in Modesto, law enforcement officers can be seen trying to get the suspect, who is on the ground, to put his hands behind […]

Third successive weekend of heavy snowfall over the Alps; up to 2 feet (60cm) recorded

     The third weekend of November was the third in a row to see heavy snowfall in the Alps with Sunday seeing the most significant snowfall in many areas. Resorts that had opened to start their 17-18 ski seasons on Saturday including Arosa in Switzerland and the Zugspitz glacier above Garmisch in Germany posted ‘ […]

Corey Feldman Told Cops the Names of Abusers, It Was Recorded & Police Did Nothing

Hollywood, CA — “Just name the abusers already!” “Why don’t you name these people?” “You are protecting them by not naming them!” These are just some of the comments currently being hurled at Corey Feldman and others who’ve come forward with their allegations of sexual abuse by predators in Hollywood. While naming names makes perfect […]

Clear Footage of Multiple UFOs Recorded & Seen By Dozens of People in Florida

Below is one video out of thousands floating around on the internet of supposed footage of unidentified flying objects. Keep in mind, many pictures and videos of these crafts have been published and analyzed thoroughly, so there is no shortage of verified footage and pictures. (More information on that can be found below the video). […]

First snowfall of 2017-18 season recorded for Lake Tahoe

     Lake Tahoe had its first snowfall of the season on Tuesday, Sept. 13. Kirkwood Mountain Resort reported around 3 to 4 inches of wet snow early in the morning. The resort’s base is at 7,800 feet. Sierra-at-Tahoe, located at 8,800 feet, also reported snow. “Much cooler temperatures along with showers and isolated thunderstorms are […]

If You Use Facebook Messenger, This Is How You Are Being Recorded Even When Not On The Phone

There are many ups and downs about improvements in technology. We have, undoubtedly, become more enamoured with its ability to make our lives easier, and more informed in ways we never thought possible. Everything has been digitized, and there are so many forms of communication, it’s no wonder the home telephone has collected dust. People […]

Snow recorded on August 31st at Laurentides Wildlife Reserve, Quebec

     The fall seems to be in a hurry to settle in Quebec, while some regions have already experienced, in the night from Thursday to Friday, their first fall of snow, particularly in the Laurentides wildlife Reserve. A few flakes fell on the road 175 as evidenced by the images captured by the hunter of […]

Oxfam: Yemen’s Cholera Epidemic Worst In Recorded History

A girl is treated for a suspected cholera infection at a hospital in Sanaa, Yemen. The World Health Organization says a rapidly spreading cholera outbreak in Yemen has claimed thousands of lives since April and is suspected of affecting 246,000 people. (AP/Hani Mohammed) Yemen is suffering from the world’s largest cholera epidemic on record, Oxfam said […]

America is arming up: Record background checks recorded during first half of 2017

(Natural News) It’s always somewhat humorous when liberals try to argue that just about anyone can walk into a gun store and walk out five minutes later with an AR-15 just as easily as someone can walk into a 7-Eleven and walk out with a Mountain Dew. They routinely talk as though the United States […]

No Charges For Colorado Police Officer Recorded Brutalizing Teacher

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Global Warming Is ‘Over’ – Record Low Temperatures Recorded WorldWide

According to new climate change data, so-called ‘Global Warming’ no longer exists, as temperatures plunge to record low figures around the globe.  According to climatologist Tony Heller – Greenland looks set to record its coldest July temperatures since records began – completely debunking the global warming alarmists. reports: In fact, it was the coldest […]

America’s First Recorded Song About Racism is Absolutely Bone Chilling

Dylan Charles, EditorWaking Times With such a great deal of concern over racism, hate and division these days, it seems that the human race is so terribly fractured that it will take a miracle of sorts to unite us before we kill each other off entirely. We are in need of healing, and music is […]

The Day Before 9-11 George Carlin Recorded a Comedy Special, It Never Aired — Until Now

By Matt Agorist (The Free Thought When he was alive, George Carlin was never afraid to speak his mind. In fact, Carlin even went to jail for standing up for his right to speak what was on his mind. On July 21, 1972, Carlin was arrested after performing his routine at Milwaukee’s Summerfest and […]


Warning: GRAPHIC VIDEO A peaceful protest against nationwide officer-involved shootings took a sinister turn at about 9 p.m. Thursday night after snipers shot 11 police officers, killing five, according to Dallas Police Chief Brown. “Some officers were shot in the back,” said Brown, who added during a press conference that they were attacked “ambush-style.” […]

Baltimore Public Works inspector injured falling into widening sinkhole

     The latest victim of Baltimore’s crumbling infrastructure was not just the free flow of traffic but the safety of an inspector examining the latest fallout from it – a large sinkhole that appeared on West Mulberry Street. A longtime Department of Public Works inspector, on the scene of a collapsed portion of the road […]

Nazi-founded Bayer chemical company wants to buy Satan-inspired Monsanto for $42 billion… it’s a perfect match made in chemical Hell

(NaturalNews) The Nazi-created Bayer company — whose former chairperson Fritz ter Meer served a prison sentence for committing crimes against humanity — wants to buy Monsanto for $42 billion, reports Bloomberg (link below). The acquisition, if approved, would place Monsatan under control of a murderous chemical company steeped in Nazi science and crimes […]

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