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Soros Group Persuades 6 GOP Governors to Open Floodgates to MORE Refugees

A George Soros-linked group has lobbied six Republican Governors to open the floodgates to more refugees. A pro-mass immigration organization partially funded by the billionaire globalist convinced the GOP leaders to increase the number of asylum seekers allowed to enter their states. President Donald Trump is continuing to slash refugee admissions for the Fiscal Year […]

Church Displays the Holy Family as “Caged Refugees” at the Border

(CD) — A Nativity scene in the southern Califiornia city of Claremont depicting the Holy Family as a separated family held in cages at the U.S. border is sparking controversy and conversations over President Donald Trump’s immigration policies. “If this isn’t your church’s politics, you’ve got the wrong faith,” tweeted music journalist Zel McCarthy. Vanity Fair writer Anthony Breznican […]

This Woman Invented A Tent For Refugees That Collects Rainwater And Stores Solar Energy

Mayukh Saha, Truth Theory Waking Times Syria has been reeling under a civil war since 2011 and it has resulted in one of the worst humanitarian crises in the current world. The Syrian Civil War has nearly 14 million residents of the country either as international refugees or have been internally displaced, reports the United Nations. When […]

Greeks march against migrant policy as govt takes in 40,000 refugees in last 4 months (VIDEO)

Follow RT on Anti-migrant protesters in the northern city of Thessaloniki called on Athens to expel all illegal immigrants and close the border to migrants. Footage from the march showed demonstrators carrying banners and Greek flags, while an activist at the front of the procession held an icon of the Virgin Mary. Activists think that […]

Democrats Draft Plan To Import Huge Numbers Of ‘Climate Refugees’ From 2020

Democrat lawmakers have drafted a bill to import at least 50,000 “climate refugees” per year in order to make the United States “a home to those fleeing conflict and disasters” as well as “a changing climate.” According to the Democrats, there could be as many as 200 million “climate-displaced persons” by 2050. “America will continue […]

WORLD GOVERNMENT: UN flies African ‘refugees’ into Germany

THE UNITED Nations has started flying African ‘refugees’ directly into Germany. Did they ask the German people, who are already reeling from the 2015 influx of ‘refugees’? Of course not, because ‘they’ know better. In 2018 the United Nations persuaded many nations to sign the protocol for managed migration which gives migrants the […]

Israel prepares to turn Bedouin citizens into refugees in their own country

The decades-long struggle by tens of thousands of Israelis against being uprooted from their homes – some for the second or third time – should be proof enough that Israel is not the western-style liberal democracy it claims to be. Last week 36,000 Bedouin – all of them Israeli citizens – discovered that their state […]

Turkey to return 3mn refugees to Syria after securing border zone – Erdogan

As of Tuesday morning, Turkish forces have “liberated around 1,000 square kilometer area from occupation of the separatist terror group,” Erdogan told a Turkic Council meeting in Azerbaijan’s capital Baku. He was referring to Kurdish militias, which Ankara perceives as an extension of the PKK, a militant and political organization based in Turkey. Erdogan said […]

Erdogan Threatens To Send Millions Of Refugees To Europe

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned Europe that he would allow millions of refugees to pour into the EU if they continued to criticize his country’s military incursion into Syria In a speech to lawmakers from his AK party on Thursday, Erdogan said: “Hey EU, wake up. I say it again: if you try […]

Erdogan threatens EU with opening border to millions of refugees

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Erdogan Threatens To Flood Europe With Millions Of Syrian Refugees If It Criticizes Turkish ‘Incursion’

As fighting ramps up in northeastern Syria following Turkey’s armed incursion into territory held by the Kurds, President Trump made clear during a press conference Wednesday night that, while Washington has threatened to punish Turkey for attacking the Kurds, President Trump doesn’t feel any deeper loyalty to the one-time “tip of the spear” […]

‘Hey EU, wake up’: Erdogan threatens to send millions of refugees to Europe if EU labels Turkish op in Syria an invasion

In a speech to lawmakers from his AK party, Erdogan warned that there would be repercussions if Europe viewed Turkey’s operation in Syria as an invasion. Hey EU, wake up. I say it again: if you try to frame our operation there as an invasion, our task is simple: we will open the doors and […]

Internally Displaced Syrian Refugees Tormented by US Forces

Tens of thousands of Syrian refugees are trapped in northern and southern camps controlled by the US and its jihadist foot soldiers. On October 1, Russian and Syrian Joint Coordination Committees on the Repatriation of Syrian Refugees said US forces, illegally occupying southern Syria, “disrupted” operations to permit Rukban camp refugees from leaving their virtual […]

Canada’s shameful position on the Palestinian refugees

Canadian governments have a woeful record at supporting the rights of Palestinian refugees and the current government is no different. Instead of supporting Palestinian refugees’ internationally recognized right of return, successive governments have actively undermined that right, including the current Trudeau government. With the right of return under renewed attack from Trump’s “Deal of the […]

Busted! Syrian refugees try to sneak past airport guards by masquerading as Ukrainian volleyball team

Ten Syrian refugees were arrested at Athens International Airport over the weekend, police said. In an attempt to fool migration control, they all dressed in identical uniforms, brought a number of similar sports bags, and two volleyball balls. They also had Ukrainian passports, which were listed as stolen or lost. The Syrians planned on flying […]

Meet America’s "Economic Refugees": Retirees Who Opt To Live Abroad

What middle-class American couple wouldn’t want to spend their golden years lounging around a 3,000 square foot penthouse apartment? For many, that’s the dream. However, the impact of the financial crisis and a rising cost of living in the US is forcing more Americans to consider more adventurous alternatives, like moving to South America. One […]

Hungary’s PM: We Don’t See Migrants As Refugees, We See Them As Muslim Invaders

In an interview with German newspaper Bild, Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orban called the migrant crisis an invasion. He said: “We do not consider these people to be Muslim refugees, we regard them as Muslim invaders.” “One has to cross four countries to arrive from Syria in Hungary”, Orban said. “Those people do not run […]

Palestinian refugees in Lebanon rally for asylum outside Canadian embassy

Hundreds of Palestinian refugees, waving Palestinian and Canadian flags, gathered outside the Canadian Embassy in Beirut on Thursday, requesting asylum in the North American country. Many among the group lamented the deteriorating economic and living conditions in Lebanon and said they wanted a more dignified life. The periodic protests outside the embassy on the coastal […]

Israel’s black proxy regimes (Refugees)

Israel’s black proxy regimes (Refugees) The refugees that are being imported across the western world by israel are proxy regimes designed to create chaos and fear amongst christians. Dr. Beth Mynett filed for divorce from husband Tim Mynett b/c of affair with Rep Ilhan Omar. Next day an Ethiopian national “randomly” kills a girl named […]

Interview: Lebanese Solidarity with Palestinian Refugees

Author’s Note For two months, Palestinian refugees in Lebanon have been in rebellion against new labor laws discriminating against them and against Syrian refugees. Already denied more than 70 jobs, in order to work in Lebanon Palestinians must now apply for costly work permits and pay into social security for services they are denied. They also […]

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