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Priest Refuses Communion for Lawmakers Pushing Pro-Abortion Bill

A Rhode Island priest has announced he will block Holy Communion to lawmakers who support a pro-abortion bill. Father Richard Bucci warned pro-abortion politicians that they would be denied Holy Communion if they attended mass at his Catholic parish, Sacred Heart Church in West Warwick, Rhode Island. Democratic Gov. Gina Raimondo signed a bill in 2019 that preserves […]

Prince Andrew Refuses to Cooperate as FBI Demands Interview About Epstein

By John Vibes Federal prosecutors in the United States have said that Prince Andrew has provided “zero” cooperation with their investigation into the crimes of the Duke’s long-time friend Jeffrey Epstein. Andrew had initially made a public promise to help investigators in any way possible, but according to Geoffrey Berman, U.S. attorney for the southern […]

Dog Holds His New Dad’s Arm On His Way Home, Refuses To Let Go

There is nothing more inspiring than seeing a salvage canine’s first ride toward opportunity from the upsetting asylum. As they head off toward their eternity home with their new proprietor, they appear to be know to such an extent that they are at long last sheltered. Regularly these mutts show their thankfulness with monster […]

India’s Supreme Court refuses to suspend citizenship act, gives govt 4 weeks to respond to petitions

The nation’s highest court said on Wednesday that it would not halt the implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) until it heard the government’s response to more than 140 legal challenges issued against the legislation. Attorney General Kottayan Katankot Venugopal told the court that the government has been given copies of around 60 of […]

Dem Official Refuses To Stand For Flag and Vows To Call Police If Pledge of Allegiance Recited

A North Carolina board of elections chairwoman refused to stand for the flag and threatened to call the police if anyone were to attempt to recite the Pledge of Allegiance at a board meeting in the future. It has become increasingly clear in recent years that many on the left are not only uninterested in […]

Meghan Markle Refuses to Move to America Until Trump is OUSTED

Meghan Markle wants to relocate to liberal Los Angeles with Harry, but ONLY after President Trump has been ousted from the White House. According to anonymous sources who spoke to the Daily Mail, the anti-Trump couple have their sights set on Hollywood and are eager to move back once President Trump’s presidency comes to an […]

Iran’s judiciary refuses to say how many were killed in November protests

Radio Farda – The spokesman for Iran’s Judiciary has once again evaded responsibility to announce the number of protesters killed during the mid-November anti-Islamic Republic protests. “It is the responsibility of Iran’s Security Council (ISC) to publish the relevant data,” Gholam Hossein Esmaeili said at a press conference on Tuesday, December 31, adding, “We have […]

Protests in parliament as MP refuses to apologize for ‘rape in India’ remark aimed at Modi

Members of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) demanded an apology from Gandhi on Friday, after the former opposition leader said during an election rally that the government’s ‘make in India’ slogan (an initiative to bolster manufacturing) should be changed to “rape in India.” Gandhi was referring to the increasing number of rapes in the […]

Harvey Weinstein Reaches $47 Million Settlement, Refuses to Admit Wrongdoing

(ZH) — Money talks and sexual predators walk. That appears to be the anti-climatic end of the #MeToo story arc, which started with Harvey Weinstein, and is set to conclude with a multi-million cash settlement ending effectively all civil cases against the former Hollywood mogul. According to the WSJ, Harvey Weinstein, his former associates, insurers […]

Newsweek Journalist Quits After Outlet Refuses to Publish Story on OPCW Scandal

(CJ Opinion) — A Newsweek journalist has resigned after the publication reportedly suppressed his story about the ever-growing OPCW scandal, the revelation of immensely significant plot holes in the establishment Syria narrative that you can update yourself on by watching this short seven-minute video or this more detailed video here. “Yesterday I resigned from Newsweek after my attempts to publish newsworthy revelations about […]

UN Report On Israeli Settlements Speaks Truth, World Refuses To Listen

Photo from May 14, 2019 of the Israeli settlement of Neve Yaakov in the northern area of east Jerusalem and the Palestinian district of Hizma (background) in the West Bank. (Photo by AHMAD GHARABLI) The latest UN report states that Israel’s “civilian settlements” in occupied territory are a breach of the Fourth Geneva Convention and […]

New general election on the cards for Israel as kingmaker Lieberman refuses to endorse candidate for prime minister

Explaining his decision on Wednesday, Lieberman blamed both Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Kahol Lavan leader Benny Gantz for the political deadlock, accusing the two politicians of refusing to agree to a political compromise. Seen as a kingmaker, Lieberman’s small party could have helped tip the scales in either Netyanyahu or Gantz’s favor, both of […]

Q3 GDP Beats Big As Consumer Spending Refuses To Drop

With Donald Trump tweeted shortly before today’s GDP print that it is “The Greatest Economy in American History!”… The Greatest Economy in American History! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 30, 2019 … speculation immediately emerged that the president was hinting at a stronger than expected GDP print. And sure enough, that’s precisely what happened […]

Chilean Protests: A Revolt against Neoliberalism the Media Refuses to Acknowledge

Santiago, Chile — “We are at war with a powerful, relentless enemy that respects nothing nor anyone” thundered Chilean President Sebastian Piñera during a speech to the nation, deliberately echoing the infamous catchphrase of fascist military dictator Augusto Pinochet.  The “enemy” he was referencing were Chilean citizens, more than one million of them taking to the […]

Likud refuses to exclude religious slates in its talks with Blue and White

The first meeting between Likud and Blue and White negotiators since Benny Gantz was tasked with forming a coalition last week ended Sunday with representatives of  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refusing to budge on their insistence that they would only join a government along with the rest of the members of their right-wing religious bloc. […]

Julian Assange Reaches End Of Prison Sentence, Judge Refuses To Release Him

WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange has been ordered to stay in a British prison despite reaching the end of his 50-week prison sentence. Assange was due to be released on September 22 after serving his sentence for breaching bail conditions by seeking refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London in 2012.  However, the 48-year-old was told […]

Australian bus driver refuses to take Aboriginal students to school

Reference Picture Only An eyewitness was left shocked and utterly disappointed after crossing paths with what he describes as “the most obnoxious driver he has ever met”. The alleged incident began on Monday morning when Mark Vorwerk, a Small Business Owner, boarded the Southlink bus in Adelaide together with 2 Aboriginal students on their way […]

Russia refuses to comply with IMF’s demands to put surplus money into other countries’ financial systems

   Russia’s policy has become a concern for Western countries, as the position and decisions of Moscow started to often go against the opinion and notion of the West about world politics. This happened in the situation with the IMF, when Russia decided to use “surplus” money from the National Wealth Fund of Russia in […]

Bibi’s out? Gantz refuses to meet with Netanyahu, says he will form unity govt without embattled PM

   Israel’s weakened Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saw his offer on Thursday for a coalition with his strongest political rival, Benny Gantz, swiftly rebuffed after failing to secure a governing majority in a tight election. Netanyahu’s surprise move was an abrupt change of strategy for the right-wing leader. Its rejection could spell weeks of wrangling […]

Former Prosecutor Says BoJo Could Wind Up In Prison If He Refuses Brexit Delay

After a cross-party “rebel alliance” of opposition MPs and pro-remain Tories passed a law that will require PM Boris Johnson to ask the EU27 to once again delay Article 50 – this time until Jan. 31 – unless he can bring home a new withdrawal agreement by Oct. 19, Johnson made clear that he has […]

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