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Trump Firm Refusing to Pay Legal Bill for Windfarm Case

35% of 300 pound Donald Trump is air brushed out of this picture, really “re-pixeled” with photoshop. I love the job they did on the right side, erasing his fat ass and creating a fake black sweater line with lots of golf course behind him overlaying his rolls of blubber Mike’s Notes: Throughout his questionable career, […]

Christian Doctor Fired For Refusing To Refer To ‘6 Foot Man With a Beard’ As ‘She’

A veteran British doctor lost his job as a medical assessor after more than 30 years because he refused to renounce his Christian belief that there are two genders and they are determined at birth. Dr. David Mackereth, 56, a National Health Service employee, was fired from his position at the Department for Work and Pensions earlier this year because […]

Scottish Judge To Rule If British PM Can Be Jailed For Refusing To Delay Brexit

A Scottish judge could force British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to request another Brexit extension and postpone Brexit yet again or face a fine prison time. Lord Pentland, an Outer House judge, will hear the case at the Court of Session in Edinburgh on Friday. He will rule whether it should be moved to the […]

Refusing to talk with Iran is a mistake

Foreign Policy |   Thomas A. Shannon Jr., John B. Bellinger III: Donald Trump should use the U.N. General Assembly as an opportunity to open dialogue with Mohammad Javad Zarif. Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and President Hassan Rouhani are in New York this week to attend the United Nations General Assembly. On Wednesday, […]

Chelsea Manning Imprisoned Without Charge For Six Months For Refusing To Testify Against Julian Assange

Chelsea Manning Imprisoned Without Charge For Six Months For Refusing To Testify Against Julian Assange Above Photo: UCLAPubAffairs/Flickr The courageous whistleblower Chelsea Manning has now been held in a federal detention center in Alexandria, Virginia for more than six months. Manning has not been charged with or committed any crime. She was sent to jail on […]

The G7 summit was typical Trump on display on the world stage, refusing to be boxed in by anyone on anything

The G7 summit was typical Trump on display on the world stage, refusing to be boxed in by anyone on anything Source Article from Related Posts Global Poverty: How the Rich Eat the Poor and the World First published by GR on January 24, 2016 The 2016 Oxfam Davos Report which the NASA chief: […]

Refusing to cross Israel’s ideological borders

I am her dream manifested, I’m her free bird so why would I come back and be caged and bow down? – Rep. Rashida Tlaib The hashtag #MyPalestinianSitty trended on social media last week after Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib was barred from returning to Palestine to visit her ailing grandmother. In an attempt to remedy […]

Chelsea Manning To Remain In Jail Another Year For Refusing To Testify Against Assange

Chelsea Manning’s refusal to testify against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, is costing her over $400,000 in fines and another year in jail. Since Manning was sent to jail back in March, Julian Assange has been arrested and charged with violating the Espionage Act. Manning has argued that her testimony is no longer necessary as grand juries […]

Iran warns Brazil of consequences over refusing fuel to ships

Iran has asked Brazil to allow refueling of Iranian ships or have Tehran cancel imports worth about $2 billion a year from the Latin American country. At least two Iranian ships are reportedly stranded off the Brazilian coast because state oil company Petrobras is refusing fuel to them. President Jair Bolsonaro said on Friday […]

Muslim ‘Refugee’ Slaps White Girl For Refusing To Have Sex

Obama and his minions constantly proclaim that Muslim “refugees” are peaceful people who just want to assimilate into our culture. What Obama and his cronies are conveniently forgetting, however, is the fact that many Muslims have no respect for women. According to the US Herald, this video footage shows a Muslim refugee from Africa proposition […]

‘Dangerous, disturbing’: Whistleblower raided by US police for refusing to reveal source talks to RT

   After trying to break in with a sledgehammer, cops eventually raided the home of freelance reporter Bryan Carmody, seizing property and handcuffing him. RT spoke with Carmody about the raid, and its implications for press freedom. “I have not been arrested, I have not been accused, and I have not been charged with any […]

‘Democratorship’: Swedes lambast TV channel for refusing to air anti-EU ‘Swexit’ ad

AfS leader Gustav Kasselstrand said the decision by the channel – the only one in Sweden allowed to show political ads – was “a threat to freedom of expression and democracy.” He said TV4 “affects the election results in a crucial way” by “prohibiting advertising from the only party that drives the issue of EU […]

Chelsea Manning Defiant, Sent to Jail Again for Refusing to Incriminate Assange

It is a legal circus worthy of any banana republic or tin pot dictatorship.  After only being released from jail last week for refusing help incriminate WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, renowned whistleblower Chelsea Manning, 31, was remanded in custody on Thursday for contempt of court after refusing to give evidence to a secret grand jury. […]

US Again Jails Chelsea Manning for Refusing to Testify on WikiLeaks

May 17, 2019 By Jason Ditz (ANTIWAR.COM) — Released only last week after 62 days in detention for “contempt” from a previous grand jury for refusing to testify about WikiLeaks, whistleblower Chelsea Manning has been jailed by a new grand jury for the exact same reason. Manning has refused to testify against WikiLeaks, and her lawyers argued that […]

‘I’d rather starve to death’: Chelsea Manning sent back to jail AGAIN, for refusing to testify against WikiLeaks

   A federal judge has ordered Chelsea Manning to be jailed again for refusing to testify in a grand jury probe of Julian Assange, threatening the whistleblower with fines if the defiance continues. Manning says she would rather die. “I would rather starve to death than to change my opinion in this regard. And when […]

Chelsea Manning Released, Faces New Imprisonment For Refusing To Testify Against Assange

Chelsea Manning Released, Faces New Imprisonment For Refusing To Testify Against Assange Above Photo: From After 62 days locked away in a jail cell in Virginia, whistleblower Chelsea Manning was released from detention on Thursday morning. Even before she got out of jail, however, the courageous whistleblower was served with a new subpoena to […]

SNOPES now a confirmed disinfo propaganda fraud after refusing to correct the facts surrounding fake "Vietnam Vet" Nathan Phillips

(Natural News) Even though it’s now been 100 percent verified that Nathan Phillips, the Native American activist who provoked the Covington Catholic High School boys by banging a drum in one of their faces, did not serve in Vietnam as he’s repeatedly claimed, the fake news “fact-checking” website Snopes continues to claim […]

Bethesda Rats Attempt Apology for Refusing Fallout 76 Refund, Giving Free Old Games

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer December 24, 2018 The disgusting rats of Bethesda have stuck to their guns on their “no refunds” policy on Fallout 76, but have decided to make the miniscule Christmas gesture of giving the game’s victims three free old games. #HappyHolidays! ANYONE who logged into the full release of […]

Texas Educator Files Lawsuit after She was Fired for Refusing to Sign an Oath to Israel

AUSTIN, TEXAS — A Texas speech pathologist has filed a lawsuit against the state of Texas after she was reportedly fired for refusing to sign an oath that she would not boycott the apartheid state of Israel. A U.S. citizen born in Austria and of Palestinian descent, Bahia Amawi is a speech specialist in western […]

REPORT: Ukraine Executed Own Troops for Refusing to Fight in Donbass

IMAGE: Ukrainian soldier on the front lines in the eastern region. Source: South Front Ukrainian military commanders have started executing by shooting their own troops, who refuse to fight in the region of Donbass, Head of the Press Service of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Danil Bezsonov stated on December 10. According to Bezsonov, one […]

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