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Media Repeat Phony Trump Regime Narco-Terrorism Charges against Maduro

Establishment media never miss an opportunity to set the record straight on major issues. Instead they consistently proliferate state-sponsored Big Lies about designed US adversaries. The latest exercise in Trump regime mass deception is directed against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and other key Bolivarian officials. Falsely accusing them of narco-terrorism, AG Barr and Pompeo failed […]

US hopes both sanctions & Covid-19 in Iran will force regime change. But it’s a MASS MURDER that will only strengthen Tehran govt

Iran is facing an existential crisis, brought on by  a combination of economic, political and social emergencies which, when combined, threaten to bring the nation to its knees. The United States has, over the years, sought to destabilize Iran in hopes that it would collapse from within, clearing the way for a new pro-Western government. […]

US House Rams Through Nicaragua Regime-change Bill with Zero Opposition

Not one member of the House of Representatives spoke up against a bipartisan bill sponsored by hardliners that ramps up US economic warfare and regime-change measures against Nicaragua’s elected government. *** As the Donald Trump administration’s year-long coup attempt against Venezuela spirals out in failure, the US government has taken aim at Nicaragua with increasing ferocity, in […]

China Retaliates Against Hostile Trump Regime Actions

Last month, the Trump regime designated five state-run Chinese media in the US as “foreign missions (sic).” The hostile action requires them to register their locations, properties and staff, including US citizens if among them.  Affected media include Xinhua, China Global Television Network, China Radio International, China Daily Distribution Corporation, and Hai Tian Development USA. […]

‘Get out of the way, let us deal with Assad regime’, Erdogan says he told Putin regarding Idlib, Syria

Erdogan asked Putin “to get out of the way” and let the Turkish troops deal with Syrian President Bashar Assad, the Turkish leader told his AK Party on Saturday. Erdogan was explaining to lawmakers his government’s handling of the escalation in the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib, where Turkish and Syrian troops have engaged in several clashes […]

Sanders is damn right about New World Order regime change

…by Jonas E. Alexis I’m not in a position to support or disapprove Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, but he has recently said something that’s one hundred percent correct. He declared: “Occasionally it might be a good idea to be honest about American foreign policy, and that includes the fact that America has overthrown governments all […]

Shock as Facebook’s Censorship Regime Targets Conservatives

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer February 21, 2020 Of course the only conservative figure at Facebook is Jewish. How very convenient. The Hill: A Facebook executive in 2016 warned the company that taking down all instances of political misinformation would unfairly target conservative users of the social network, The Washington Post reported on Thursday. The reported […]

Osama bin Trumpstein: ‘Innocent Syrians Fleeing Regime Brutality’

Syrians are in a desperate race to outrun the offensive of the brutal Assad regime. The ruthless government forces are aggressively destroying helpless mines and car bombs, treacherously restoring roads, schools and residential houses, cruelly launching road patrols, and (oh, the horror!) oppressing moderate oppositionists from al-Qaeda. On February 18, the brutality of the regime […]

Video: Syrians Are in Desperate Race to Outrun Brutal Regime Offensive

Syrians are in a desperate race to outrun the offensive of the brutal Assad regime. The ruthless government forces are aggressively destroying helpless mines and car bombs, treacherously restoring roads, schools and residential houses, cruelly launching road patrols, and (oh, the horror!) oppressing moderate oppositionists from al-Qaeda. On February 18, the brutality of the regime […]

Erdogan Regime the Dumbest in the World; Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister

February 17, 2020  Arabi Souri Dr. Faisal Al-Meqdad, Syria’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and the usually most shy top Syrian diplomat with all his carefully chosen words couldn’t find a better description of the current Turkish regime of Erdogan than ‘the dumbest regime in the world’. In an interview with the Lebanese-based Al-Mayadeen news […]

Communist regime ARRESTS scientists, criminalizes doctors and silences whistleblowers… all in the name of maintaining "control" of the narrative

(Natural News) As the coronavirus continues to spread throughout China and beyond, many were reminded of what happened to the military doctor who blew the whistle on the extent of the SARS outbreak, which killed more than 800 people. As The Epoch Times reports, after people in China discovered that government authorities […]

Trump Pushes Forward With Regime Change Strategy In Venezuela

Since then, the White House has crafted and implemented an aggressive regime-change strategy that has relied primarily on increasingly harsh economic sanctions on Maduro, government officials and pillars of the Venezuelan economy ― including the effective embargo the U.S. put in place last August. The strategy is being led by a cadre of veteran hard-liners […]

Saudi regime, ‘main source of instability in Arab world’: Iran UK envoy

MNA – Iranian Ambassador to the UK Hamid Baeidinejad in a message on Wed. said that Saudi regime is the main source of instability in the Arab world. “Saudi Arabia started the most devastating war against Yemen, imposed embargo against Qatar and adopted destabilizing policies against Syria, Iraq and Lebanon,” Baeidinejad wrote on his Twitter […]

Hezbollah Slams Trump’s ‘Deal of Century’, Arab Regime’s Involvement, Says People Can Overthrow it Soon

Translated by Staff Hezbollah issued the following statement: Hezbollah condemns and strongly rejects the deal of shame tabled by the savage Trump administration at the expense of the Palestinian people, their land, sanctities and legitimate natural rights. It regards the deal as a very dangerous step that carries serious repercussions for the region’s future and […]

Trump Regime’s Criminal “Deal of the Century”: Breaking Palestine, Endorsing “Greater Israel”?

US/Israeli policy is hardwired against regional peace and stability. From what’s known about Trump’s deal of the century ahead of its reported Tuesday unveiling at the White House, it fulfills an Israeli wish list at the expense of fundamental Palestinian rights and peace. Israeli media reported that the scheme includes Israeli annexation of (illegal) settlements […]

God save our regime! ‌Prince Andrew giving ‘zero’ cooperation to Epstein pedophile inquiry say US prosecutors

   Prince Andrew has provided “zero” cooperation with the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking inquiry, US prosecutors said on Monday, despite earlier promises to help investigations in any way possible. Speaking outside Epstein’s Manhattan mansion, Geoffrey Berman, US attorney for the southern district of New York, said the agencies had contacted Andrew regarding an interview, but […]

Fact check – US Governmental Lies About Iran and The Sanction Regime — Rebel Voice

Originally posted on Rebel Voice: “Truth is the first casualty of war” – But sometimes truth becomes a victim before the war ever begins, as is the case in US depictions of events in both Venezuela and Iran at present. Today, there is a concerted campaign by forces within the US regime to misrepresent and… via […]

Nuclear Weapons: Trump Regime Pressured E3 Countries (UK, France, Germany) to Trigger JCPOA Dispute Mechanism

Post-WW II, Washington transformed Western European countries into virtual US colonies — their presence status. Judge them by their actions. Time and again, they subordinate their sovereign rights to US interests, even when harming their own. It shows by imposing unlawful sanctions on Russia and other nations on the US target list for regime change, […]

Exclusive: PS752 Shot Down In Regime Change Attempt

by Ian Greenhalgh We now know that it was a missile fired by an Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) missile complex that brought down Ukrainian flight PS752. We also know that it was no accident, but rather, a deliberate act. Whether the missile was fired due to the actions of a human traitor within the […]

"You Killed Our Geniuses" – Regime Crackdown Intensifies As Iranians Flood Streets In Third Day Of Protest

Despite an aggressive crackdown by the Iranian regime that reportedly included soldiers and riot police firing into crowds of civilians – in open defiance of President Trump’s warning to Tehran not to “kill your protesters” – anti-government protests over Iran’s mistaken shoot-down of UIA Flight 752 continued on Monday for a third straight day, following […]

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