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Presence of foreign forces in region root cause of problems: Rouhani

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has described the presence of foreign forces in any regional country as the root cause of more problems for the entire region. “The presence of foreign forces in any regional country will only serve to create problems,” Iran’s president said in a meeting with new Afghan Ambassador to Tehran Abdulghafour Lival […]

Regionalism: Feds Are Actively Pushing Smart Region Initiatives

The U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) actively promotes “regional collaboration” and “sustainable economic development”. It smacks of UN policies from top to bottom, creating many un-Constitutional initiatives.   There is currently no pushback on Smart Region Initiatives that usurp sovereignty from local cities. Article Four of the Constitution states, “The United […]

US resorting to threadbare policies to foment tensions in region: Jahangiri

“The US is still resorting to its deceitful strategy of creating instability and insecurity [in the Persian Gulf] to increase its presence in the region,” Jahangiri said on Monday at the first Caspian Economic Forum, which is underway in Turkmenistan’s Awaza. However, Jahangiri added, Washington’s threadbare policy of Iranophobia has long been hampered by the […]

Iran a key player in region’s security, stability: Qatar

MNA – Qatari Defense Minister Khalid bin Mohammed al-Attiyah said Iran is a key player in the region’s security and stability. In a phone conversation with his Iranian counterpart Brigadier General Amir Hatami, al-Attiyah said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran is a key player and a key player in the security and stability of the […]

S Arabi’s policies isolated country in Islamic world, region: Vaezi

MNA – In reaction to the remarks made by Saudi Ambassador in the UN, the Chief of Staff of Iranian president Mahmoud Vaezi said on Wednesday that “Saudi Arabia’s policies have left them alone in the Muslim world and the region.” “Saudis started a war that they thought would be ended in few weeks,” Vaezi […]

Zarif: Region, world indebted to Gen. Soleimani

Talking to US reporters and editors of the country’s media outlets on Thursday, he said, “General Soleimani played a big role in fighting terrorism.” Zarif’s support for commander of Quds Force takes place at a time when the US has blacklisted the IRGC as terrorist group just for his crucial role in fighting terrorism in […]

Turkey bombs Kurdish region in Iraq after diplomat killed

Turkey on Thursday launched an air attack on the Kurdish region in northern Iraq in response to the killing of a Turkish diplomat in the region, the country’s defence minister said. The Turkish vice consul to Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdish region was shot dead on Wednesday in the local capital Erbil. Police sources said […]

Envoy: UK not to increase its forces in region

IRNA – UK Ambassador to Tehran Robert Macaire stressed that in contrast to what some media claim, the UK will not increase the level of its forces in the region. Macaire retweeted a message sent by UK Defense Ministry, saying the article shows that the ships moving towards the Persian Gulf are being replaced with […]

VIDEO: ISIS Flag Raised Over Al-Hawl Refugee Camp in US-occupied Region of Syria

Not surprisingly, ISIS terrorists continue to thrive under the illegal US occupation of northeastern Syria… An ISIS flag has been raised over the Al-Hawl refugee camp in the US-occupied part of Syria. The refugee camp located in the province of al-Hasakah, which is mostly under control of the US-led coalition and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces. […]

Countries of region providing security for waterways: Gov’t spokesman

Speaking at a press conference on Sunday concerning the Iranian tanker seizure at the Strait of Gibraltar, the official noted, “We are pursuing legal measures for the Iranian tanker seized by British troops; essentially, the Gibraltar trial and the actions taken are influenced by the policies of the British government and they are not real and, […]

Gaza border mayors boycott meeting with PM, accuse him of ignoring region

The heads of two regional councils on the Gaza border wracked in recent months by arson and rocket attacks boycotted a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other top cabinet officials Wednesday, accusing the government of ignoring the security situation in the Israeli communities closest to the Palestinian enclave. Speaking after the meeting of […]

Iran accuses US of previous drone breach, says it is inflaming the region

Iran claimed Sunday that last week’s confrontation over a spy drone was not the first time in recent weeks an American reconnaissance aircraft had breached its airspace, accusing America of fueling tensions in an already volatile region. Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted a map on Sunday which he said showed a previous border […]

Rouhani: US drone intrusion beginning of new tension in region

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says the recent encroachment on the Islamic Republic’s airspace by a US spy drone is the “beginning of new tension in the region.” “This region is very sensitive and security of the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman is significant for many countries. Therefore, we expect all international bodies […]

Yet another very strong earthquake (magnitude 6.3) hits the Kermadec Islands – 5th in 6 days, 6th for region

   Most important Earthquake Data: Magnitude : 6.3 Local Time (conversion only below land) : Unknown GMT/UTC Time : 2019-06-21 08:37:16 Depth (Hypocenter) : 10 km Source Article from Related Posts Trump Slams "Always Wrong" Fed, Says "Not Thrilled At Strong Dollar" President Trump took to Twitter today to make it clear he is […]

US favors armed conflict in region: Commentator

Russia has raised the alarm after the US announced the deployment of about one-thousand additional troops to the Middle East. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov called the US move provocative. He warned that the US should either drop the deployment or risk war with Iran. China also warned the US against opening ‘a […]

US-crafted ‘deal of century’ only serves Zionists’ interests in region

Iran and the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, say a plan devised by the administration of US President Donald Trump targeting the Palestinian nation, dubbed ‘the deal of the century’, only seeks to meet the interests of the Zionists in the Middle East and aims to establish Israel’s occupationist policies. The remarks were made in […]


Tensions are on the rise around the Persian Gulf after a series of suspicious attacks on oil tankers in the region. On May 12, a supposed sabotage attack targeted very large crude carrier Amjad, crude tanker Al Marzoqah [both owned by Saudi shipping firm Bahri], UAE-flagged fuel bunker barge A Michel and Norwegian-registered oil products tanker MT […]

NSW region set for RoundUp aerial spraying

Wollongong residents have been informed of glyphosate spraying. Photo: DFH Preparations are underway for helicopter spraying of the chemical RoundUp around Port Kembla in New South Wales, just days after a Melbourne man launched Australia’s first lawsuit seeking to blame the weedkiller for his cancer. Some residents are concerned that just as some countries are […]

Sayyed Nasrallah Warns US: War on Iran to Burn Region, Ready to Open Precise Missiles Manufacturing Factories

Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered on Friday a speech in which he tackled various regional topics, on top of which is US administration’s “Deal of century.” Addressing thousands of Resistance supporters who gathered to commemorate Al-Quds Day, Sayyed Nasrallah recalled that “today, 40 years have passed since late Imam Khomeini announced […]

Springtime blizzard strikes Russia’s Urals Region

   The snow cover is 12 cm deep Two months’ worth of snow fell in the city of Salekhard in Russia’s Yamalo-Nenets Region overnight into Friday, a spokesperson for the city administration told TASS. “We got two months’ worth of precipitation. The new snow cover is 12 cm deep, yet the monthly average is six […]

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