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Sleeping With The Third Reich: America’s Unspoken “Alliance” with Nazi Germany against the Soviet Union

Image: Adolph Hitler together with Prescott Bush, grandfather of former President George W. Bush. Prescott Bush was a partner of Brown Brothers Harriman & Co and director of Union Banking Corporation which had close relations with German corporate interests including Thyssen Steel, a major company involved in the Third Reich’s weapons industry.  “…[N]ew documents, declassified [in 2003], […]

The United States of Google and The Rise of The 4th Reich

Technocracy expert, Patrick Wood, contacted me last night regarding the Project Veritas revelations in relation to the latest criminal antics emanating from Google. And before I recount the conversation and its very profound implications for every American, I want to once again review an event which took place last year when I was attending Steve […]

This is how the USA became the Fourth Reich.

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Wilhelm Reich: Pervert or Martyred Genius?

In The Mass Psychology of Fascism, (1933) Reich recognized the traditional patriarchal family as a microcosm of the authoritarian and theorized that sexual suppression within this structure is the root of fascism. Occurring first in the nuclear family (“the authoritarian miniature state”), sexual repression ensures “later subordination to the general authoritarian system,” he wrote.10“> In this […]

Education in the Third Reich

By Bernhard Rust Reich and Prussian Minister of Science, Education and Popular Enlightenment The nineteenth century witnessed so much educational progress in the domain of intellectual refinement that it may be justly described as the century of education. Germany took a leading part in this development, and her educational system was universally acknowledged to be […]

Franz Stassen’s Epic Art in The Third Reich and Beyond

It is really frustrating not to be able to find enough information on a given artist such as Franz Stassen to contrast sources in order to get to one’s own conclusions. In this particular case, the one and only source online about Franz Stassen seems to be Wikipedia (as per usual). All the other sources […]

The Reich in Photos – The KDF Fleet for The German Workers

From “Blame Cruise Ships on the Nazis“: Enter the Nazis, or specifically the Strength through Joy, or Kraft durch Freude (KdF) movement. KdF was the recreation wing of the German Labour Front, and whose offerings to German workers included cruises in the Baltic, Atlantic, and Mediterranean. The cruises began in 1934 using otherwise unemployed German liners, but […]

NS Poster Collection – Grand Prix in the Third Reich

It is always interesting to check out some of the posters from the era of peace within the Reich, where Germans happily lived and enjoyed recreation. Thanks to NS Europa for the images. Source Article from Hits: 21

Portraits by Olaf Jordan, Army Artist of the Third Reich’s Cossack Division

From Olaf Jordan was born in 1902 in Decin (Tetschen) in Bohemia in the Czech Republic, then Austria. He studied art at the Dresden Academy 1920-25 and then made study trips throughout southern Europe. He stayed for longer periods in France and Holland and lived in Yugoslavia between 1935 and 1938. After the German […]

Far Reich: Terrorist cell aiming to bring back German Empire raided by cops

Searches were carried out in three German states after police found evidence that the alleged members of the group held a meeting in the summer of 2017. Reichsburgers, which translates to “Reich citizens,” do not recognize the Federal Republic of Germany as a state, and instead identify with the German Empire that existed from 1871 to […]

The Californian Reich: Government Intimidate Residents and Steal Their Property

Why is LA County threatening residents and driving them from their properties?  Areas like Antelope Valley are being systematically driven from their land by the state, who seeks to profit from future development projects. By deploying their heavily-armed Orwellian titled, Nuisance Abatement Teams (NATS), LA County technocrats are engaged in a form of official racketeering, […]

Vatican’s Nazi German Fourth Reich established under the guise of the European Union

Posted by PRESS Core c-Europe, World news Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018 A US Military Intelligence report known as the Red House Report (EW-Pa 128), is a detailed account of a secret meeting at the Maison Rouge Hotel in Strasbourg on August 10, 1944. There, Nazi officials ordered an […]

German far-right ‘Reich Citizens’ planning own army, preparing for ‘Day X’ – reports

The stunning revelation came into the spotlight earlier this week after Germany’s Focus magazine published a report citing an assessment of the domestic intelligence agency, the BfV. 450+ far-right extremists at large in Germany, ‘established Nazi underground’ feared Responding to Focus’ request for comment, the BfV, the agency in charge of monitoring extremist groups threatening […]

Christmas and New Year Postcards from the Third Reich

This collection of cheerful and somber Christmas cards from the Third Reich comes to us courtesy of NS Europa, where they were collected. Source Article from Hits: 63

Third Reich Postcards Collection – Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest started in 1810. There were mixed feelings about the celebration within the leadership of the Third Reich. For propaganda purposes and heightened morale, Oktoberfest was kept more or less traditional, with some slight changes. The beer price was set by the government so as to be affordable and the poor were fed a meal […]

Arno Breker – The Michelangelo of the Third Reich

Biography from German Art Gallery Arno Breker (1900 – 1991) was a German sculptor, best known for his public works in Nazi Germany, which were endorsed by the authorities as the antithesis of degenerate art. During his time in Paris in the twenties and early thirties he was influenced by Jean Cocteau, Jean Renoir, Pablo […]

Karl Bauer’s Portraits of Third Reich Figures

Karl Konrad Friedrich Bauer (1868–1942) was a German artist, print-maker and poet. He was an expert draftsmanship, and in the early 20th century he found a good deal of success as an illustrator and portrait artist. Because of his traditional style, he was more than welcome to continue working in the arts when the National […]

Jim Marrs: Rise of The Fourth Reich

(POPEYE) With the recent passing of author and friend Jim Marrs (August 2nd 2017) I decided to honor him by remastering the very first interview I did with Jim on air back in 2012 about his book RISE OF THE FOURTH REICH. This edition of DTRH originally aired back on 06-10-2012. I made an entire […]

Wilhelm Furtwängler and Music in the Third Reich

Renegade Editor’s Note: Here’s a good video to pique your interest. By Antony Charles From The Journal of Historical Review, May-June 1998 (Vol. 17, No. 3), pp. 2 ff. Not only during his lifetime, but also in the decades since his death in 1954, Wilhelm Furtwängler has been globally recognized as one of the greatest […]

UK & US BANKSTERS FUNDED the Rise of the Nazi Third Reich = Deliberately to foment against the spread of Jewish USSR Communism and to foment BANKSTER WAR FOR LOOTING.

UK & US BANKSTERS FUNDED the Rise of the Nazi Third Reich = Deliberately to foment against the spread of Jewish USSR Communism and to foment BANKSTER WAR FOR LOOTING. Newly released UN “Nazi Holocaust archives” show US & UK colluded with Third Reich to destroy Soviet Union by Alex Christoforou May 5, 2017 WW […]

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