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Iran’s Khamenei: Muslim nations reject ‘humiliation’ of compromise with Israel 

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei lashed out at the idea of Muslim nations compromising with Israel, calling it a “humiliation,” and issued an ominous warning to nations seeking to normalize ties with the Jewish state. “Muslim nations will never accept the humiliation of compromising with the Zionist regime,” Khamenei tweeted Tuesday. In recent months, […]

Vote no on CA Prop 22: Reject this corporate power grab

[embedded content] Here’s what you need to know about Proposition 22 on the California ballot, and why I’m urging you to vote NO on this corporate power grab. Right now, massive corporations like Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Postmates, and Instacart are pouring nearly $200 million into a giant PR campaign designed to get you to vote for […]

Can Trump delay election or reject peaceful transition of power? Amy Coney Barrett refuses to say

[embedded content] Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett faced 11 hours of questioning in the Senate Tuesday but refused to provide clarity about her views on the Affordable Care Act, Roe v. Wade, voting rights and even if President Trump could delay the election. Republicans are racing to confirm the 48-year-old federal judge before Election […]

Hezbollah, Amal Movement Reject Composition of Lebanon’s Delegation Tasked to Negotiate Border Demarcation, Call for Reforming It Immediately

Hezbollah and Amal Movement issued early Wednesday a statement in which they voiced rejection of  the composition of the Lebanese delegation tasked to negotiate the southern border demarcation, calling for reforming it immediately. The statement mentioned that the framework agreement announced by the House Speaker Nabih Berri pertaining the border demarcation had stressed, in its […]

Conservatives Reject Democrats’ Call for Virus Delay of Barrett Confirmation: Go Virtual

Freedom Works held a press conference with lawmakers and election and Constitutional experts on Monday to call on the Senate to push forward with the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett despite the Democrats calling for a delay because members of the Senate Judiciary Committee have been diagnosed with the coronavirus. Breitbart […]

The Error Of Christian Dispensationalists: Did Israel Reject Jesus? (Part 3)

This is the third and final installment of our series The Error of Dispensationalists: Did Israel Reject Jesus? Part 1 can be read here. Part 2 can be read here. In his series of lectures, Did Israel Reject Jesus?, Sheldon Emry exposes the fundamental flaw in dispensational Christian theology that falsely encourages the belief that […]

The Error Of Christian Dispensationalists: Did Israel Reject Jesus? (Part 2)

This is the second installment of our series The Error of Dispensationalists: Did Israel Reject Jesus? Part 1 can be read here. In his series of lectures, Did Israel Reject Jesus?, Sheldon Emry exposes the fundamental flaw in dispensational Christian theology that falsely encourages the belief that because “The Jews” rejected their promised messiah — […]

New survey: 98% of Americans who support socialism reject biblical worldview

A new survey by the Cultural Research Center found that 98 percent of Americans who support socialism reject the biblical worldview. Veteran researcher George Barna oversaw the survey — titled “American Worldview Inventory 2020” — for the center, which is located at Arizona Christian University near Phoenix. Barna noted in a news release that one message emerging from its […]

The Error Of Christian Dispensationalists: Did Israel Reject Jesus?

In his four part series, Did Israel Reject Jesus?, Sheldon Emry exposes the fundamental flaw in dispensational Christian theology that falsely encourages the belief that because “The Jews” rejected their promised messiah — Jesus Christ — that God changed His mind, broke His eternal covenant with the Israelites, and transferred His promises of salvation to […]

Only Sociopaths Reject the New Normal! – #PropagandaWatch

HomeRemedySupply says: From The American Psychiatric Association (APA)July 31, 2020 (By the way, the website and “News Releases” is worth looking at.)Susceptibility to Conspiracy Theories and Fake News EXCERPTSConspiracy theories, which explain events or a set of circumstances as the result of secret plot by usually powerful and malevolent groups, are quite common. One study […]

We ‘Never Gave Up Hope’: Parents Reject Advice to Abort Daughter With Several Organs Outside of Body

Photo Credit: (The Christian Institute) — Parents who were advised to have an abortion have shared how their disabled daughter has defied doctors’ expectations. Laurel Phizacklea was born with exomphalos major — a condition that means her stomach, bowel and liver are outside her body. Doctors said she would not survive birth and advised […]

Palestinians Reject ‘Cheap Publicity Stunt’ By Israel And The UAE

Condemnation was swift shortly after the disputed deal between Israel and the UAE was announced. Reactions to the disputed deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, which is aimed at normalising relations between the two nations, from Palestinians abroad and the occupied Palestinian Territories has been scathing. “May you never experience the agony of […]

Bolivians Reject Postponement Of Elections With Massive Mobilizations

Above photo: Thousands of Bolivians mobilized in the Cochabamba city on July 28, demanding general elections in response to the TSE’s decision to postpone them. Kawsachun News. Nationwide mobilizations which kicked off today have been organized by Bolivian social movements and trade unions in rejection of the suspension of general elections in the country. Organizations and […]

Most Foreign Envoys Reject Israeli Invitation to Jerusalem Embassy Celebrations

Israel launched celebrations on Sunday for the US Embassy’s relocation to Jerusalem, a move whose break with world consensus was underscored by the absence of most envoys to the country from a reception hosted by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Reuters reports. Monday’s slated opening of the new embassy follows US President Donald Trump’s recognition in December of […]

McCain Sides With Democrats Urging Senate To Reject Haspel CIA Nomination

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) has come out against Gina Haspel, President Trump’s nominee to be CIA director, who is seeking to fill the seat left vacant by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Haspel came under fire in March, after reports in the New York Times and ProPublica reported Haspell’s involvement in the black site, as […]

Clashing with the Jewish state: ultra-Orthodox Israelis who reject Zionism

Before the sun has a chance to rise, Israeli riot police tiptoe through one of Jerusalem’s oldest Jewish neighborhoods, their shadows dancing across lines of anti-Zionist graffiti decorating buildings and walls. Their objective is to arrest residents in Mea Shearim for refusing Israel’s mandatory army draft and organizing against the state, according to community claims. […]

California Lawmakers Reject State’s Sanctuary Law

A group of Southern California lawmakers have rejected the state’s sanctuary law on Monday night, in a devastating blow to Governor Jerry Brown.  Los Alamitos Council members voted 4-1 to opt out of the law that limits cooperation between police and ICE officials. reports: The law, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown last year and became […]

Russians Reject New World Order As Putin Wins Election By Landslide

Vladimir Putin won the Russian presidential election by a huge landslide on Sunday, as tens of millions of Russian citizens reject the globalist policies of the New World Order.  Vladimir Putin will lead Russia for another six years, after receiving a staggering 75% of the vote, according to the central election commission. Addressing a rally […]

Philippine Leaders Reject US Intel Report that Duterte is a ‘Threat to Democracy’

     The US intelligence community labeled Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte a “threat to democracy” in their Worldwide Threat Assessment (WTA) report, provoking a rebuke from Philippine leaders in defense of their oft-controversial president. The WTA was published on February 13 and spent most of its time running down the “threat” posed by the US’ top […]

Iranian athletes reject smartphones offer: Envoy

IRNA – Iran’s ambassador to Seoul said that Iranian athletes participating in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics have rejected the offer to receive smartphones. Mohammad Hossein Taherian told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) that Iranian athletes in Pyeongchang have said the International Olympic Committee has announced that they could receive Samsung smartphones that they were […]

Iran, Turkey Azerbaijan agree to reject US decision on al-Quds at UN

Press TV- Iran, Turkey and Azerbaijan have rejected a US decision to recognize Jerusalem al-Quds as the “capital” of Israel. The three neighboring states agreed to adopt a united stance on Washington’s new policy at an upcoming meeting of the UN General Assembly on the issue. The agreement was reached during a trilateral meeting in […]

Instrumental in Defeating ISIS, Iraq’s Shia Militias Reject Calls to Disarm

They heeded a Shia leader’s call-to-arms, were equipped and trained by Iran’s elite military and were forged in the crucible of war against the Islamic State. In little more than three years the Hashd al-Shaabi, or Popular Mobilisation Units, have risen from a disparate alliance of volunteer militias to become a battle-tested force in Iraq. […]

Christian leaders urge Congress to reject Israel Anti-Boycott Act

Tamara Nassar Activism and BDS Beat 9 November 2017 Christian leaders are speaking out against legislation designed to censor support for Palestinian rights. Friends of Sabeel North America Dozens of American faith-based organizations have endorsed a call to defend the First Amendment rights of Americans who want to hold Israel accountable for its violations of […]

Businesses in Texas city hit by hurricane must reject Israel boycott to get aid

The city of Dickinson, Texas, will no longer require private citizens affected by Hurricane Harvey to sign a pledge guaranteeing they do not and will not boycott Israel as a condition to receiving help.  After a closed meeting with city attorney David Olson, the city council passed a motion to remove a clause that conditions […]

Why Did Bush Reject Aid Offers From Cuba After Hurricane Katrina?

Of the many stories written about Hurricane Katrina in autumn 2005 and its devastating consequences, one crucial element is virtually overlooked. During the all-important hours after the tropical cyclone laid waste to sections of south-eastern United States, the Bush administration ignored the aid of its Cuban neighbor. Cuban leader Fidel Castro offered to ship over 1,600 doctors […]

Orthodox Jews Reject Zionism, Burn Israeli Flag, Wait For Messiah

Some very unorthodox Israelis fail to recognize Zionism and the establishment of a Jewish state in the land of Israel. They burn the flag of the country they live in, anticipating the arrival of a ‘Messianic Age.’ Ultra-Orthodox Jews living in Israel believe that the formation of the Jewish state is forbidden in Judaism until the […]

Venezuelans Reject Trump Threats with Anti-Imperialist March

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‘Kayaktivists’ Tell Gov. Hogan To Reject TransCanada Potomac Pipeline

Above: All photos by Anne Meador of DC Media Group. The Potomac River Pipeline creates serious environmental risks to the Potomac River and the millions of people downstream who depend on the Potomac for water. Communities in the area of have been protesting the pipeline and escalated with a Kayacktivist action on August 11, 2017. […]

Parents Who Reject Vaccines Are Highly Educated, Says Health Minister

Parents who refuse to have their children vaccinated are likely to be more educated than their counterparts, the Malaysian Health Minister said on Thursday. According to Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam, people who live in cities and who are highly educated are more aware of the risks associated with vaccinations. reports: “The ministry has detected nearly […]

Blow for EU as Czech’s REJECT eurozone entry: ‘Just 30% want it’

While financial experts say they country could sign up as the general conditions are right, leader Milos Zeman has said that the people are against the move. He said: “We have been fulfilling the Maastricht criteria, but there is a mental barrier to its adoption. A mere 30 per cent of Czechs are in […]

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