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Google Releases Location Data To Help Authorities Check Lock-Downs

Alphabet’s Google division has on Thursday published data for 131 countries that shows whether people are obeying self-isolating and quarantine rules. The ‘Community Mobility Reports’ from the search engine giant showed whether visits to shops, parks and workplaces dropped in March, Reuters reported. March is when many countries around the world brought in […]

Coronaflu: CDC Releases Statistics Showing 78% of People in the ICU Have Preexisting Conditions

Daily Stormer April 3, 2020 The media actually does report some of the facts about what is going on on the ground, it’s just that they themselves don’t appear to understand what they imply. And the reader surely doesn’t. Fat, old and sickly people have always been the people who are vulnerable […]

Newsom Releases Child Murderers from Prison Because of a Virus

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer March 28, 2020 The state of the average American in March of 2020 We are experiencing what a legitimate mass hysteria looks like. People are killing themselves, they’re going out to live in the woods, they’re stockpiling toilet paper. The government is closing all businesses, locking everyone in […]

SDF Releases ISIS Terrorists in Eastern Syria (video)

On March 23, Russian and Turkish forces carried out a second limited joint patrol in southern Idlib. The patrol involved six armoured vehicles and took place along a short chunk of the M4 highway west of the government-controlled town of Saraqib. This part of the highway remains the only safe place within the entire security […]

Video: SDF Releases Tens of ISIS Members in Eastern Syria. Turkey, Russia Struggle with Idlib De-escalation

On March 23, Russian and Turkish forces carried out a second limited joint patrol in southern Idlib. The patrol involved six armoured vehicles and took place along a short chunk of the M4 highway west of the government-controlled town of Saraqib. This part of the highway remains the only safe place within the entire security […]

Iran releases French national after France frees Iranian engineer

Press TV – Iran has agreed to conditional release of a French national, who was jailed in the country, after Iranian engineer Jalal Rouhollahnejad was freed by France despite frequent requests from Washington for extradition of the Iranian national extradited to the United States over accusations of violating anti-Iran sanctions. According to Mizan news agency, the […]

Court Finally Releases Chelsea Manning After Suicide Attempt

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P.U.T.I.N Group Releases Pigeons With MAGA Hats Glued to Their Heads in Las Vegas

(TMU) — A mysterious group calling itself Pigeons United To Interfere Now (P.U.T.I.N.) has claimed responsibility for unleashing pigeons in Las Vegas with tiny “MAGA” hats glued to their heads. The group apparently wanted to mock Donald Trump, but many critics are calling the stunt an act of animal cruelty. According to NBC News a statement […]

Bloomberg Qualifies For Nevada Democratic Debate, Releases ‘AOC-Lite’ Tax Plan

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg qualified on Tuesday to participate in this week’s Democratic presidential debate in Nevada, which will take place in Las Vegas Wednesday night.  Bloomberg has vowed to leverage his fortune to defeat President Donald Trump, who has already raised a campaign war chest that dwarfs the money raised by the other Democratic […]

Yemen releases video of Saudi ‘Tornado’ Shoot Down (strong warning, graphic unpleasantness)

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California Auditor Releases Damning Report About Law Enforcement’s Use of Automated License Plate Readers

By Dave Mass and Hayley Tsukayama California police and sheriffs are failing to protect the privacy of drivers on city streets, the California State Auditor’s office determined after a seven-month investigation into the use of automated license plate readers (ALPRs) by the Los Angeles Police Department and three other local law enforcement agencies. California State […]

UN Releases List Of Companies With Ties To Jewish Settlements

UN Releases List Of Companies With Ties To Jewish Settlements Above Photo: A worker carries boxes containing wine bottles for export at Shiloh Wineries, north of the West Bank city of Ramallah Nov. 8, 2015. | Photo: Reuters Among the companies listed were Airbnb, eDreams, TripAdvisor, and Motorola. The United Nations Office of the High Commissioner […]

UN releases database of companies operating in illegal West Bank settlements

After countless delays, the UN released the highly-anticipated database of companies that operate in Israel’s hundreds of illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank. The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) released the list on Wednesday to Palestinain fanfare and Israeli condemnation. The list names 112 business enterprises — 94 Israeli and […]

CDC accidentally releases infected patient from quarantine, then calls them back… total incompetence will get us killed

(Natural News) The first American to be evacuated from Wuhan, China, and later diagnosed with a confirmed case of novel coronavirus was reportedly released from the hospital by accident, effectively putting the rest of the population at risk of infection. Reports indicate that the patient was mistakenly discharged from the University of […]

China Releases Video Of World’s Largest Three-Engine Utility-Attack Drone

By Tyler Durden A rising global superpower must have an advanced aerospace industry to sustain dominance. When it comes to drone development, China has been rapidly advancing the technology and exporting the aircraft across the world — taking precious market share away from the U.S. Chinese media is reporting that Chengdu-based Tengden Technology Co. has […]

Colgate Releases Vegan-Certified Toothpaste in First-of-Its-Kind Recyclable Tube

Jordan Davidson, EcoWatch Waking Times Colgate has launched a new line of toothpaste in a fully recyclable tube, a first for toothpaste, as The Guardian reported. Colgate’s Smile For Good brand, which is only available in Europe right now, has been certified by The Vegan Society and comes in a tube made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which […]

State Department Releases Detailed Accounts Of Biden-Ukraine Corruption, by Tyler Durden — STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC

Sometimes Freedom of Information Act requests don’t get you the information you thought you’d be getting, or information that’s the opposite of what you wanted. From Tyler Durden at A liberal watchdog group’s attempt to nail Rudy Giuliani has backfired in spectacular fashion after their FOIA request resulted in the US State Department releasing […] […]

Another Kevin Spacey accuser dies as actor releases creepy Christmas video

A third alleged victim of actor Kevin Spacey has died. Danish author Ari Behn committed suicide on Wednesday, Fox News reports: Ari Behn, a former member of Norway’s royal family who was one of Kevin Spacey’s sexual assault accusers, died by suicide on Wednesday, his manager said. He was 47. “It […]

Biden Releases ‘Partial’ Medical History – Makes NO MENTION of Cognitive Health

Joe Biden has responded to pressure to release his medical history by making part of it available to the press on Tuesday, but it conspicuously avoids any discussion of his cognitive or neurological health. Despite the Democrat presidential candidate worrying top allies and supporters with his frequent gaffes, and his recent admission that he struggles […]

Attorney John Durham Releases Bombshell Statement Disputing IG Report Conclusions

US Attorney John Durham says he disagrees with the conclusions of IG Michael Horowitz following the release of the FISA report. On Monday, DOJ Inspector General Horowitz finally released his long-awaited report on FISA abuses. The report revealed what we have been saying all along – the FBI defrauded the FISA court and omitted intelligence […]

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