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China releases UK’s Hong Kong consulate staffer

A Chinese national working at Britain’s Hong Kong consulate has been released from detention in mainland China and has returned to the city, police and his family have said. Simon Cheng, who was detained on August 8 for breaching public security management regulations, was released as scheduled after 15 days, authorities in the […]

Gibraltar releases Iran-operated tanker despite US pressure

Gibraltar’s government has released an Iranian-operated supertanker, which was seized by British marines in the Strait of Gibraltar on July 4, despite pressure from the United States for the vessel’s continued detainment. “Authorities in Gibraltar have released the Iranian supertanker Grace 1, which was seized on July 4 on suspicion it was shipping 2.1 […]

Netanyahu will fall in September, experts predict — unless Trump releases peace plan!

Benjamin Netanyahu’s long reign as Israel’s prime minister will likely end after the September election, say two expert analysts. And Netanyahu’s best hope to stay as prime minister and avoid indictment will be if the Trump administration interferes, by releasing its peace plan, thereby putting pressure on Netanyahu’s rivals to make a government with him. […]

Wikileaks Releases And Environmental Causes

Wikileaks Releases And Environmental Causes Above Photo: Jumanji Solar/Flickr WikiLeaks’ publication of more than 10 million documents has shed much-needed light on every corner of corporate and governmental secrecy. Within these files are scores of revelations about the ways in which the world’s most influential governments and corporations have put profit and power above environmental protections, […]

Portugal releases Israeli wanted for murder of compatriot in Colombia

JTA — A Portuguese judge has released an Israeli man who is wanted in Colombia for the murder of another Israeli and the sexual exploitation of underage girls. The Lisbon Appeals Tribunal ordered Assi Ben-Mosh released from jail on June 28 after more than a month in custody. It said Colombian prosecutors had failed to […]

Iran releases VIDEO of detained British-flagged tanker

The video shows the vessel in the sea and is attributed to the Islamic Republic of Iran News Network (IRINN). The tanker is now in the port of Bandar Abbas, officials at the Iranian port reported earlier on Saturday. Tehran says the vessel was detained over an “accident” with a fishing boat, adding that it […]

Judge Releases German Rescue Ship Captain, Saying Carola Rackete Was Fulfilling ‘Her Duty to Protect Life’

Julia Conley, Common Dreams Waking Times In a rebuke of far-right Italian leader Matteo Salvini’s anti-immigration policy, a judge on Tuesday ordered the release of Carola Rackete, the captain of a German rescue ship, who had been arrested for bringing African migrants to Italy. Rackete should not be held in custody, Judge Alessandra Vella said, […]

Syria releases footage of Israeli missile aggression against Syria Ryan Dawson Published on Jul 1, 2019

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Related Posts No Iranian targets hit by Israeli airstrikes in Syria, former Revolutionary Guards chief says Major General Mohsen Rezaei dismissed allegations that the cross-border strikes had targeted Iranian military personnel NPR Mocks Cancer Survivor in Drumbeat of Syria Propaganda It may be a new low in […]

Tehran releases IMAGES of ‘downed US drone’

The RQ-4A Global Hawk UAV was shot down on June 20 after having entered the country’s airspace and ignoring warnings to turn around, Iran claims. Washington maintains it was shot down while patrolling over international waters in an “unprovoked attack.” Tehran insists the device breached Iranian territory and says it’s ready to present “indisputable” evidence […]

SMOKING GUN? FALSE FLAG? U.S. RELEASES VIDEO ALLEGEDLY SHOWING IRAN’S MINE ON TANKER HULL Just hours after remarks blaiming Iran for the recent incident in the Gulf of Oman by US State Secretary Mike Pompeo, Central Command issued a statement claiming that it has evidence confirming these accusations. The statement claimed that Iranian forces were spotted removing “a probable unexploded limpet mine” from the M/T Kokuka Courageous. The video released by Central […]

USA Government Accidentally Releases Electromagnetic Mind Control Documents In FOIA Request

When researcher Curtis Waltman of the website Muckrock received files resulting from his Freedom of Information Act request on Antifa and white supremacist groups from the Washington State Fusion Center, he got a little more than he had bargained for: an unrelated zip file entitled “EM effects on human body.” Within the file were three diagrams that present […]

Austrian govt in the crosshairs as German media releases video of sting operation implicating Vice-Chancellor for ‘meeting with Russians’ – UPDATES

   Austria’s ruling coalition party is under fire after a leaked video showed the vice chancellor discussing alleged quid pro quo arrangements with a “Russian oligarch niece” … and some pundits quickly had their Russiagate meltdowns. The scandal rocked the Freedom Party of Austria (FPO) on Friday after two German publications, Spiegel and Suddeutscher Zeitung, […]

DHS Releases 7,000 Border Crossers Into US Cities Over Five Day Period

Swamped and overloaded with a massive influx of people at the southern border, the US Department of Homeland Security has released approximately 7,000 migrants into the interior of the United States over a five-day period ending on Wednesday, according to Breitbart News, citing information they obtained on ‘catch and release.’  Scott Olson/Getty Images The catch and […]

Iran releases 3 Jordanian fishermen

Anadolu Agency – Iran on Tuesday released three Jordanian fishermen held by Tehran for violating the country’s territorial waters, the Jordanian Foreign Ministry said. In a statement, ministry spokesman Sufian al-Qudah said the fishermen had been handed over to the Jordanian Embassy in Tehran. The Iranian authorities have yet to confirm the release. The fishermen […]

Finally, US Releases American Journalist Marzieh #Hashemi After 10 Days Detention Without Charges

US Frees American Anchor for Iran TV Hashemi says she has ‘serious grievances’ with her arrest and treatment Ten days ago, US citizen Marzieh Hashemi was arrested at the St. Louis Lambert Airport, and transferred into FBI custody. On Wednesday, she was finally released, having never been charged with a crime. Hashemi is a journalist […]

WikiLeaks Releases U.S. Embassy Shopping List, Further Exposing Surveillance By The Special Collection Service

By Aaron Kesel The international whistleblowing organization, WikiLeaks, has published a Christmas-themed searchable database of more than 16,000 acquisition requests posted by United States embassies around the world for various job listings, revealing covert activities like spying. RELEASE: The US Embassy Shopping List: 16,000 procurement requestsposted by US embassies around the world. […]

In Photos: Israel releases two 15-year-old Palestinian boys after three years of prison

Two 15-year-old Palestinian boys, Shadi Farrah and Ahmad Al-Zaatari, were released on Thursday after almost three years of imprisonment by Israeli authorities in different juvenile detention centers. The two Jerusalemite minors were arrested at a bus stop in the city of Jerusalem in December 2015 and were later accused of “possessing sharp tools and endangering […]

Amazon Releases Update And Improves Facial Rekognition Software As We Enter The Point Of No Return For Biometrics

By Aaron Kesel Amazon has released an update to its controversial Amazon Rekogntion software which “improves the ability to detect more faces, increases the accuracy of facial matches and decreases the potential for false matches.” The update is available for all AWS Regions previously leaked by WikiLeaks supported by Amazon Rekognition – U.S. East (N. Virginia), […]

NASA releases 1st clear image from InSight probe’s mission to Mars (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

The first image that came back was a smudged, fish-eye lense view of Mars. Thankfully, a later picture captured the Martian surface in better definition, without being obscured by the the translucent lens cap and dust that had made for such a grainy first impression.   The probe is currently sitting on the Elysium Planitia, […]

Breaking: Anonymous Releases Documents Revealing UK & US Funded Disinformation PsyOp

The Facts: We’ve grown up being taught that Christopher Columbus discovered America. He has been portrayed as a ‘good’ man and even a hero by some. Fortunately, we are learning the truth as many scholars have published works depicting the exact opposite. Reflect On: Why has our history been altered? What is the purpose, and […]

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