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WUJS Congress creates post-COVID-19 ‘relief system’ for Jewish students

As a conclusion of the World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) Congress that ended this week, over 200 international student leaders resolved that facing continued challenges from the coronavirus would require unity and solidarity from all its international members and partners.   WUJS President Jonathan Braun summed up the Congress saying, “The common theme running through […]

Warner: COVID Relief Bill Isn’t Enough, Didn’t Have $2,000 Checks or State and Local Funding

During Friday’s Democratic Weekly Address, Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) said that the coronavirus relief package that was recently passed isn’t enough, and specifically mentioned the lack of state and local funding and $2,000 relief payments as shortcomings in the bill. Warner said the coronavirus relief package “is a start. But it’s not the end of […]

Third Reich Post Stamp Collection – Winterhilfswerk (Winter Relief) 1940

These stamps of famous German cities were from the Winterhilfswerk, via NS Europa. 00 Hits: 0

Degel Menashe provides COVID-19 relief for India’s Bnei Menashe

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, communities all over the world have banded together – albeit with social distancing – in many different ways. From standing on balconies banging pots and pans to whole neighborhoods gathering outside to applaud health care workers, the outbreak of COVID-19 has shown that in times of crisis, people […]

Hidden in the COVID Relief Bill is an Order for the Pentagon to Disclose Its UFO Files Within 180 Days

Hidden in the COVID Relief Bill is an Order for the Pentagon to Disclose Its UFO Files Within 180 Days Activist Post / Activist Post By John Vibes The 5,593-page COVID-19 relief bill that was recently signed by US President Donald Trump was filled with unrelated issues and favors for special interests, with very little […]

Blackburn: We Need ‘Targeted Relief’ Not ‘One Size Fits All’ Direct Payments

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) stated that we should have “targeted relief” and not “one size fits all” direct payments in the coronavirus relief bill. Blackburn said, “President Trump fully understands the best economic stimulus is a job, and there is a lot in this bill […]

Regime-Change Policies Come Packed With US Pandemic Relief

COVID-19 Catch-22. The US Congress’ $900 billion Covid-19 relief bill was packaged with $1.4 trillion in omnibus spending that includes tens of billions for war, weapons, and regime change abroad, from anti-Russia and anti-China initiatives to $3.3 billion for Israel’s military. The longest piece of legislation in United States history, containing both a coronavirus relief […]

COVID Relief For Israel & Americans Awarded Crumbs

By infostormer -December 21, 20203 Congress which is largely a corrupt institution devoid of any principles, snuck an item into the coronavirus relief package that gives $500,000,000 for Israel. People are not happy about this and it has caused the term “$500,000,000 for Israel” to trend on Twitter. People are rightly asking why Israel is getting any […]

Americans Annoyed as Coronavirus Relief Bill Includes $10M for ‘Gender Programs’ in Pakistan

Photo Credit: Francine Screca/Pixabay WASHINGTON (Fox Business) — The lengthy coronavirus relief bill lawmakers agreed upon over the weekend — and are hoping to approve this week — includes a number of lesser-known provisions that have raised some eyebrows. Among them are a pair of assistance programs in Pakistan, whereby $15 million will be put […]

Dem Rep. Pressley on Coronavirus Relief: ‘If They Can Approve a $740 Billion NDAA, I Don’t Want to Hear About a Deficit’

During an appearance on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut,” Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), a member of the so-called “Squad,” slammed Republicans for opposing additional COVID-19 relief measures in the name of fiscal responsibility. Pressley called that opposition “corrupt” and “cruel,” adding that Congress was able to National Defense Authorization Act with a price tag of $740 billion. “It […]

McConnell: Congress Needs to ‘Conclude’ COVID Relief Talks, Every Day of Delay Costs Economy and Lives

During a speech on the Senate floor on Saturday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) stated that Congress should “conclude our talks, draft legislation,” and pass another round of coronavirus relief and warned that every day of delay can cost businesses, jobs, and lives. McConnell said, “Every day that we delay may very well cost […]

Bayer, Direct Relief Grant $80K to Planned Parenthood to ‘Expand Access to Contraceptives’

Screenshot YouTube WHIPPANY, N.J — As part of an effort to increase access to contraceptives, the pharmaceutical company Bayer and the organization Direct Relief have announced the selection of four entities to receive $40,000 each in grants, including two offices of the abortion and birth control giant Planned Parenthood. The grants are part of a […]

Democrats urged to fight for bigger relief checks as lame-duck Trump privately backs payments as big as $2,000

Image Credit: The Smirking Chimp In the wake of news that lame-duck President Donald Trump on Thursday was dissuaded by White House aides from publicly demanding stimulus checks as large as $2,000 in the next relief package, progressives called on Democratic leaders to use the leverage offered by Trump’s behind-the-scenes push to demand more than […]

Workers Suffer As US Pandemic Relief Bill Goes Nowhere In Congress

Above photo: Woman hugs a friend who came to pick up food from the church food bank in Tallahassee, Florida. Food banks have been overwhelmed since the beginning of the pandemic, Feeding America calculates that around 50 million in the US experience food insecurity. Alicia Devine/Tallahassee Democrat. As the COVID-19 pandemic spirals out of control […]

Israel sets vaccine roll out, as Palestinian cases climb with no relief in sight

Editor’s Note: The following is the latest issue of our special coverage newsletter of the COVID-19 pandemic in Palestine. You can sign up here. The Latest: 135,356 Palestinians tested positive for COVID-19; 108,631 recoveries; 1,207 deaths Of those who tested positive 87,454 live in the West Bank; 15,744 live in East Jerusalem; 32,158 live in […]

Democrats Make Wreck Of Covid-19 Relief Negotiations

‘Amazing’ Hypocrisy. Democrats stonewalled all year on a new pandemic relief package. Now they’re proposing a new plan that undercuts even Republican proposals, and screws everyone but – get this – defense contractors. A senior Democratic congressional aide is irate tonight. “The Democrats,” the aide seethed, “have just done the worst negotiating in modern history.” […]

PCHR Demands Relief for Workers Hurt by the Coronavirus Pandemic

Source Date: 14 December 2020 Time: 08:00 GMT The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights follows with concern the humanitarian conditions of Gaza Strip’s workers under the government-imposed restriction to curb the spread of the coronavirus, including nighttime curfew and weekend shutdowns that stated last Saturday, 11 December 2020. PCHR warns of the catastrophic deterioration in […]

FDA Shuts Down Natural Pain Relief Options

National Addiction News FDA-approved pain medicines are dangerous, but the government is systematically attacking safer, non-addictive natural treatments.Action Alert! A recentstudyin Switzerland found that acetaminophen poisoning increased by 40% following the approval of 1,000mg doses. This is just the latest data to indicate the public health problems caused by this commonly used pain drug, which […]

More questions than relief: Brazil vaccination plan promises jab to less than quarter of population, no timetable set

Brazilian authorities have rolled out a vaccination plan which has been met with skepticism due to the lack of concrete data, and was even criticized by the researchers who helped to draw it up. Local media noted that Brazil’s plan has no specific launch date in mind for the vaccinations and does not detail the […]

Israeli Embassy partners with Indian NGOs to provide coronavirus relief

The Israeli embassy in India collaborated with Indian NGOs to support communities affected by the coronavirus pandemic, Businessworld reported Friday. Through the partnership, the embassy supported projects which provide health services to homeless families, provide workers with coronavirus protective gear such as masks and sanitizer and other projects to serve impacted populations. Such projects include […]

‘Dear God, stop the nonsense’: Chicago mayor unloads on McConnell over Covid relief

While there is some bipartisan agreement on writing a new round of stimulus checks, McConnell has pressed negotiators to drop two of the biggest sticking points in the talks: Democrats’ desire for state aid and Republican hopes for liability protections for employers potentially facing Covid-related lawsuits. Joe Biden has chosen the officials who will be […]

Sanders: ‘We’ve Got to Go a Lot Further Than’ Bipartisan COVID Relief Proposal

On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “AC360,” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) stated that the bipartisan coronavirus relief proposal is “a start.” “But we’ve got to go a lot further than what that proposal now entails.” Sanders stated that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) proposal “is literally laughable. He doesn’t have a nickel for unemployment supplements. […]

AOC plays Among Us again, this time for coronavirus relief

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made a reappearance on Twitch Friday night to play the interactive Mafia-like video game Among Us with some of the internet’s top influencers and streamers.The last time AOC played Among Us was just before the United States general election where she played alongside some of the most influential streamers across […]

Workers Need Immediate Relief and Wider Role for Trade Unions

Workers in India have suffered a lot in recent Covid times, particularly all the workers, migrants or others, who do not have security of employment and a regular salary. Nutrition levels for most of them were inadequate earlier too, but now these have suffered a further steep decline. Access to all other basic needs has […]

Urgent Need For Further Relief

Above photo: As San Antonio continues to deal with the pandemic, thousands of local families are struggling with food insecurity. Scott Ball / San Antonio Report. Weakening Economy and Widespread Hardship. Policymakers returning to work after the election must redouble their efforts to negotiate a robust relief package to address the critical health and economic […]

McConnell caught trying to sabotage Covid Relief agreement in order to prioritize Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation

Senate Majority Mitch McConnell has admitted to his Republican colleagues that he has been urging President Trump not to strike a coronavirus relief deal with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi before the election. He feels that this move could cause a disruption in confirming Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court this week. According to Common […]

This Is America: Prisoners In The Crosshairs, Mutual Aid Fire Relief

Welcome, to This Is America, September 24th, 2020. On this episode, we have a special report from Perilous Chronicle, about how prisoners are directly impacted by the climate change fueled wildfires in the Pacific Northwest. This audio report is based on an article on the unfolding situation, which can be read here. Next up, we have an interview with the Portland […]

Oregon Opens Coronavirus Relief Fund Only For “Black Community”

The state of Oregon has opened applications for a coronavirus relief fund specifically for the “black community.” The Oregon Cares Fund is a $62 million fund set aside from the federal CARES Act and is intended only for black individuals and black-owned entites. “The Oregon Cares Fund is a targeted investment in the Black community […]

UN Food Relief Agency Warns Coronavirus Pandemic May Lead To ‘Famine Of Biblical Proportions’

The Coronavirus pandemic may lead to a ‘famine of biblical propertions’ with millions facing starvation worldwide, the head of the UN’s food relief agency has warned. David Beasley, Executive Director of the UN World Food Program (WFP), said: “All the data we have, including WFP forecast that the number of people experiencing malnutrition will grow […]

Trump’s Order To Bypass Congress On COVID-19 Relief Faces Likely Legal Challenges

By Chris Megerian, Anna M. Phillips and Sarah D. Wire, LA Times. August 9, 2020 Above photo: U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin (C) and White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows arrive to meet with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) on Capitol Hill. Yuri Gripas/Abaca/Sipa USA. NOTE: This article provides […]

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