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Jewish educator’s name removed from award due to racist, sexist views

(JTA) — The name of a Jewish educator called the “father” of modern medical education is being removed from a prestigious award because of the racist and sexist views espoused in his work. The Abraham Flexner Award had been given for more than 60 years by the American Association of Medical Colleges to a person […]

Rock Bottom: Boulder To Be Removed After Students Complained It Is Racist

A new study being promoted by the mass media claims that working from home makes people more “racist” because they are less exposed to ‘diversity’ in the workplace. The survey, conducted by polling company Survation for the Woolf Institute, “warns that without alternative settings to offices being set up, opportunities for social mixing between different […]

Iranian Christians’ Adopted Child to Be Removed From Their Care

(Article 18) — Lydia was just three months old when she was adopted by Iranian Christian converts Sam Khosravi and wife Maryam Falahi. Now, just one month before her second birthday, a court has ruled she must be taken away from them, as Sam and Maryam – who are currently appealing against convictions related to […]

Pro-Life Democratic State Rep. Who Was Removed From Ballot by Party Now Running as Independent

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Democratic Tennessee state Rep. John DeBerry Jr., who represents District 90 in Memphis, is running as an Independent this November after his party removed him from the ballot because several of his positions do not align with the Democratic Party and for receiving donations from groups that characteristically back Republicans. DeBerry is […]

After Arabs reportedly removed from park, Israeli city told it can’t bar non-residents

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800 migrants removed from overcrowded asylum centre on island of Lampedusa

800 migrants have been transferred away from a residence for asylum seekers on the small Italian island of Lampedusa by ship. The move is to try to relieve some of the severe overcrowding at the centre, although it remains hugely oversubcribed. It follows a promise made by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte during an emergency meeting […]

Network linked to Russian ‘troll factory’ removed by Facebook

A small network of accounts and pages linked to a Russian “troll factory” has been removed by Facebook, the company said, in a sign of ongoing Russian efforts to disrupt the upcoming US election and sow discord in the country. Facebook said the accounts and pages were linked to Russia’s Internet Research Agency, which has […]

The anti-Semitic site behind the ‘Jews want a race war’ highway banner was removed from the internet. But another quickly took its place.

(J. the Jewish News of Northern California via JTA) — Goyim TV, an anti-Semitic video-sharing website that was promoted with a “banner drop” from a Los Angeles freeway overpass on Saturday, has been taken down by its domain host under a flood of complaints. Jon Minadeo Jr., 37, was behind both the website and the banner drop, […]

Trump: Democrats Removed ‘God’ from Pledge of Allegiance ‘On Purpose’ During DNC

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Ex-Shin Bet chief, retired general forcibly removed from protest at PM’s home

Ex-Shin Bet chief, former general handcuff themselves to fence outside PM’s residence Police have begun removing anti-Netanyahu protesters outside the Prime Minister’s Residence in Jerusalem by force, so that a demonstration of right-wing Netanyahu supporters can be held there later today. Some of the protesters appear to have been detained. Police say they have closed […]

Report: Biden personally intervened to get the word ‘occupation’ removed from the Democratic Party platform

A report from Foreign Policy claims that Joe Biden personally intervened to make sure the word “occupation” was omitted from the Democratic Party platform. According to three sources familiar with the discussions, Biden’s move came after heavy pressure from pro-Israel groups. Aides of the presumptive Democratic nominee also called progressive delegates and encouraged them to […]

WATCH: The Latest Censored Covid-19 Video That’s Being Removed from the Net for Your Safety


Get the latest Waking Times articles delivered to your inbox. Sign up here. Dylan Charles, Editor Waking Times A group calling themselves America’s Frontline Doctors held a press conference yesterday about the benefits of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Covid-19. The video of which immediately went viral, but was just as quickly removed from major […]

Evidence Suggests Reincarnation Was Intentionally Removed From The Bible

Next Story Most, if not all of us are familiar with one of the most popular books of all time, the Holy Bible. We have large sanctions of people who live their lives from the knowledge and guidelines in the bible and take the bible as a sort of manuscript for where we came from, […]

Obama Removed 500,000 Pedophiles From Background Check Database

Barack Obama ordered the FBI to remove over 500,000 names of potential murderers and pedophiles from the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, acting FBI director David Bowdich testified Wednesday.  The background database prevents fugitives from buying firearms and working alongside children. reports: According to The Washington Post, the FBI considered any person with an outstanding […]

Unhinged: Nancy Pelosi Now Campaigning to Have Devin Nunes Removed

As 21WIRE predicted in the New Year, 2018 would see the complete implosion of the establishment’s Russiagate conspiracy theory. What we didn’t realise is how quickly this prediction would come to pass. As zero hour approaches with the imminent release of the infamous Memo, Democrats and the mainstream media have descended into a collective fit […]

Palestinian leadership should retire gracefully or be removed by the people

During the last Palestinian National Council meeting in Ramallah, President Mahmoud Abbas made reference to football when describing some of the Palestinian achievements in recent years. He reminded the audience that in 1934 Egypt denied the Palestinian team a place in the football World Cup after beating them by one goal to nil. He further […]

Suspicious ‘Russian diplomat’ removed from UK House of Commons debate is actually American

     The House of Commons has become the scene of another bizarre incident as Members of Parliament demanded that a suspicious “Russian diplomat” be ejected from the chamber. The man, however, turned out to be American. Rather fittingly, the spectacle unfolded during a rather poorly attended debate on Russian interference in the Brexit referendum. Labour […]

Here Is Who Was REMOVED From The JFK Files Released In 2017 (VIDEO)

Next Story I always say, if you try to see the world through very dirty glasses you will not see things clearly. However, if you clean those glasses, you will see what’s actually going on. This metaphor applies beautifully to viewing the reality of how our world works. If the mainstream media, history, and the […]

[WATCH] If Trainer at Denver Jail Isn’t Removed More Inmates Will Likely Die

Attorney Darold Killmer, corresponding via email, responds like so: “This astonishing testimony, from a trainer at the jail, shows clearly why inmates keep getting killed and maimed at the Denver jail. Mr. Yamaguchi should be first in line to receive the new training required by the Marshall settlement. In the meantime, he should be removed […]

Court orders cross on statue of Saint John Paul II removed on request of ‘Free Thought’ group

The French administrative court has ordered the removal of a cross from a monument to Saint John Paul II in a public square in the northwest of France, saying it violates the secular nature of the state. Italian media noted the irony of the ruling, remarking that the cross-removal is not taking place “in Raqqa, […]

Child Was Removed From Family At Gunpoint Because Dad Showed The World His Son’s Vaccine Reaction

Next Story “Imagine this scenario: Your perfectly healthy baby boy begins having 14 seizures a day, the day after receiving the Meningitis B Vaccine. You get no answers from your GP, or anybody else, for that matter. You make a video of your young boy to warn other parents that there might be something wrong […]

I ask NPR’s Rachel Martin why she wants to be removed from my list:

Trumps Continuing Refusal to Prosecute the 9/11 Funders Eric Zuesse By now, it has been well documented that, as I documented on January 29th, “Al Qaeda Funded by Royal Sauds, U.S. Govt. Documents . And, yet, despite the massive documentation which the U.S. Government itself possesses regarding this (and which has been suppressed by the […]

Imran Awan Pleads ‘Not Guilty’, Asks for Ankle Monitor to Be Removed

According to a recent report by Fox News, Imran Awan, the former IT aide for Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) as well as more than 30 House Democrats, has entered a plea of not guilty in response to federal charges of bank fraud and conspiracy. During the hearing Awan’s attorney, Chris Gowen, a […]

Scaramucci Removed as Communications Director

On Monday, President Trump relieved Anthony Scaramucci from his position as the White House communications director. Scaramucci, who held the position for a little over a week, generated much controversy after stating his desire to kill leakers, and making disparaging comments about Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus. As of now, Scaramucci’s replacement has not been […]

WEIRD: Cataract surgery patient has 27 contact lenses removed from her EYE

(Natural News) A case study published on the British Medical Journal website revealed that a 67-year-old British woman, who was scheduled for cataract surgery in November 2016 due to eye discomfort and dryness, actually had 27 contact lenses jammed in one of her eyes. The doctors initially found a bluish mass of 17 disposable contact lenses in […]

Al-Qaeda Officially Removed From U.S. Terror Watch List

U.S. and Canadian authorities have officially removed al-Qaeda from their terror watch lists, as authorities now recognize the terrorist organization as an ally of the United States. Since the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda changed its name to Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), both the U.S. and Canada can now donate money and weapons to the terrorists and […]

Palestine campaigners removed from "terror" database

Asa Winstanley Activism and BDS Beat 11 July 2017 World-Check forced to concede Hugh Lanning “should never have been included” on “terrorism” database. (PSC) After legal action, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign has been removed from a powerful and secretive global banking database on “terrorism” and other crime. Database entries for PSC and its chair Hugh […]

Fascist Mussolini-style posters ordered removed from Italian beach venue (VIDEO)

The order was issued by Venice Prefect Carlo Boffi on Monday and concerned a Playa Punta Canna venue in Chioggia, a resort town of the Metropolitan City of Venice. The establishment must “immediately remove all references to Fascism on signs, posters and banners,” the order read, as cited by Italian ANSA news agency. The order also called upon Playa […]

Israel Warn ‘No Ceasefire’ Until Assad Is Removed From Power

Israel has warned that they will not agree to a ceasefire agreement with Syria until President Bashar al-Assad is forcibly removed from power.  Israeli Defensive Minister Avigdor Liberman warned Syria on Sunday that Israel’s patience was running out after mortars from unknown sources struck Israel over the past week. reports: “We have no intention of entering […]

FDA Calls For Opioid To Be Removed From Market Based On Risk of Abuse

The FDA has targeted the reformulated version of Opana ER, or oxymorphone hydrochloride, for market removal, calling on its manufacturer, Ireland-based Endo Pharmaceuticals, to take voluntary steps to do so. If Endo chooses not to withdraw Opana ER ‒ first approved by the FDA in 2006 – the federal agency said it would take steps to […]

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