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“Free” Shoes Are Reparations for Slavery and Oppression

This video was from back in October, but really just goes to show the kind of people who are being elevated in the spotlight by the jewish media monopoly. It’s ridiculous how a guy stealing shoes has a pair of shoes “stolen” from him as he walks out. [embedded content] 00 Hits: 2

Stevie Wonder Demands Reparations During Biden Rally in Detroit: ‘I Know Joe Biden Will Do It’

Pop icon Stevie Wonder, whose estimated net worth exceeds $100 million, called for reparations for black Americans while performing at a Joe Biden rally in Detroit on Saturday. Stevie Wonder was a guest performer at the drive-in Biden rally on Belle Isle. The 70-year-old singer — who was born in Saginaw, Michigan, and grew up in […]

California: Faggot Governor Forwards Slavery Reparations Agenda

The homosexual deviant in control of commie California is rapidly accelerating the Negro Supremacist agenda that his jewish backers want. LA Times: With Gov. Gavin Newsom’s signature, California became the first state government in the country on Wednesday to adopt a law to study and develop proposals for potential reparations to descendants of enslaved people […]

Broke California: Lawmakers to Consider Slavery Reparations

Senators in California overwhelmingly voted Saturday to set up a task force to issue potential payment of reparations to black Americans. The state Senate approved creating a nine-member commission on a bipartisan 33-3 vote. The measure returns to the Assembly for a final vote on Monday. “Let’s be clear: Chattel slavery, both in California and […]

How Slavery Reparations Turn Into Just Another Welfare Program

The idea that former slaves and their descendants ought to receive reparations for the wrongs committed against them is not new. Having grasped the fact that slavery is nothing less than kidnapping and theft committed against the enslaved, abolitionists long advocated for some form of redress for freed slaves. The most famous early attempt to […]

Chicago: BLM Sheboon Defends Looting, Calls it ‘Reparations’

Whenever you find black people engaged in criminal activity, you’ll also find other black people justifying the behavior with some pseudo-intellectual poppycock. This is not the first time that a BLM leader tried to justify wanton negroid looting. From 2015: The “Black Lives Matter” leader who landed a teaching gig at Yale University delivered a […]

ACH (1314) Dr. Peter Hammond – The Real Story Behind Reparations For Slavery

ACH (1314) Dr. Peter Hammond – The Real Story Behind Reparations For SlaveryTHE ACH SHOW In today’s show originally broadcast on August 6 2020, Andy interviews Dr. Peter Hammond, for a show entitled, “The Real Story Behind Reparations For Slavery.” We discussed: the Biblical concept of restitution and how calls for reparations for slavery differ […]

U.S. State Department To Demand Reparations On Behalf Of Jews For Holocaust AND Jewish Communism

The U.S. State Department on Wednesday announced that it had completed the Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today (JUST) Act report to Congress on progress countries have made on the restitution or compensation to Jews for property ‘wrongfully’ seized during the Holocaust and also Communism: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered remarks on the occasion, saying […]

Policy Road Map To Reparations For ‘War On Weed’

Policy Road Map To Reparations For ‘War On Weed’ Above Photo: From Budgets are moral documents. They define a society’s values and show material commitments to the priorities they proclaim to uphold. Over the past 50 years, the city of Baltimore and the State of Maryland’s active investments in policing the War on Drugs […]

Poland to seek WWII reparations from Germany

The parliament’s bureau of research is preparing an analysis if it can legally make the claim by August 11, Arkadiusz Mularczyk, a ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party member said on Wednesday, as cited by the local media.  Seeking wartime reparations from Berlin is “a moral duty” for politicians, Mularczyk, who submitted the request to […]

As Cannabis Becomes Legal, Oakland Now Giving ‘Reparations’ to Ex-Cons Arrested for Selling Weed

Oakland, CA – Oakland is beginning an experiment that can be considered both laudable and questionable. As cannabis businesses are set to spring up across the city, following California’s legalization of recreational cannabis, Oakland is providing reparations to victims of the drug war. They’re not doling out money, though. They’ll be doing it through […]

Donald Trump’s Triumph in Glitter City

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AEOI head: Iran ready to share peaceful N. technology with Kuwait

TEHRAN (FNA)- Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali Akbar Salehi announced Tehran’s preparedness to transfer its experiences to Kuwait in the field of peaceful nuclear technology. “The Islamic Republic of Iran possesses an exalted status in the nuclear sciences and technical know-how and has achieved precious experience in those fields and […]

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