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Wait, WHAT? FBI report describes “biosecurity risk” after SARS and flu virus samples found in luggage of Chinese biologist

(Natural News) About a year before the first case of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) was discovered and identified, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents stopped a Chinese biologist at the Detroit Metro Airport with a trio of vials labeled “Antibodies” stuffed into his luggage. At the time, according to Yahoo News, the biologist […]

While Everyone Was Distracted By Covid-19, Final Report By UAF Concluded WTC 7 ‘NOT Destroyed by Fires’

The final report of a rigorous four-year computer modeling simulation that was followed by a robust peer review process has concluded that World Trade Center Building 7 could NOT have collapsed as a result of office fires, as the “official” explanation dubiously claims. According to the highly anticipated final report issued last week by researchers at the […]

Corbett Report: What’s up with the Italian mortality rate?

   Tom from Scotland asks about the mortality rate of Covid-19, and why it is reportedly so much higher in Italy. James answers with an in-depth look at the numbers, how they’re being reported, and what’s being left out from the equation. Watch this video on BitChute / LBRY / / YouTube or Download […]

Police Urge Brits To Report Neighbours Suspected Of Breaching Coronavirus Lockdown

UK police chiefs are encouraging people to snoop and snitch on neighbours they think may be breaching the coronavirus lockdown rules. ‘Hotlines’ and ‘online portals’ have been set up by police in Humberside, West Midlands, Greater Manchester, Avon and Somerset, for residents to submit tip-offs if they spot any lockdown violations taking place. MSN reports: […]

Zen and Willem Report on the Unfolding Madness Around the World

March 26, 2020 By Willem Felderof Activist Post Editor’s Note: One of the familiar refrains from the establishment is that “we are all in this together.” Yet, much of the establishment will not be as gravely affected by the consequences of government decisions as the rest of us. One of our missions is to bring […]

US autism rates up 10 percent in new CDC report

   Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health contributed to a new U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that finds the prevalence of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) among 11 surveillance sites as 1 in 54 among children aged 8 years in 2016 (or 1.85 percent). This is a 10 percent […]

Palestinians report first coronavirus death in the West Bank

The first Palestinian has died from the novel coronavirus in the occupied West Bank, officials announced on Wednesday. The victim was identified as a woman in her 60’s from the Biddu village, north of Jerusalem in the central West Bank. She died only one day after she tested positive for the virus, according to the […]

Nigga Who You Got Producin Yall’s Morning Report?

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer March 25, 2020 Dolla bills y’all The mainstream media is struggling hard. No one wants to read their bullshit. Even after they’ve almost completely silenced people like me and Alex Jones, and shut down virtually every alternative YouTuber, they still can’t make money. One option might be to […]

Oxford University Report On Documented Antiviral Effects Of Zinc In Human Body

Bolshevik Deep State Created Coronavirus Severing 94% of U.S. Imports, Threatening Gas, Agriculture, Power & Defense, To Usher In Liberty Crushing Force of Economic Collapse, Starvation, Agenda 21 and World War (read more) – March 21, 2020 Four studies from the University of Oxford, the American Society for Microbiology, the U.S. National Library of […]

Technology of Death: The Not-So-Shocking Report on Israeli Weapons Exports

The Middle East, battered by wars and adjoining humanitarian crises that have left millions of people stateless, hungry and diseased, is in urgent need of peace, security, and reconstruction. Thanks to the US, Russian, French, Israeli and other weapons manufacturers, however, it is now the dumping ground for military hardware, an ominous sign for the […]

Doctors, nurses report dire shortage of protective gear – it’s like going to war with no weapons

(Natural News) As America continues to wage war against the coronavirus pandemic, which has since infected over 26,000 people and caused around 340 deaths as of this writing, healthcare workers are saying they’re running low on protective gear — putting themselves (and the people they treat) in peril. Reports by ProPublica and the New York […]

Alarmist report warns of world sliding from shining liberalism into increasing autocracy (and not just because of Putin!)

Announced Friday afternoon, and nearly lost in the deluge of news about the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, the report by the V-Dem institute claims that 92 countries – accounting for 54 percent of the world’s population – now qualify as “autocracies.” How did the Gothenburg, Sweden-based institute come to this shocking conclusion? They say it’s by […]

China’s Damning US Human Rights Report May Be Propaganda, but It’s Not Wrong

Amid a global pandemic, you might be forgiven for having missed that the State Council Information Office of the People’s Republic of China just released a 13,000-word report on the state of human rights in the United States. Entitled “The Record of Human Rights Violations in the United States in 2019,” it begins by quoting Secretary of […]

Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in Palestine (05 – 11 March 2020)

Israeli violations of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territory 05 – 11 March 2020 Palestinian child killed and 14 civilians injured, including a journalist in excessive use of force by Israeli occupation forces against Palestinians at al-‘Arma Mountain in Nablus 6 Palestinians wounded by IOF in Qalqilyah, occupied East Jerusalem and Ramallah 9 shootings […]

Russiagate all over again: Secret EU report blames Russia for coronavirus ‘confusion, panic and fear’

As Brussels finally got around to locking down the EU borders on Tuesday, London’s Financial Times ran a ‘bombshell’ story blaming “Russian pro-Kremlin media” for a “significant disinformation campaign” to stoke “confusion, panic and fear” in the West and “aggravate the coronavirus pandemic crisis.” This is based on a nine-page report by the strategic communications […]

Anger in Germany at Report Trump Seeking Exclusive Coronavirus Vaccine Deal

By Staff, Agencies German ministers have reacted angrily following reports US President Donald Trump offered a German medical company “large sums of money” for exclusive rights to a Covid-19 vaccine. “Germany is not for sale,” economy minister Peter Altmaier told broadcaster ARD, reacting to a front page report in Welt am Sonntag newspaper headlined “Trump […]

Markets: A Look Ahead — Critical Report, Gregory Mannarino

March 15, 2020 By Gregory Mannarino People … The Federal Funds rate is going to below zero as debt issuance goes into hyper-drive, and soon you will be paying the banks to keep your cash in them (legal theft on an epic scale right out of your account(s)). World central banks and their respective governments […]

Coronavirus ravages North America: More US states report upswing in cases; even Canadian PM’s wife tests positive

(Natural News) The state of Florida has purchased 2,500 commercially available testing kits to increase the state’s testing capacity against the novel coronavirus, said Governor Ron DeSantis on Thursday. The purchased kits would allow healthcare facilities and labs all over Florida to test 625,000 people for the pandemic currently taking the world […]

U.N. Report Claims Gays Have The ‘Human Right’ To Be Accepted By Any Christian Community Of Their Choice

A recently published U.N. report on ‘freedom of religion’ argues that it is a vital part of respecting the rights of women and people who identify as LGBT that they are able to belong to a ‘faith of their choice’ without being ‘discriminated against’ for their ‘right’ to abortion and LGBT lifestyle: The report goes […]

Report: Saudi Crown Prince plans to seize throne before death of his father

  London – Al Quds Al Arabi: The editor of Middle East Eye, David Hurst, quoted sources close to the royal family in Saudi Arabia that the Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman , will not wait until the death of his father, King Salman, until he seizes the throne, The presence of his father gives him a […]

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