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Report: Department Of Defense Is A Massive Climate Polluter

Scientists and security analysts have warned for more than a decade that global warming is a potential national security concern. They project that the consequences of global warming – rising seas, powerful storms, famine and diminished access to fresh water – may make regions of the world politically unstable and prompt mass migration and refugee crises. Some worry that wars […]

Unvarnished Status Report on Trump’s Promises

    TRUMP LIED! Chuck Baldwin It is undoubtedly true that the vast majority of politicians are liars. Some, however, are more prolific liars than others. And any honest, objective, even semi-intelligent person knows that Donald Trump takes the blue ribbon in the lying game. He lies so much, he can’t even play a game […]

Weekly report on israel’s terrorism on Palestinians (30 May – 12 June 2019)

PCHR Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations  (30 May – 12 June 2019) Israeli forces continued with systematic crimes, in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt), for the week of 30 May – 12 June, 2019. Israeli forces killed a Palestinian child while attempting to enter al-Aqsa Mosque, to perform prayers. 17 civilians, including 6 […]

Report: Docs reveal two Google blacklists that remove alternative news & op-eds from special search results

   At least two other blacklists are applied to Google’s web answers feature, one of which is manually edited, documents obtained by The Daily Caller indicate. The first blacklist, titled “webanswers_url_blacklist,” impacts the company’s “featured snippets” or answer blocks, the type of special search result that appears when questions are typed into the search bar. […]

UAE paid businessman to spy on Trump’s government: Report

A report says an Emirati businessman received money from the UAE’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) to spy on US President Donald Trump’s camp and gather intelligence on his administration’s Middle East policy. The Intercept online news publication reported on Monday that Rashid al-Malik was paid tens of thousands of dollars a month for snooping on aspects the […]

GOP congressman tried to amend tax code to report BDS supporters to IRS– and 12 Dems voted for it

During final consideration of a House bill regarding retirement savings, North Carolina Rep. Patrick McHenry offered a motion to recommit that would have required the legislation to be amended before it passed. McHenry was looking to add a section that would have required some individuals who boycott Israel to report that information to the IRS […]

Drug abuse among serving Israeli soldiers on the rise: Report

A recent report has shed light on a rise in drug abuse among serving Israeli military forces, prompting Chief of Staff of the Israeli Army Aviv Kochavi to order establishment of a special committee to fight the phenomenon. According to Israeli i24NEWS television news network, Kochavi took the measure in the wake of an […]

All News Pipeline report: President Trump needs to "nuke" Silicon Valley to restore civil liberties to all Americans

(Natural News) All News Pipeline is one of the best hard-hitting news analysis sites on the ‘net. Along with (an amazing news aggregation site run by veterans), (a news headlines site), (pro-liberty indy news) and (original conservative news reporting), these are some of the very best pro-liberty sites […]

Syrian War Report – June 10, 2019: Militants Suffer Large Casualties In Clashes In Northern Hama

South Front Fierce clashes have been ongoing in northern Hama since June 6 when Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, Jaysh al-Izza, the Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation (NFL) and their allies launched an advance on Syrian Arab Army (SAA) positions there. Initially, militants seized several positions, including Jibeen and Tal Meleh, but then the SAA re-grouped and […]

The salacious FBI report on Martin Luther King, Jr. is a contrived hit piece just like the Steele dossier was.

    As a New Paradigm of East and West Cooperation Emerges, Martin Luther King’s Assassins Try Killing Him Again Matthew Ehret Strategic Culture Foundation A new assassination is now being attempted 51 years after the life of Martin Luther King was cut short by a bullet on the balcony of the Loraine Motel on […]

Report Shows Joe Biden Avoided Vietnam Draft Because of ‘Asthma’

Democratic 2020 hopeful Joe Biden managed to successfully avoid being drafted in the Vietnam war because of an alleged “asthma” condition. According to an InsideSources report, after Biden graduated college in 1968, he became eligible for the draft, which would have landed him combat in Vietnam. reports: What saved him, what earned him a […]

Report: Saudi Arabia Tightens Grip on Palestinians, Hampers Remittances to Gaza

The new step taken by the Riyadh regime against Palestinians involves official and non-official money transfers as the procedure has witnessed a marked decline over the past week and during the Eid al-Fitr holiday, which marks the end of the Muslim holy fasting month of Ramadan, Al-Khaleej Online news website reported. The report described residents […]

Resistance report: Syrian Army offensive stalls as both sides trade blows

June 08, 2019 by Aram Mirzaei for The Saker Blog It’s been over a month now since the Syrian Army launched it’s long awaited Idlib offensive. The Syrian Arab Army and the jihadist rebels of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham are involved in the deadliest battle of the month in northwestern Hama. What began as a successful […]

Syrian War Report – June 6, 2019: Syrian, Russian Forces Pound Militants In Greater Idlib

Syrian War Report – June 6, 2019: Syrian, Russian Forces Pound Militants In Greater Idlib 06.06.2019 ISIS cells have used an IED to blow up a Syrian Army vehicle on the road between Naamer and al-Khirbet in northern Daraa, the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq said on June 4. According to the report, 3 soldiers were […]

Syrian War Report – June 5, 2019: Army Liberates More Area In Northwestern Hama

…from SouthFront Syrian government forces have resumed their offensive on the positions of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) and the Turkish-backed Front for National Liberation (NFL). Over the past two days, units of the Syrian Arab Army and the Tiger Forces have liberated the villages of Qasabiya, Humayrat, Hardanah and Qirutiyah. According to pro-government […]

L.A. City Hall ‘Infested With Rats’ Due To Human Feces, Filth Outside – Report

Los Angeles City Hall is “infested with rats” according to an uncovered report that connects the plague of rodents to the enormous homeless population in the liberal city. The homeless camps outside LA City Hall create “harborage for rodents,” the report states, and these rats then make their way into City Hall, residing with the […]

Dubious Report on Russia Withdrawing Defense Support to Venezuela

With attribution to Mark Twain’s remark about false reports of his death, a Wall Street Journal report on Russia withdrawing defense support to Venezuela is greatly exaggerated. See below. Trump is Exhibit A proof that all politicians lie, and nothing they say can be believed. Once a serial liar, always one. On Monday, he tweeted […]

Trump cancels private meeting with UK PM May: Report

US President Donald Trump has reportedly decided to cancel a planned meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May during his three-day tour of the United Kingdom, as reports suggest he is more eager to meet Boris Johnson, the eurosceptic Conservative politician who has the highest chance of replacing May in late July. May’s office […]

South Asia’s Role In The Pentagon’s “Indo-Pacific Strategy Report”

By Andrew Korybko Source The US’ recently released “Indo-Pacific Strategy Report” envisages India playing a key role in this vast transregional space in order to “contain” China, while Pakistan is conspicuously absent from the text despite being one of the few nuclear weapons states, among the most populous countries in the world, and the transit […]

Arak Heavy Water Reactor Facility to release latest report

IRNA – An informed source in the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) announced that reporters are slated to pay a visit to Arak Heavy Water Reactor Facility to prepare a report on its latest developments. The reporters will prepare report on the latest measures taken by the AEOI for implementing decisions made by Iran’s […]

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