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Reuters: Mainsteam Republicans Love Trumps Racism…like people who live here don’t know that

The national survey, conducted on Monday and Tuesday after Trump told the lawmakers they should “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came,” showed his net approval among members of his Republican Party rose by 5 percentage points to 72%, compared with a similar poll that ran […]

Lindsey Graham: Republicans Will Take Back the House in 2020

Senator Lindsey Graham says it is likely that Republicans will regain control of the House in the 2020 elections. Responding to the infighting within the Democratic party and some of the extreme polices Dems are proposing, Graham advised Trump to “be quiet” and just show up for reelection in 2020. “If I’m President Trump I’d […]

Senate Republicans are paving the way for a military escalation against Iran

On June 28, Senate Republicans were able to stop an amendment that would have required President Trump to seek congressional approval for an attack on Iran, despite the fact that the majority of votes were cast in support of the measure. That move wasn’t the day’s only victory for congressional hawks, as they were able […]

Republicans Do Nothing to Stop Outright Censorship of the Right, 1st Amendment Now Violated Hourly Without Consequence

    TUCKER CARLSON SLAMS REPUBLICANS FOR “DOING NOTHING” TO FIGHT BIG TECH CENSORSHIP “One day they’ll look up and find they have no supporters at all” Paul Joseph Watson | Tucker Carlson has slammed Republicans and the Trump administration for doing nothing to fight back against Big Tech censorship “while their ideas are […]

Republicans push BDS bill to paint Dems as anti-Semites, and party leadership falls for the trap

On Wednesday, Republicans in the House initiated a rarely-used legislative procedure to try to force a vote on a controversial bill that encourages states and localities to penalize individuals, nonprofit organizations, and companies that boycott for Palestinian rights. The legislative procedure, known as a “discharge petition”, was filed by Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) and supported […]

Again, Republicans use the antisemitism weapon against Rashida Tlaib

Washington (QNN)- US congresswoman Rashida Tlaib widely criticized after saying in an interview with Yahoo News that she was humbled that her Palestinian ancestors created a safe haven for Jews after the Holocaust. During an interview with Yahoo’s Skullduggery podcast that was released on Friday, Tlaib was asked about her support for a one-state solution […]

Tlaib and Omar’s support for BDS is now a lightning rod for Republicans

@JWalters, et al “Anti-BDS bill: For Israel, the terrain is shifting unfavourably” #BDS – Middle East Eye, Jan. 15/19 by Ben White “A battle over efforts to suppress the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign has become headlines news in the United States, in the context of an ongoing federal government shutdown. “Last Thursday, […]

New Poll: US Military Occupations Supported By Far More Democrats Than Republicans

New Poll: US Military Occupations Supported By Far More Democrats Than Republicans   Source Article from Related Posts Ottoman Jews supported the Armenian genocide’s ‘architect’ Ottoman Jews supported the Armenian genocide’s ‘architect’ Author Hans-Lukas Kieser says a desperate Zionist press Declassified U.S. Government Documents Claim The West Supported The Creation of ISIS The Facts:Donald […]

Even pro-Israel Democrats may block debate on S.1 until Republicans allow vote on reopening government

Democratic Senator Ben Cardin (L) in Jerusalem with then-President Shimon Peres in Feb. 2012. Although Cardin backs anti-boycott legislation, he doesn’t want the bill debated until Republicans call a vote on bills to reopen the government. (Image from United with Israel, the Global Movement for Israel) Bill’s sponsor Marco Rubio claims opposition is because many Democrats […]

If America is a consumer paradise, why are Republicans & Democrats the only choices available?

Enter any grocery store in the United States and you will likely suffer culture shock at the mind-numbing variety of consumer choice. A shopper could spend hours hunting and gathering down long aisles of cold breakfast cereals, snack foods, fizzy drinks and hundreds of other assorted waist-busters that American consumers can’t imagine doing without. But […]

Republicans caving on spending … again?

Republicans caving on spending … again? By Campaign For Liberty House and Senate committees continue to work toward a resolution on a farm bill conference report. There is talk the bill may be added to the end-of-year Omnibus package in order to ensure majority support from Republican representatives who do not want their last act […]

Republicans battle to defend Trump from threat of impeachment

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 5,993 other followers Source Article from Related Posts Trump says minority congresswomen should ‘apologize to America and Israel’ WASHINGTON — US President Donald Trump renewed attacks Sunday on four Democratic congresswomen he launched A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: […]

Mixed Bag Midterms: Democrats Take House by Slim Margin, Republicans Increase Lead in Senate, 2020 Beckons

Undoubtedly, 2018 saw one of the most hotly contested Midterm contests in living memory. As the final returns trickled in this morning, it seems that ‘check and balances’ have returned to Washington, sort of. The results are now in. As many pollsters had predicted, the Democratic Party succeeded in flipping the House, regaining control after […]

Blue wave fizzles… Republicans keep the Senate; celebrity Democrat candidates in near-universal failure

About the author: Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger“) is a best selling author (#1 best selling science book on called “Food Forensics“), an environmental scientist, a patent holder for a cesium radioactive isotope elimination invention, a multiple award winner for outstanding journalism, a science news publisher and influential commentator on topics ranging from […]

Shock Rasmussen Poll Puts Republicans One Point Ahead in Race For Congress

Shock Rasmussen Poll Puts Republicans One Point Ahead in Race For Congress Survey contradicts every other poll showing Dems likely to take House Paul Joseph Watson November 5, 2018 A shock new Rasmussen poll released on the eve of tomorrow’s election puts Republicans one point ahead in the race for Congress. “The latest Rasmussen […]

Republicans perform about-face, now back nationwide legalization of medical marijuana

(Natural News) After coming out against the legalization of cannabis in the past, Former House Speaker John Boehner now says his stance was wrong. He now believes that medical marijuana should be legalized nationally, and he says many of his fellow Republicans are having a similar change of heart. In 2011, Boehner […]

“Nazis are Shooting My People” – Irate Kike Female Throws Milk at Republicans as Revenge for Gunfight at O.K. Synagogue

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer November 3, 2018 Jews are hellbent on revenge against the goyim after the Gunfight at O.K. Synagogue. They are now engaging in random acts of violence against whites, including throwing milk at them. In a video caught by FSU Republican Hunter Pollack, a self-identified Jew female (who has […]

Only Republicans Don’t Want a Third Major Political Party in U.S., Finds Gallup.

Only Republicans Dont Want a Third Major Political Party in U.S., Finds Gallup. By Eric The National and International Implications of this American Political Finding. Eric Zuesse, originally posted at A majority of Democrats want a third major political party to be formed in America. An overwhelming majority of independents do. But only […]

Gallup Poll Finds Only Republicans Don’t Want a Third Party

A majority of Democrats want a third major political party to be formed in America. An overwhelming majority of independents do. But only 38% of Republicans do. That’s according to Gallup’s October 26th article “Majority in US Still Say a Third Party Is Needed”. 54% of Democrats do, and 72% of independents do. That 54% among […]

Black Republicans Make Ad Saying White Democrats Will Lynch Them for Raping White Girls

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer October 21, 2018‘White-Democrats-Will-Be-Lynching-Black-Folk’.mp3 Download This is a pretty good lol. I recommend listening to it. RT: Radio ads designed to boost the campaign of a Republican Missouri Senate candidate are raising eyebrows, as they include phrases like “black folk will be catching hell” if his Democrat opponent […]

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