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Promising Research Shows that Some Cannabis Strains May Help Protect Against Covid-19

Phillip Schneider, Staff Writer Waking Times Certain cannabis strains may have the potential to protect the body against Covid-19 infection, as revealed by researchers at the University of Lethbridge earlier this month. After studying over 400 marijuana strains, the Canadian researchers found around a dozen of which show promise in protecting users from becoming infected […]

Big Wireless Is Waging a War on Independent Cellular Research

To watch the full film, The 5g Trojan Horse, visit: Support our work AND get a free ounce of Kratom to help with fatigue, stress, addiction, and pain: Please help us advance truth, healing, community building, and empowering the people to wake up and build a better world: Support via crypto: […]

Environmental Working Group References NTP Research in Comments to FCC on Human RF Exposure and 5G

By B.N. Frank The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) is supposed to protect Americans by regulating the telecom industry.  Current FCC chairman Ajit Pai recently bragged that U.S. doesn’t have a “heavy handed regulatory framework.”  Indeed – their regulatory framework has always heavily catered to the telecom industry (see 1, 2).  Lawsuits have been filed against […]

Pew Research: Mental Health Fallout of Corona Will Kill 75,000 in US

“Welp, I just can’t take it anymore. We’ll see y’all later.” Everything I said was going to happen is going to come true. “Experts” are now openly admitting that the mental health fallout from this lockdown is going to be much worse than the damage done by the virus itself. Pew Trusts: […]

Dermer slams NYT for saying Israel’s defense research usually focuses on killing

Israel’s Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer on Friday slammed the New York Times over an article about the Defense Ministry’s work during the coronavirus pandemic, saying that the newspaper was libeling and demonizing Israel by unfairly depicting the ministry’s research and development branch as being best-known for pioneering ways to kill people. The article, […]

New Research Shows Virus Spread Across US Via NYC: Live Updates

Summary: NYT says COVID-19 spread to NYC first, then the rest of the country Rite Aid says expanding virus testing New cases reported Wednesday highest in 2 weeks Global case total tops 3.75 mil Belgium prepares to reopen most shops Monday CNN says 43 states will be ‘partially or mostly open’ by next week Brazilian […]

RFK, Jr. Joins EM Radiation Research Trust in Calling Upon UK Prime Minister to Halt 5G Deployment

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Dafna Tachover, Director of 5G and Wireless Harms Project of Children’s Health Defense (CHD), signed onto the UK EM Radiation Research Trust  (RRT) letter calling on UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and political leaders to protect the public from the proven harms of wireless radiation and 5G. The Open Letter […]

Caught the Coronavirus Blues? Research Shows that Music Medicine is a Powerful Antidote

May 7th, 2020 By John Stuart Reid Guest Writer for Wake Up World English acoustic-physics pioneer, John Stuart Reid, explains how Music Medicine can banish the blues (and fear) associated with the corona virus, while boosting our immune system to help vanquish any pathogen. It’s natural to have low spirits (the blues) and to feel […]

Leaked document claims research into “a virus that could not be cured.” — The Duran

Fox News piece shows this phrase at its end. What does this mean? via Leaked document claims research into “a virus that could not be cured.” — The Duran Source Article from Hits: 62

Far-Leftist Shot Up Family Research Council Office in 2013 Because Group Was on SPLC’s Website

The SPLC inspires terrorists, folks. Watch this video on YouTube This was indeed a terror attack motivated by the SPLC’s listing of that group on their “hate map”. NBC: Floyd Lee Corkins, the man who shot up the Washington, D.C., offices of the conservative Family Research Council last year, was sentenced to 25 years in […]

Global Research: Independent News in a Polarized World

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Chinese Research: CIA Made Anime Gay to Weaken Japanese – Will Corona Vaccine Turn Kids Gay Too?

I played this game, Final Fantasy VII, when I was very young. The gayest thing about it, by far, was that it was too long and meandering, with too much time spent looking at long animations in repetitive fights that were very quickly solved in theory. But the second gayest part of […]

Research: People Are Hating Jews More Than Ever

Ground-breaking research shows that people really hate the Jews. The Hour: Israeli researchers reported Monday that the global coronavirus outbreak has sparked a rise in anti-Semitic expression blaming Jews for the spread of the disease and the economic recession it has caused. The findings, which came in an annual report by Tel Aviv University researchers […]

FLASHBACK: Engineered bat virus stirs debate over risky research: Lab-made coronavirus related to SARS can infect human cells

   An experiment that created a hybrid version of a bat coronavirus — one related to the virus that causes SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) — has triggered renewed debate over whether engineering lab variants of viruses with possible pandemic potential is worth the risks. In an article published in Nature Medicine1 on 9 November, […]

(VIDEO) US Government Helped Fund Chinese Coronavirus Research

Derrick Broze examines new reports indicating the U.S. government funded Chinese research into Coronavirus, prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. Sources: New Reports Indicate US and China Collaborated on Coronavirus Research Prior to COVID-19 Outbreak State Department cables warned of safety issues at Wuhan lab studying bat coronaviruses Support our work AND get a free ounce […]

WUHANGATE – 2. Hiv Inside CoronaVirus Bio-weapon: Proof from the Indian Research Misteriously Concealed

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Italy «The finding of 4 unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV, all of which have identity /similarity to amino acid residues in key structural proteins of HIV-1 is unlikely to be fortuitous in nature. This work provides yet unknown insights on 2019-nCoV and sheds light on the evolution and […]

New Reports Indicate US and China Collaborated on Coronavirus Research Prior to COVID-19 Outbreak

(TMU) — Despite months of constant news coverage telling the public the source of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 was seafood markets located in Wuhan, China, mounting evidence indicates the origin of the virus may be related to joint research funded by the United States and Chinese governments. New records viewed by the Mail on Sunday, […]

Swiss Research Site: Pandemic is a Total Fraud

Bigger Text | Default Text | Smaller Text |   April 12, 2020 The author, Swiss Propaganda Research (SPR) is an independent nonprofit research group investigating geopolitical propaganda in Swiss and international media. SPR is run by independent academics and receives no external funding. Published: March 14, 2020; Updated: April 7, 2020 Share on: Twitter / Facebook Fully referenced facts […]

China imposes restrictions on research into origins of coronavirus

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New Research Shows Anti-Coronavirus Drugs Could Be Produced for Pennies

A new article in the Journal of Virus Eradication published yesterday explored the cost of mass producing several drugs that have shown distinct promise in the global fight against the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. The research, headed by Dr. Andrew Hill from the Department of Translational Medicine, University of Liverpool, found treatments like Remdesivir, a drug used to treat […]

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