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Cells that ‘taste’ danger set off immune responses

Taste and smell receptors in unexpected organs monitor the state of the body’s natural microbial health and raise an alarm over invading parasites.    When the immunologist De’Broski Herbert at the University of Pennsylvania looked deep inside the lungs of mice infected with influenza, he thought he was seeing things. He had found a strange-looking […]

Cell diversity in tumors prevents effective immune responses – study

Researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science have found that diversity in cancer cells causes the cancers to be less responsive to immunotherapies — treatments that harness the immune system to tackle the devastating disease. The Weizmann researchers say their findings indicate that heterogeneity of the cancer cells should be taken into account when trying […]

US Army Wasn’t Ready For Outpouring Of ‘Heart-Wrenching’ Responses To Its Ill-Thought-Out Question On Twitter

US Army Wasn’t Ready For Outpouring Of ‘Heart-Wrenching’ Responses To Its Ill-Thought-Out Question On Twitter Above Photo:  Via Sergeant Joseph R. Chenelly Not long before Memorial Day, the US army Twitter account asked its followers an ill-thought-out question: “How has serving impacted you?” The responses are horrifying, and reveal a side of war rarely seen in the media. […]

Israeli politicians’ responses to Pittsburgh terror expose Zionism’s reactionary core

In the wake of the Pittsburgh white-supremacist’s terror attack on a synagogue, Israeli labor leader Avi Gabbay called “upon the Jews of the United States to immigrate more and more to Israel, because this is their home.” This was an echo of Prime Minister Netanyahu, who in the wake of the 2015 Paris terror shootings, […]

Responses to the anti-Semitic massacre in Pittsburgh

Yesterday was a tragic day in U.S. history, the murders of 11 Jews at a Pittsburgh synagogue in what the evidence shows was a hate crime. The accused killer was enraged by Jewish community support for refugees. We join with so many others in lamenting the horror and in urging Americans to face down the […]

DE-NJ NLG Prisoners’ Legal Advocacy Network (PLAN) Mounts Legal Responses to Widespread Reports of Prisoner Abuses In The Aftermath Of The 2018 National Prison Strike

DE-NJ NLG Prisoners’ Legal Advocacy Network (PLAN) Mounts Legal Responses to Widespread Reports of Prisoner Abuses In The Aftermath Of The 2018 National Prison Strike Above Photo: From From August 21, 2018 to September 9, 2018, prisoners across the country participated in a peaceful strike to protest steadily deteriorating conditions of confinement in United […]

The Big Picture – The Big Picture Twitter Responses

The Big Picture – The Big Picture Twitter Responses By The Big The Big Picture Host, Holland Cooke, responds to Twitter followers comments about the NFLs viewership drop, the countrys 3% GDP, and the RT social media controversy. For more information on the stories we’ve covered visit our websites at And be sure […]

The Big Picture – Holland Cookes responses to new Twitter followers

The Big Picture – Holland Cookes responses to new Twitter followers By The Big The Big Picture Host, Holland Cooke, responds to his new Twitter followers. Holland responds to topics like President Trumps tweets on the Puerto Rico hurricane aftermath, the $15 an hour minimum wage and universal health care. For more information on […]


 Ten Responses to Jewish Lackeys by Kurt Hilmar Eitzen note – The nsdap were worried about those Germans who were still not Jew-wise. In this article from the party monthly for propagandists, the writer provides ten responses to the most common objections they encountered to National Socialist anti-Jewish measures. These were arguments intended for everyday use in conversation […]

Police Detain Member of Belgian ISIS Franchise Sharia4Belgium

nsnbc : Belgian police, on Saturday, detained Saïd M’Nari, one of the alleged leaders of the spurious Islamic State franchise Jihad4Belgium in Antwerp. In  2013 the EU lifted its ban on the import of oil from “rebel-held territories” in Syria. The decision is believed to be linked to the massive increase in citizens from EU […]

Jeff Gundlach predicts: "Things are going to get pretty scary"

     One day before the Fed’s June statement, Jeff Gundlach once again accurately predicted the somber mood that would ensue as a result of Yellen’s Wednesday decision and press conference when he correctly said that “Central Banks Are Losing Control.” Today, in the aftermath of James Bullard stunning U-turn where he cast aside years of […]

How Millennials Fell Out Of Love With Their Possessions

The minimalist lifestyle is on the rise. Defined by people who strip back what they own to the bare essentials, this is a way of life that actively fights against the consumerist compulsion to relentlessly buy more things. While this movement — although growing — is still small, its values are being taken on board by a […]

Thousands of dead fish found on beach in Samoa

     It was a horrific scene according to villagers, where thousands of dead juvenile fish washed ashore and were laid out on one side of Amouli Beach. Employees of the Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources (DMWR) were dispatched to the area after concerned villagers called.      Samoa News spoke to two DMWR employees who […]

Egypt imposes media gag on NGO foreign funding case

TCP :  Egypt imposed Monday evening a media gag on investigations into a case of illegal NGO foreign funding, in which a number of human right activists are accused, according to a statement issued by Egypt’s Judicial Investigation Authority. The ban imposed on all audio and visual media outlets, newspapers, magazines, and online news sites, […]

Documents Show TSA Cover-Up of Body Scanner Cancer Risk

The non-profit public interest research center, Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), obtained documents that reveal the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) intentionally misled the public about the safety of full body scanners (1). by Sally Painter EPIC settled an appeal for their FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) case against DHS and finally obtained body scanner […]

When Turkey sent 25 tanks into Iraq they created huge problems for the entire region

     Ankara’s decision to send 25 tanks into Iraq is a concern not just for Baghdad, but the whole region, former Turkish army general Haldun Solmazturk told Sputnik. Turkey’s decision to deploy 25 tanks and hundreds of troops to strengthen one of its military units in northern Iraq is an exceptional move, and also causes […]

It looks bad for Corbyn as UK strains for war

Stuart Littlewood writes: The knives are out; and this is what beleaguered Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn has emailed to his supporters: I am writing to consult you on what you think Britain should do. Should Parliament vote to authorise the bombing of Syria? Let me know your views… Corbyn, a dyed-in-the-wool peacenik, recently won the […]

Africa’s possible Exit from the ICC

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : Several African nations, first and foremost South Africa, have signaled that AU member States have no advantage from being bound by the Rome Statutes and the International Criminal Court (ICC). The development comes in response to what a growing number of African policy makers denounce as the ICC’s selective prosecution and […]

Forecasters look higher for clues to winter weather

Credit: Larisa Koshkina/public domain Long-range winter weather forecasts could be twice as accurate by taking account of unusual winds miles up in the stratosphere, scientists have found. Meteorologists at the University of Reading, European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) and Environment Canada found that by taking account of changing winds in the stratosphere, forecasters […]

Notes Taken From VT Reader Responses

by Tom Valentine   A lazy column, but interesting to see the varied responses to serious questions: I am reminded of a handbill posted above my desk:   “There are no experts. But you may become one of them.” Moha Religion is but a tool, a moral compass, do you blame the gun when someone […]

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