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Infuriating Report Reveals DMVs Across the US are Selling Your Personal Info and Making Millions

By Matt Agorist Anyone who has ever had to stand in a long line to pay the state for the privilege of renewing your driver’s license knows how infuriating that experience can be. The bureaucratic high-horse mentality of many of the DMV workers is so brazen and overt that DMVs have earned a notoriously horrid […]

Esmaeili reveals details of Rouhani’s visit to NY

MNA – Parviz Esmaeili, deputy presidential chief of staff for communications, disclosed details of the visit of the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to New York. Rouhani will leave Tehran for New York on Monday to attend the annual gathering of world leaders at the United Nations. As Esmaeili said, in addition to delivering a speech […]

Uber Whistleblower Reveals Automated Vehicles Are NOT Safer — Claims Manufacturers Hiding The Truth

September 20, 2019 By B.N. Frank No matter how much proponents (see 1, 2) insist that Automated Vehicles can save lives, it doesn’t change the fact that like humans, computers make mistakes too.  Unlike humans, they can also be hacked. Now an Uber whistleblower is confirming what seems to be totally obvious, and attempts that […]

Chilling Report Reveals that Just a Handful of Mega Corporations Control the Fate of the World

Isaac Davis, Staff Writer Waking Times So much of dystopian science fiction stories feature an all-knowing, all-powerful private corporation as the dominant authority in a tyrannic and soulless world. According to a new study, this vision of the future isn’t all that fictional, as trans-national corporations (TNC’s) are growing at an alarming pace, rapidly consolidating […]

China reveals new PHOTOS of strange substance from dark side of the moon

The team behind China’s Chang’e-4 mission, which operates the Yutu-2 rover, claimed the unusual “gel-like” material’s “shape and color is significantly different from the surrounding lunar soil” after Yutu-2’s second pass by the crater in August (the first examination was deemed unsatisfactory as there were too many shadows in the images).  The latest images were […]

ICE Accidentally Reveals Fascist “Hyper-Realistic” Urban Warfare Training Facility At Army Base

By Aaron Kesel The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency accidentally revealed the location of a new “urban warfare” training facility that is expected to include “hyper-realistic” simulations of homes, hotels and commercial buildings in Chicago and Arizona, Newsweek reported. The “hyper-realistic” urban training ground will be housed in Fort Benning, Georgia the report details. […]

Media Reveals Trump’s Clash With Bolton as Secret US Meeting With Taliban Cancelled

Media Reveals Trump’s Clash With Bolton as Secret US Meeting With Taliban Cancelled Source Article from Related Posts Tulsi Gabbard Slams Trump Over Saudi Policy Authored by Tom Luongo, Rep. and Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) brought the hammer and Donald Trump’s Challenge To His Administration, by Thierry Meyssan Donald Trump and John Bolton […]

Neanderthals were mostly carnivores, new tooth analysis reveals

(Natural News) “Back to the basics” is a buzzword phrase that’s been getting a lot of traction these days, especially when it comes to eating habits. Those who lived in ancient times, of course, did not eat processed food, and they lived off what they could grow (or hunt). For those interested […]

‘Watch out’: In tacit threat, IDF reveals details of Iran-Hezbollah missile plot

The Israel Defense Forces on Thursday revealed the identities of four senior Iranian and Hezbollah officials involved in a joint project to manufacture precision-guided missiles for the Lebanese terror group, in a dramatic move apparently intended as a tacit threat to the officers. The program is being led on the Iranian side by Brig. Gen. […]

#QuestionMore #RTAmerica #InQuestionRT Jeffrey Epstein’s cell mate reveals new details – report

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Related Posts #QuestionMore #RTAmerica #NewsWithRickSanchez Bolton replacement ‘proven sycophant’ 9/19/2019 Lawyer, diplomat and hostage negotiator Robert O’Brien is President Trump’s new national security advisor. RT #TheResident #QuestionMore #RTAmerica Hollywood actors demand blacklist of Trump supporters Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from #QuestionMore #RTAmerica #NewsWithRickSanchez Epstein […]

Patrick Byrne Reveals His Ties to Russian Agent Maria Butina

Christopher Jon Bjerknes Former CEO of Overstock Patrick Byrne has revealed that had an affair with Russian agent Maria Butina: Byrne uses Yiddish expressions including Yenta and Verklempt and refers to Warren Buffet as his “Rabbi”. He is pushing crypto-currency and blockchain. Byrne stated that he is a libertarian as is Maria Butina. The libertarians […]

Banned missile test reveals all you need to know about US foreign policy

On August 18, North Korea tested a previously banned ground-launch missile with a range of over 500km, sending the entire world into an enormous, frenzied panic. Oh no, it was the United States which in fact tested the missile to the sound of crickets over Western media discourse. The missile in question was likely a […]

New Study Reveals How ADHD Drugs ‘Alter The Structure of Children’s Brains’

Elias Marat, The Mind Unleashed Waking Times As attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) continues to remain an extremely common diagnosis for children in the United States, researchers are warning doctors to hold off on issuing popular ADHD drugs such as Ritalin and Concerta unless absolutely necessary. The warnings come as scans of children who take such drugs […]

A Urinal In A Scottish Pub Reveals Why Toilets Matter In International Politics

A Urinal In A Scottish Pub Reveals Why Toilets Matter In International Politics Above Photo: The Lismore is named after a Scottish island where the inhabitants were forcibly evicted during the Highland Clearances. Author provided. If you wanted to see international politics in action, where would you go? Maybe the UN headquarters in New York […]

Jeffrey Epstein Autopsy Reveals Broken Bones ‘More Common in Homicide’

The autopsy of notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein shows several broken bones in his neck that are more common in homicide victims who are strangled to death, according to forensics experts. The Washington Post reported late Wednesday that among Epstein’s broken bones was his hyoid, a horseshoe-shaped bone located near the Adam’s apple in men. Forensic experts told the Post that hyoid breaks are […]

Google Insider Further Reveals Political Bias and Website Blacklists

August 15, 2019 By The Last American Vagabond Another whistleblower, Zachary Vorhies, has gone on record as having grave reservations about the path Google is taking in burying search results, blacklisting websites, and demonstrating political bias in their artificial intelligence algorithms. TLAV breaks it all down, as well as other key stories in the Daily […]

Feds Raid Epstein’s ‘Little St. James’ Island, Drone Footage Reveals Critical Moment

A screen grab of drone footage, as investigators cover the windows on Little St. James. The recently deceased Jeffrey Epstein’s secret private island pleasure den, Little St. James, was the target of a Monday morning raid by FBI and other law enforcement officials, according to a report by The Daily Mail: “A large group of […]

Finnish Model 3 Inspection Reveals Tesla Using "Soft, Thin, And Under-Spec" Paint On Vehicles

Elon Musk is running out of corners to cut.  A Tesla owner in Finland recently had the paint of his Model 3 inspected, revealing “extremely poor readings” for both thickness and hardness, according to a new article by Ed Niedermayer at The Drive. As Tesla continues to negotiate the settlement of about 19 air quality […]

What Anesthesia Reveals To Us About Human Consciousness: Does It Have Long-Lasting Irreversible Effects?

The Facts: Anesthesia is commonly used to put people to “sleep.” This article is an interesting examination of why we do it, going deep into awareness, consciousness and fear. Reflect On: Can awareness continually exists without interruption regardless of the fact that we are not always able to access our experiences, or remember them when […]

Explosive probe reveals Aussie police illegally accessed metadata more than 3,000 times

Earlier this week, an investigation by the Commonwealth Ombudsman revealed that the Australian Capital Territory Police (ACT) had accessed data without authorization 116 times since 2015. However on Friday police admitted that a follow-up examination of the findings found 3,249 more instances between March and October 2015, where the person signing off on the access […]

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