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Why you should eat pears: A nutrient review

(Natural News) Did you know that pears are related to apples? Like apples, pears are juicy, nutritious fruits rich in vitamins and minerals. Pear trees can live for more than 250 years, making them one of the longest-living fruit trees on Earth. Cultivated pears are derived from one or two wild pear […]

#CultureWars #LogosRising E. Michael Jones on Patriotic Weekly Review E. Michael Jones Published on Jun 6, 2019

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Related Posts Weekly report on israel’s terrorism on Palestinians (13 – 19 June 2019)   Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (13– 19 Israel wounds 92 Palestinian civilians at weekly protest, including 28 children, 4 paramedics Gaza 61st Friday of Great […]

Low-Dose Aspirin Linked To Bleeding In the Skull, JAMA Review Says

June 3rd, 2019 By Sayer Ji Contributing writer for Wake Up World Originally published at and reproduced here with permission. For decades, doctors recommended a so-called “baby” or “low-dose” aspirin to prevent heart attacks and stroke. New research shows that this practice is outdated, and may have life-threatening side effects, including deadly brain bleeding. Research on the […]

Iran, Russia review latest Mideast developments

IRNA – Iran’s Ambassador to Moscow Mehdi Sanaei and Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin held talks on the latest developments of the Middle East. The two sides discussed issues about bilateral relations and the international and the regional developments, particularly in the Middle East including Syria and Yemen. In the meeting, Sanaei and Vershinin […]

“MuellerGate”, A Report Review: Who Cooked Up the “RussiaGate” Conspiracy”?

We need a bipartisan Muellergate investigation to determine who cooked up the Russiagate conspiracy that has taken over US foreign policy and driven American political discourse from idiotic to imbecilic. However, in the schreechfest that our domestic politics has become, we’re no more likely to get a bipartisan Muellergate investigation than we are to get […]

Here’s How to Review All The Recordings Alexa Has of You and Your Family

Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge Waking Times Guess who wrote the following text: When Alexa runs your home, Amazon tracks you in more ways than you might want Would you let a stranger eavesdrop in your home and keep the recordings? For most people, the answer is, “Are you crazy?”   Yet that’s essentially what Amazon […]

Book Review: On the Plains of Kerreri

Brock Walker On the Plains of Kerreri is a work of historical fiction, set in the mid-to-late 1800s, in Africa during one of that country’s bloodiest conflicts, The Battle of Omdurman. During this battle 80,000 face each other across the Plains of the Kerreri. This story describes the 19th century global clash and will show […]

Book Review: A Surgeon’s Life With Bipolar Disorder

John A. Emery, M.D. Editor’s Note: A Surgeon’s Life with Bipolar Disorder is a memoir of a successful Urologist who delves into the experience of living with bipolar disorder and serving in Vietnam as a Naval doctor attached to the Marine Corps. In this book the author, John Emery, M.D.  reflects on important historical moments, […]

Book Review: Now It’s Inescapable

Bill McCausland Book Review: Now It’s Inescapable.  Bill McCausland ISBN: 978-1-5462-3078-6  soft back  Author House This is a fictional work about what very well are nonfiction topics in the life of Dr. Glen Cole who was known for being the best plastic surgeon around. The doctor has sunk into a morass of taking pharmaceuticals that […]

1397 year in review: Top foreign officials’ visits with Supreme Leader

March 27, The Iran Project – The following timeline lists all visits made by senior officials of foreign countries with Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei during Persian Iranian calendar year of 1397 (ended on March 20, 2019). Arranged in order of time. In total, more than five heads of state held […]

Yellow Vest week in review: March 16 to be the biggest march in months

March 14, 2019 by Ramin Mazaheri for The Saker Blog The fundamental problem with media coverage regarding regarding the Yellow Vests is that it fails to see it as an already-permanent movement, or even a possibly-permanent one: each week must be either the biggest one yet, or the very last one. The Yellow Vests see […]

Jazz Review: Gilad Atzmon & The Orient House Ensemble in Reading, January 2019 Friday 18 January, Progress Theatre, Reading Gilad Atzmon soprano, alto & tenor saxophones, | Ross Stanley piano | Yaron Stavi double bass, | Enzo Zirilli drums Their ears assailed by what seemed like an obsessive twenty-three-minute solo outing of ‘My Favourite Things’ on a strange high-pitched serpent-like instrument, the soprano saxophone, large chunks of the audience voted with their feet […]

A Psychologist’s review of the APA practice guidelines for men and boys (Update)

     Comment: The following is a written response to the American Psychological Association, by psychologist Chris Ferguson, August 2018, in the Council of Representatives meeting where the APA’s first-ever guidelines for practice with men and boys were voted on. Ferguson published the response on the Scribd platform. This document reviews a proposed draft for the […]

Expression on the Corporate Web: 2018 Year in Review

By Jillian C. York If 2017 was the year that corporate platforms were finally forced to recognize their outsized role on the Web, then 2018 should be remembered as the year that many such platforms began to reckon with it. From Facebook finally instituting an appeals process to Tumblr banning adult content, here are some […]

Investigative Scoops Worth Rereading: Year in Review 2018

By Dave Maass In an era where political and corporate leaders are attacking the free press as “the enemy of the people,” it’s crucial that we recognize the truth: journalists every day are uncovering stories that protect our rights and hold those in power accountable. Meanwhile, as the media landscape shrinks, non-profits are also stepping […]

Big Wins for Privacy and Free Speech: 2018 in Review

By Cindy Cohn and Michael Rosenbloom As 2018 draws to a close, we’ve gathered together some of EFF’s key legal wins this year. Some of these wins are only stops along the way to a larger goal, but each is hard fought, whether we’re serving as counsel or amicus curiae. Every one of these victories […]

ICYMI’s 2018 in review – Part 1: Mad Max Britain, Trump, and the great Novichokking (VIDEO)

2018 was also the year Brexit still didn’t happen, Trump met North Korea’s Kim Jong-un to discuss nukes on a mini-break in Singapore, and there was the usual hysteria over royal babies and royal weddings. So here’s ICYMI’s look back at some of the key stories from 2018, Part 1.   For more, follow #ICYMI on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.  Source […]

Israeli press review: New poll shows rampant racism in Israel

A man in the Bedouin village of Abu Nuwar in the occupied West Bank with the Israeli settlement of Maale Adumim in the background (AFP/File photo) An Israeli television channel conducted a poll which found that Israeli Jews have a high level of anti-Palestinian prejudice. from Middle East Eye New poll shows racism rife amongst […]

Israeli press review: New poll shows rampant racism in israel (apartheid state)

A man in the Bedouin village of Abu Nuwar in the occupied West Bank with the Israeli settlement of Maale Adumim in the background (AFP/File photo) An Israeli television channel conducted a poll which found that Israeli Jews have a high level of anti-Palestinian prejudice. from Middle East Eye New poll shows racism rife amongst […]

Who is at home and who is in exile: a review of ‘Fractured Destinies’

FRACTURED DESTINIES By Rabia al-Madhoun, Translated by Paul Starkey 264 pp. Hoopoe $18.95 To be Palestinian in Israel is to inhabit an oxymoronic existence: simultaneously at home and in exile. Which is more painful: to be forced to abandon your homeland, or to remain, watching strangers erase all traces of your culture and history? This […]

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